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  1. Scotdy

    2022 Headliners

    Bully was Premier League For shit please see Krypton Factor
  2. Scotdy

    BBC Glastonbury

    Just go back to Channel 4, free to air, plus they can split stages with red button / More4
  3. You are going to really loose it when you see who's been confirmed for Friday.
  4. The way you go about defending Coachella is the reason why nobody likes Coachella... Or the people that attended it throwing up the peace signs ✌️
  5. I never been to a house party and heard the words "Alexia play Billie Eilish"
  6. Yes, it has happened to someone in my group Glastonbury before last. Driver wouldn't give us the ticket although he could clearly see it was with my booking, said his boss would sack him. Ticket holder came from hospital on the Sunday and the woman at the collection point said it happens alot. Just needed to match his ID againt the ticket.
  7. If you "miss" the coach, the driver will put your ticket in the VIP ticket collection point at Ped gate A. It's held there until the festival is over. Need photo ID to get it off them. Can't buy a car parking pass with your reg number being linked to a coach ticket, so the options are get one from Ebay, or park in the nearby farm for the same price.
  8. Scotdy

    2022 Headliners

    That would be a brilliant show!! Great idea.
  9. She almost died from exhaustion not long after this. Her 2015 set was amazing. Pussy riot + Charlotte Church in the Park ELO Both garbage
  10. Drakeford feeds off the power, the longer he can keep everyone scared, the stronger he gets. He's like a really shit grey supervillian.
  11. My Borough (although one of the smallest in Wales) is currently on early 30's late 20's age groups! Neighbouring Borough is just starting on under 40's
  12. Drakeford has been an absolute shambles. He's one press conference away from announcing himself as Supreme Leader of Wales. At least he will be voted out soon.
  13. Scotdy

    2022 Headliners

    Blurs first single would of been released 32 years ago and the last time they had a top ten hit would of been 19 years ago. If they headline they are very much a vintage act!
  14. Scotdy

    Silver Lining

    I think OP is right about being more tickets in the pot due to change of circumstances. I also can see a few returns from bucket-listers who will be worried about Covid hygiene
  15. For the last 10 years or more I've seen the same man telling people about chemtrails. Next year I want to see if he links Covid to it.
  16. He did try running over a cyclist a few months ago, caused minor injuries. Typical Starmer, uncommitted.
  17. If a crime has been committed you should report it. Hopefully the Police station will have some steps to help you get down off your high horse as you go in with your evidence.
  18. Its going to hit ticketless regulars hard when the see a big Glastonbury party on the TV after months of lockdown
  19. If Johnson is as you described then where does your life achievements rank against his? He managed to get the top job in the UK by being thick and lazy, I can assume that you have done better than the PM, or, are more thick and lazy? Along with he wouldn't have got the treatment he needed without lockdown you talk some utter nonsense.
  20. Scotdy

    No indoor stages?

    Not in Wales. Only see and handful of people wearing them out and about.
  21. It's what he does, it's his 'thing'
  22. Glastonbury is a business. The primary goal is to sell tickets. The ticket stress theory is way off the mark. They either haven't had enough returns to justify the costs of a Oct sale, or, as I would guess, they are holding out to see if the festival will be on next year. Every ticket refund will generate a small outgoing cost to the festival, so why increase the costs by having a sale in October if the business needs to issue refunds a few months later along with negative PR.
  23. I hope the tickets carry over to the next festival not the next year.
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