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  1. Paulaviki


    Glowlight tetras are sooo cool! My mate had some, its like having tattoed fish! What is guitar hero btw? Sounds like a potential xmas pressie for my fella.
  2. Was listening to the Reading 'bootleg' again the other day, god that was great, its so nice to be able to listen to the performance again, and hear the crowd cheering, and Vedder being so emotional.....
  3. Paulaviki

    ...could it be?

    Can't really say anything more than anyone else has said, but just wanted to say my thoughts are with you.
  4. PJ in Paris rocked, not as good as Reading and similar setlist in some ways, but still excellent! Man those boys can rock.
  5. Had a quick shufty in Kerrang while I was in Tesco earlier, they gave PJ's Reading performance 4 K's, much better than NME's shoddy review.
  6. Got the Reading set on CD now after mr Ollie downloaded it, its bloody great.
  7. Just remembered, was watching PJ's Reading set the other day and some guy ran onstage, I don't remember seeing that when I was there.
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