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    Cos it's way too deep, for Andre to keep, thinking about what's in his head, cos there's no need to bother
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    So I visited Worthy Farm last week for my birthday. No sign of Michael himself but did spot Emily. Kept herself to herself but did smile at us. Here are a few photos. Also it seemed as though they were building/digging something in the area in front of the Farm on the hill at the top of the Pyramid field- from memory I think it’s hawkwell or Row Mead there.
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    is it better to admit to having one kerrang compilation in your collection, or to just not say anything at all?
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    Had a great time at Womad. Here is my review: https://www.therockclubuk.com/index.php/festival-reviews/3086-womad-festival-26-29-july-2018-charlton-park-malmesbury-wiltshire
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    D-DAY!!! Have a great festival!
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    Oooops @Tommy101 how did we miss them??? We did look around for @lucyginger (as we knew she had ginger hair!). We saw a girl fitting that description at the bar and I went and asked if her name was Lucy and she said yes.....but then when I said "from efestivals?" she looked extremely confused and said that she thought we were actually asking if she had any LSD, and then subsequently gave me a free tab of acid. Bit of a random outcome that!
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    So we're gonna be on the tellybox tonight. Not sure if we're only on for a minute or not. No idea of the final edit or if we come across like idiots. Before you ask, no there was no swearing. Well not on camera. Sitting around drinking brews maybe, maybe a lot. But self restraint when the camera was on me.
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    What a mental festival! Was my first year, and was truly blown away by the whole set up. Unique, creative, and completely different to anything I have experienced. I mean, the attention to detail was something else. Easy to get fully immersed at Boomtown, bring on Chapter 11. Although my heads still spinning so need the years break to be prepared for it! 😂 Hope everyone had a great year!
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    I saw the closing ceremony at Banghai but the sector 6 version is here, they're the same.
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    Got home Drove to Wales straight away No computer and limited wi-fi Report at the weekend, team Teaser, in a single word? Extraordinary Ben x
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    Big top is fine dude don't worry. The year before last it had my top three sets tbh...Steve Mason, Beak and Money
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    First game of the season, under a new manager, with a lot of new signings, against probably the joint best attack in the league. Completely pointless to draw any conclusions about whether it's gonna be a long season for West Ham or not. Still think they'll be absolutely fine.
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    We'll be there in 45 mins. Will post set times once I've wrestled with the tent.
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    W**ker. (Sorry, couldn't resist).
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    Weather looks great so far. Not too warm nor too cold.
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    I just don't see them going with The 1975 as headliners. If you look back at all of the recent headliners since the last fallow, it just doesn't suggest to me that they will go with an act of that size and stature. Of the 15 headliners since the last fallow year, I'd suggest only 3 would be comparable to The 1975 in terms of either recent or historical popularity (Mumf, Arcade Fire and Flo, and Flo wasn't originally supposed to headline). The other 12 were bands were either heavily established, repeat headliners or "legendary" acts. That might mean, of course, that they want to buck that trend with the next batch of festivals, but I'd bet heavily on them going with something like Arctic Monkeys, Macca, FM, Madonna etc. Kendrick would be a step down in terms of popularity compared to those names, but I'd argue his critical success and huge popularity in the US would put him above The 1975. I think it's much more likely that they sub the Pyramid before someone like Arctic Monkeys if they end up on the Farm. I might be way off here with my popularity radar, but I would imagine they aren't too much bigger than Royal Blood, and they ended up 3rd from the top last time.
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    The secret is to stand very central, somewhere in front of the mixing desk, for bands you really want to see. Anywhere off to the sides and it sounds like a wet cardboard box being thumped with a wooden spoon.
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    Sorry ladies, Brexit means brexit