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  1. micropizza

    Bestival 2017

    doesn't suprise me bestival did that, upon checking for new reviews on their facebook today (ordered by newest first), i noticed in the weeks before the festival had even started there's a load of mysterious 5-star text-less ratings were posted on the page before it had even started
  2. micropizza

    2017 first line-up poster

    They're plugging it on the site as if its the brilliant big one, before they ballsed up isle of wight last year and downsized, but have always assumed it wouldn't actually be this one really. Nice bit of false advertising to try sell tickets though this looks like what they've got this year (just found on Robs IG) bigger that last years IOW one at least
  3. micropizza

    2017 first line-up poster

    I bet Bestival have downsized the main stage again due to poor ticket sales...
  4. micropizza


    uh oh
  5. micropizza


    Did anyone go to Camp Bestival and knows how this new site is when its rainy/muddy? I read one article about tractors pulling cars out etc, but not heard any first hand accounts from anyone if it made the weekend a ballache or if it was just patches of muddyness
  6. micropizza

    2017 first line-up poster

    Bestival seems to be getting more like V-festival, suprised the entertainment isn't stopping at 11pm
  7. micropizza

    2017 first line-up poster

    Did anyone go to Camp Bestival and have an inkling of what the bar prices will be this year? (as you can't usually take booze from campsite to arena at Bestival events) I'm placing my bets of £5+ for a little can of beer/cider this year...
  8. micropizza

    2017 first line-up poster

    Yeah, can't believe looking back at the previous Bestival's I've been to they booked stuff like: Basement Jaxx, Two Door, Underworld, Chic, Stevie Wonder, Chemical Brothers, Disclosure, Foals, Friendly Fires etc. I know its mostly about taste but the lineup this year doesn't look like they've spent half as much money on Acts as back then, and we saw what happened when they did a cheap lineup last year... Saying that, nice to other stages back, remember SL2 and Prince Fatty on Reggae Roots was loads of fun whatever year that was, tho the HMS Bestival one looks like its being used as a novelty stage this year, not a main DJ one, so wont expect all the lasers and fire this time
  9. micropizza

    2017 first line-up poster

    Been going to Bestival for the last 4/5 years and don't remember any Day Ticket options, but I doubt this will even get close to selling out so i wouldn't be suprised if they try it
  10. micropizza

    New security measures in place

    That's why i take one, still can't put them in without a mirror after all these years!
  11. micropizza

    Secret resales

    And mine's been delivered already too, opened it last week I'm not bothering with alerts etc outside of work anymore, but here on the computer at work, I'm still monitoring for friends for one more week!
  12. micropizza

    Secret resales

  13. micropizza

    "Really big secret"

    Can't stand most Grime either, and as the lineup at Festivals I go to get more grime-heavy you notice a more attitudey douchebaggy crowd come with it too. Call that a generalisation if you like, but I'm only going by what I've seen...
  14. micropizza

    Secret resales

    I've got both going, and It's making me do a nerves
  15. micropizza

    Alternative Glastonbury Tips

    Probably a bit obvious for regulars but the ones I tell new friends: Unpack your bag and make the tent messy so idiots looking to steal can't be bothered to go through everything (vs just taking your half still packed backpack to somewhere else to rummage) On entry, have the wristband put on the wrist you don't wipe your arse with. Take a bowl and water container - refreshing hairwash in the morning wakes you up nicely. I'm going to be looking out for one of you wearing that welly necklace