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  1. I go to G in a group of friends that ranges at one extreme - detailed band/stage planning, knowing where you're gonna be virtually every minute you're there - to a couple of others who haven't seen a single act on the Pyramid stage for three years, for them it's almost a matter of pride that they avoid the 'headliners'. Their musical tastes vary just about as much. Me and Mrs Rex bimble about, following one or another, striking what seems like a pretty good balance between the two. I must admit that I almost regret the amount of time last year I wasted (okay, spent wasted) in front of the main stages, but it felt right at the time so... Having said all that, I'll be pretty p*ssed off if the mighty Spaghetti Western Orchestra don't show up somewhere!
  2. rex

    Virtual campfire 2009

    Still 216 sleeps to go. I better try and count flying cows in my sleep! I really must try and stop be here more often. How's you all bin?
  3. rex

    Virtual campfire 2009

    Too windy for Cows?
  4. rex

    Virtual campfire 2009

    Ooh - thanks for the coffee, Fairy. Me chai had gone cold long ago... Hi Karl. How are ya both? Has anyone seen Darrenbha around?
  5. rex

    Sold out

    I hope it rains where you live every day between now and Glastonbury.
  6. rex


    There'll probably be loads of rain...!
  7. There'll be a Q whenever they open the gates, although perhaps (just perhaps) making it 'earlier' rather than 'later' will spread the traffic out a weenie bit? OTOH, getting to rural anywhere from urban somewhere - does mean not having to leave at rude o'clock in the morning to get there...
  8. I seem to remember Langdale Wolf being more of a Special Brew kinda guy?
  9. rex

    E Festivalz Boardies

    Ignore the knockers Well done for getting your tix. I'm in a similar boat, IYKWIM...
  10. rex

    Lets have some more rumours!

    Michael Portillo might not be exclusively heterosexual...
  11. rex

    Virtual campfire 2009

    Just thought I'd stop in on my way back from a successful mission down to the ticket shop and say hello. Autumn's drawing in - nice hot cuppa chai, anyone?
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