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  1. smudger


    Dunno, I wouldn't mind. I saw them in London a year or so ago and they were as good as ever.
  2. smudger

    Pink Floyd?

    I was there the night of The Wall in London. I never thought I'd see my childhood heros play that one song together. I can't imagine how it must have been to see this gig though!
  3. smudger


    They're already confirmed for Number 6 several weeks later. Would be fab though.....
  4. smudger

    Predictions for 2018

    No, not just you! PSB would also be a fine choice, but most of who I see at EoL tends to be unknown to me, and its all the better for it!
  5. smudger

    Acts you don't "get"

  6. smudger

    Tom Petty

    life support removed due to brain death and no plan to resus. That's dead save for the odd heart beat.
  7. smudger

    Tom Petty

    BOLLOCKS!!!! I've always had a massive soft spot for him and looked every year for him on the line up. Gutted.
  8. smudger

    Acts you don't "get"

    The Smiths Never got it. Winging, moaning, self pitying rubbish (with the notable exception of Marr's input of course) 90% of hiphop. Loads of 'gangsta' blokes with intelligible lyrics, banging on about how great they are and how hard life is when you're on the 'streets'.....all whist they show off their bling and talk about women as pieces of shit.
  9. smudger

    2017 - How was it for you?

    Top top festival, the Lemon Twigs were particularly fab. As was Robin Ince and the comedy line up. Other than crap weather on Sunday, all in all it was one of the best for me.
  10. smudger

    Weather 2017

    Wait one god damn minute. You have NEVER SEEN PEEP SHOW???!!!!!! wow just wow
  11. smudger

    Secret resales

    You know as a child my mother once told me that 'women live longer than men, because they always sit down on the loo, it saves their legs'. Mind you she also told me her bra was a pair of ear warmers and suggested I pop it on, before going up to the local shop. I did. She let me. Funny woman, my mum.
  12. smudger

    Secret resales

    I take my laptop with me, and this is the bad bit, I,......I..... sit and pee like a girl so I can hold onto it......the laptop, not, you know......
  13. smudger

    Secret resales

    Well Neil's take on it, and based on gut feeling only, was today, tomorrow, or Monday. Anything after Tuesday was then very unlikely.
  14. smudger

    Secret resales

    nope Slightly more possitve that yesterday though, with reports of See being behind on sorting ticket numbers
  15. smudger

    Secret resales

    Actually thinking about it, if I was going in a group, id do BD, if I was going as a couple, it would be EoR.....make of that what you will, both are fab!