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  1. I really do hope they play, yes it wouldn't be the most inspired booking but imo would be the perfect headliner for my first Glastonbury.

    My Favourite Album - Ok Computer

    Song - Jigsaw Falling Into Place

  2. Funeral by Arcade Fire

    I'm surprised it's not been mentioned here yet, unless I missed it in someone's big list of albums. But I think it's the best album ever. It's just perfect from start to finish imo.

    And they play it perfectly live.

  3. The group will play two nights in London’s Finsbury Park (June 7 and 8 ) and one show at Glasgow Green on June 15.

    The supports for the Glasgow show are Primal Scream, Jake Bugg and The View.

    Supports for London will be announced shortly.

    Tickets for all three shows go on sale at 9.30am on Friday November 2.

  4. Worked first time for me too!

    Neil, I think I'm a little bit in love wub.png

    For people (with a pc) struggling, just right click on notepad and click run as adminastrator, then go to file, open then click to, System32/drivers/ect then open the hosts file. Put what efestivals said at the bottom of that. Click save and open your browser again. Go on see tickets and you should get there first time.

  5. To those arguing for Arcade Fire as headliners, I have to express my doubts.

    Whilst far from perfect, a good way to judge the size of an act worldwide is check how many facebook fans they have. (Taking into account that contemporary acts will have more fans using facebook than older acts).

    Arcade Fire have just over 1 million facebook fans.

    Contrast that with, say, Arctic Monkeys, who have 3 million, and they aren't even big in the States, unlike Arcade Fire.

    Major American indie/rock/alternative acts:

    The Killers: 7.2million

    Black Keys: 2.5 million

    Kings of Leon a very depressing 10.8 million

    my point being that despite being a contemporary American act, usually quite good for facebook 'likes' they still lag way behind even The Black Keys, who no one see's as a headliner.

  6. I'm going to see Blur in Wolves on Monday. I hope they play charmless man there too!

    Country House into Parklife has the potential to be the best thing I've ever seen...

    gonny be my first time at hyde park next weekend

    one question .... do i need wellies ?

  7. I voted for Kings of Leon, Arctic Monkeys and The Killers to Headline next year. I would buy a ticket if any of those got announced along with The Cure, Muse, TDCC, 30STM, Madness, Reverend and the Makers and Biffy Clyro.

  8. Biffy are more popular than Paolo (in terms of live tickets anyway)

    They have headlined Sonisphere and Rockness and by T comes round they will have another album under their belt.

    Even if they weren't Scottish I would still say they would have a good chance of headlining. A lot of people think the could headline Reading next year if their new album is good/popular enough.

  9. And come 2013 it will have been 3 years since they last played (that's a long time for biffy).

    I just think they will headline. They are the biggest Scottish band around at the moment. Makes sense for them to headline next year. I think so anyway.

  10. Probably. I would like it.. tbh as much as I say Biffy should headline. I'm a bit sick of seeing them myself!

    But when festivals do (rarely) do Co-headliners they usually have 2 very similar bands doing it.

    (Strokes/Pulp Leeds 2011, Blur/Snow Patrol Titp 2009)

  11. Well they seemed to be awful at Leeds last year too. I just don't think they are as good as they were first time around. I don't even think they would headline the other stage.

  12. I never meant I wanted the Prodigy to headline - I just meant if it was between the Prodigy and Biffy for Main Stage headliners I would choose the Prodigy - I think they are more deserving of the headline slot - they have played T since the early days and have always been quite high up the lineup. But maybe that's cus I don't like Biffy and have been a Prodigy fan since I was a kid.

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