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  1. 1 minute ago, Henrik said:

    What the hell is going on with UK festivals?  That is absolute garbage from Reading.

    Foreign festivals just wiping the floor with the shite we are putting out this year. 

    Most other European countries have 1-3 festivals sharing the big touring bands. The UK splits them over so many little festivals when Glastonbury doesn’t hoover them all up. It’s frustrating because it means either travelling abroad or going to several, over priced, weak UK ones.

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  2. 1 hour ago, Stuart1000 said:

    Twitter has lost Glasgow and their handle is now just SummerSessions too. I think it’ll more likely be a run of stadium/open air shows by 1 artist.

    New logo, to avoid the Facebook link above.


    They’ve just changed Facebook too. Very intriguing!

  3. The Facebook page is still called Glasgow Summer Sessions and has the location as Glasgow so I doubt it’s moving. Maybe a day in Edinburgh at a push but I doubt that too. 

    Many guesses for headliners? Calvin Harris, Foo Fighters and Green Day (after last time) would be my vague early prediction.

  4. 8 hours ago, eFestivals said:

    funnily enough, Scotland had something put on the by organiser of APE.

    It was called Rockness. It died a death due to lack of Scottish support.

    Matey who put on events in Scotland headed south, to where there's an audience.

    (in case you've missed it, Jim King is the guy in charge of APE).

    To be honest I totally forgot who organised Rockness!

    It’s a shame that Rockness has died as it was a cracking festival the times I went. Although if I remember right, I’m fairly sure the last line up was atrocious.

    The transport options to Rockness weren’t the best and this is a major problem with Scottish festivitals in general (see T in the Park’s recent issues). 


  5. We got a decent camping spot last night eventually and the DJ sets in the Hive Entertainment zone were great fun last night! 

    The queue to get into the festival itself though is a joke. We have been queuing for almost 30 minutes now. It's ridiculous 

  6. 1 minute ago, alexlloyd said:

    I'm in it as well, circled the festival and there's absolutely nowhere to go. Asked a security guy and he said "it is being opened. But I don't know when" which could be anywhere from five minutes to tomorrow.

    absolute shambles, it would help if there weren't 1 gazebo for every four people. 

    I think one is opening now!!!

  7. Anyone else on site at the moment? Me and a couple of mates have arrived after driving from Scotland and it's a nightmare. 

    It took us about 2 hours to get in due to security checks which had no queue management and was a mess.

    now we are standing in The Hive Campsite with at least 1000 others who have no space to camp! It's an absolute shambles.

    I've never been to any festival of any size where I've arrived the day before the festival and can't even set up my tent. 

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