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  1. Scotdy

    “Getting in”

    3 in my group got in on a EPO. Cost them £60 each and a slab of cider. Spoke to a few people on different days who had come in different ways. Seemed to be easier than previous years
  2. This was my view for Sam Fender just by the sound desk. Years ago I was stood next to Emily Eavis and her husband at the Pyramid and they were having a conversation about how beautiful all the flags looked. And it did, as you look out into the field, problem is very very few people have that view as they are looking towards the stage not away from it. If you take a flag you are selfish whatever your justification.
  3. I didn't see or hear anything on site only on the ticket
  4. Where is Undle Ground? Is it where the Cyclists camp by Ped Gate A?
  5. Scotdy

    “Getting in”

    Sit in one of the private car parks with a few beers and a pocket full of cash. Don't take any bags or tents. Buy anything you need once in. You'll will soon be offered a way inside once you start talking to people. Can be costly but works, just keep your wrists covered on site as I know a few people who have been pulled out thinking nobody inside the fence are checking as the festival goes on.
  6. Parking is right next to Ped Gate A (5 minute walk). Can get tricky on a wet year as down a narrow walkway which churns up quickly. Camping is 10 minute walk from Ped Gate A. Always plenty of room.
  7. People who refer to the Pyramid Stage as 'El Pointio' shouldn't be allowed in. Super cringey.
  8. Pulp in The Park. Jarvis rambling on about Twix's and going into Common People was amazing!
  9. They definitely hold tickets of missed bus people, think it's the hospitality point at Gate A if I remember rightly. They go through alot of security checks and you have to provide proof of who you are (passport / driving licence) along with everything else. They really are thorough and it takes about a hour as a few people need to make sure the ticket is going to the real ticket holder.
  10. Scotdy

    2022 Headliners

    Bully was Premier League For shit please see Krypton Factor
  11. Scotdy

    BBC Glastonbury

    Just go back to Channel 4, free to air, plus they can split stages with red button / More4
  12. You are going to really loose it when you see who's been confirmed for Friday.
  13. The way you go about defending Coachella is the reason why nobody likes Coachella... Or the people that attended it throwing up the peace signs ✌️
  14. I never been to a house party and heard the words "Alexia play Billie Eilish"
  15. Yes, it has happened to someone in my group Glastonbury before last. Driver wouldn't give us the ticket although he could clearly see it was with my booking, said his boss would sack him. Ticket holder came from hospital on the Sunday and the woman at the collection point said it happens alot. Just needed to match his ID againt the ticket.
  16. If you "miss" the coach, the driver will put your ticket in the VIP ticket collection point at Ped gate A. It's held there until the festival is over. Need photo ID to get it off them. Can't buy a car parking pass with your reg number being linked to a coach ticket, so the options are get one from Ebay, or park in the nearby farm for the same price.
  17. Scotdy

    2022 Headliners

    That would be a brilliant show!! Great idea.
  18. She almost died from exhaustion not long after this. Her 2015 set was amazing. Pussy riot + Charlotte Church in the Park ELO Both garbage
  19. Drakeford feeds off the power, the longer he can keep everyone scared, the stronger he gets. He's like a really shit grey supervillian.
  20. My Borough (although one of the smallest in Wales) is currently on early 30's late 20's age groups! Neighbouring Borough is just starting on under 40's
  21. Drakeford has been an absolute shambles. He's one press conference away from announcing himself as Supreme Leader of Wales. At least he will be voted out soon.
  22. Scotdy

    2022 Headliners

    Blurs first single would of been released 32 years ago and the last time they had a top ten hit would of been 19 years ago. If they headline they are very much a vintage act!
  23. Scotdy

    Silver Lining

    I think OP is right about being more tickets in the pot due to change of circumstances. I also can see a few returns from bucket-listers who will be worried about Covid hygiene
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