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  1. When (typically) does GM sell out. We really want to come this year for the first time, but can't buy until May. Am I going to miss out?
  2. yeah, just not my year - back in 2020!
  3. For the first time since 2013 we're missing this years BT. Its a combination of money and it being (for me anyhow, don't shoot) a poor line-up. Plus, I think I need a year off before it becomes more habit than routine. Shame because I LOVE this festival and will miss it on May Bank Holiday weekend. Ive been waiting to be wowed by announcements, but I can't be the only one who been left a bit, meh (as the cool kids say) with each new email. I know my music, but Ive no concept of Little Stephen, BT has a habit of rubbish Sunday headliners. Any road up, that's just me I know most will be swinging their pants and loving it! Is it too soon to start asking for acts for 2020?
  4. Am I the only one who has no concept of Flaming Lips? I'm pushing 50, regular gig goer, love my music and all that but simply have no idea who they are. I must educate myself. I'll report back with my findings.
  5. 😂 I could cope with single Reggae because of other stages, but come on, Sunday night closer on both main stages when I want to see the festival off in style, poor planning last year for me
  6. If Hookworms are out of the picture, there are more ace 'worms' themed bands - specifically Flatworms
  7. Please god no, not double reggae again!
  8. erm, you'd be surprised. He does nothing for me.
  9. Has the day splits and running order been released somewhere?
  10. It was, one of the best yet. But BDs should brilliant too! Most looking forward to The Hives
  11. We'll be there, full family of four. We haven't been since 2011 so really looking forward to it. This year we've doubled up with sister festival Bearded Theory, so BDs has a lot to live up to.
  12. If life tells me anything its the irrefutable rule that any band mentioned as 'probably them' can be instantly rulled out.
  13. That would be amazing, one of the best live bands Ive ever seen, so much fun!
  14. I think Fridays are a good day for announcements - especially rainy ones
  15. checks watch, drums fingers...
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