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  1. Was hoping against hope but its gone for this year. ☹️
  2. thanks for this, i'd have looked a right muppet turning up in Chesham next weekend in my gimp suit.
  3. Buggered if i know mate. But 100% with you on the lack of 'committed' festival goers. Pity you forgot to register as we need more people just like you at Glasto.
  4. General view seems to be you’ll get them on site ok, but any attempt to put them up runs the very real risk of them being removed. So for me it’s a case of if I’m not working then getting them to a decent spot and waiting until the gates open. You’ll have a good head start on everyone so won’t be a problem. If though you are working then it’s tricky. I’ve got someone back stage who’s going to store them for my friends to collect, but without that it would be a case of them all having to wait until our shift finishes for me to retrieve them from the car. And of course we won’t know which shifts we have until we get there! The only other thing I can think of is to ring your mates if you are working and get one of them to arrive and park in one of the east car parks, before the early shift starts and you meet them there or in the queue
  5. Does anyone know the score with getting on and off the site on the Tuesday? Do you/can you go via Marys gate? I hear the main gates are locked the night before but I assume you can still come and go otherwise how do you get back to your tent after the bar crawl? Im also taking a load of tents with me for friends with regular tickets coming by Coach. Can you get straight from the car park to the main site or do you go though the oxfam field? I’m planing on passing them to a mate Tuesday evening who’s working in Arcada for them to pick up on their way in later Wednesday via gate c. Assume that’s pretty do-able? I know there’s a good chance i’ll be working so don’t want them to have to hang about till I’ve finished my shift before they can get set up! also first time for me and my mate volunteering after many years of going. Really looking forwards to trying it a different way!
  6. I did the supervisor training at the weekend. I know it’s not guaranteed you’ll be asked; but if I am will I be notified prior to the festival? Also would it mean I’d have to get there earlier I.e. before the stewards briefing? Ta x
  7. smudger

    Glasto hacks 2.0

    Apologies if anyone has already posted this and sorry I don't know who to credit for it, but its good. Write 'Glastonbury 2019' - and you festival buddies mobile number on a piece of paper and then photograph it. Set that as your locked screen saver. Most people are decent enough to ring your mate if they find your phone. Chances are they're only going to be a few feet away too, so no searching for it in any number of lost property places.
  8. smudger

    Resale Club 2019

    Got our Oxfam places several months ago, but that wasn't straight forwards. The site crashed the day they were released, so whist I got a place my mate didn't. Was refreshing one day a month ago and up it came. So we're both sorted, so don't give up! its just a pain because you can't auto-refresh that drop down. Worth knowing if you do two with them this year you get a priority place for the 50th next year, so I also have Boomtown booked. So if I'm unlikely again in Oct/April i have me a banker. Well worth considering if you've gone down this route too.
  9. No you may not! I didn't put my name on the spread sheet as I was already in a group of four. Putting it there too ran the very real risk of blowing other peoples chances. Will be all over this competition though, although if its not already been suggested, maybe it should only be open to Gold members?
  10. smudger

    Resale Club 2019

    Loads. Lots of change notices that didn't even look like a change had taken place as well as adding and removing worthy view, car parking etc. I've done the secret sales, ever since they've been a thing and I've always been successful (except in 2017), for those needing them in my extended group. A combination of being near a pc during the day and obsessively keeping on trying. Last year was a real pisser, but See are predictably unpredictable, so who knows this year? The one key difference for me this time though is that its me and my closest friends without tickets. ?
  11. smudger

    Resale Club 2019

    We clearly share exactly the same thought processes and obsessive attention to detail my friend!
  12. smudger

    Resale Club 2019

    Birthday card from my work colleagues today......
  13. smudger

    Resale Club 2019

    Short of a Floyd reunion, Zeppelin would be my dream ticket and unlike Floyd it is a slightly more realistic possibility. (making the obvious allowances for the shortages of key members of course)
  14. smudger

    Resale Club 2019

    Got a little further than me then, got the numbers in by 9.01, but then nothing ?. First fail in 20 years!
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