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  1. eFestivals

    General News Discussion

    yanks spend absolutely fucking stupid amounts of money on elections. It's nothing unusual. :rollyes: Yeah, he got to that position because he's corrupt. Everyone's corrupt, except Trump and chums, I know. Except it's Trump and chums who are being lined up for jail, often on their own admissions for being corrupt. How odd.
  2. eFestivals

    General News Discussion

    Yes. When you ask an expert to write a report about a particular subject for you, you don't know what that report is going to say. You want to claim he was told what to say, but if that's the case the guys who briefed him already had the dirt on Manafort & Gates & Flynn & others and had no need of the Steele report to get them nailed. that Jr lied about. That Daddy Donny lied about. But it was all straight up, honest. given the way people are flipping, yep, he probably did already know. As has been said about Mueller for decades, he only interviews a witness when he already knows the truth - so he can know if they're lying or not. Real crimes from the Trump team. Zero for your Clinton fantasies.
  3. eFestivals

    General News Discussion

    click on the links. If any of them open an advert window featuring Martyn Lewis (the money guy) it's a fake ad and exceedingly unlikely to come from a reputable ad-system.
  4. eFestivals

    Ear protection for adults at Glastonbury

    what is it with today's kids, scared of loud noises. I bet their music systems don't go up to 11, either.
  5. eFestivals

    Latitude 2018

    Nope, I'd picked up on the BBC Intro bands 2 days ago.
  6. eFestivals

    General News Discussion

    in case you've not got that, it means they're sites run by fraudsters for the purposes of attracting the gullible.
  7. eFestivals

    General News Discussion

    and finally, I see the links you like to provide are sites serving up fake adverts - which means the reputable advertisers refuse to be associated with them. I wonder why?
  8. eFestivals

    General News Discussion

    You need a dictionary. They weren't colluding with russians to try and change an election, Steele was paid for some unknown (till delivered) info that he gathered from Russian individuals which when delivered back to the Democrats might have changed the election (tho that wasn't known till delivered). Meanwhile Manafort whatsapp'd his Russian spy mate and said "we need to put the screws on this guy who's telling the truth, cos otherwise your mate and my boss Putin is in the frame". Meanwhile Manafort lied about taking money from the Ukrainian govt (which turned out to be the money channel for the Russian govt). Donny Jr got an email from a Russian spy, which said "I'm a Russian spy with some dirt on Clinton for you. You can have it for free". Donny said "I'm there". Etc, etc, etc.
  9. eFestivals

    General News Discussion

  10. eFestivals

    General News Discussion

    There's 'Russia' - as in the Russian govt - and there's Russians. And there's paying to obtain some information, and then there's being a puppet that's paying (or blackmailing) you. Your brain is small.
  11. eFestivals

    Football 18/19

    I think he's reasonably-well motivated to improve, but I also reckon his record at Man City is sort-of telling him he doesn't have to. Thing is, England will never be ripping up teams in the same way to give him the multiple and often-easy chances he gets with City.
  12. eFestivals

    General News Discussion

    None of them say anything remotely like that. You're outdoing Trump with your lies.
  13. eFestivals

    General News Discussion

    No. My point is that Trump and co are guilty of the general thrust of what Steele said - as proven already, with much more to come. If Clinton's guilty of anything locker up too. With Trump. No. You obviously don't understand what collusion is. A politician commissioning a report is not collusion. and one of those links says that the Democrats told Steele what to write. In which case I can only compliment their psychic skills, in telling Steele to write so many things that have turned out to be true. Maybe, just maybe, there's not a world of superhuman figures and super-hidden corruption that no one can find despite multiple investigations?
  14. eFestivals

    Latitude 2018

    Your post was actually what led to that article including mention of the BBC Intro bands.
  15. eFestivals

    General News Discussion

    here's just one of many.... http://www.newsweek.com/trump-russia-dossier-true-proven-929839 How did they know? See above, for how they were wrong. they part-paid for it. Republicans also paid for it.