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    Take heart from the knowledge that in a week's time we will be closer to the next festival than the last one.
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    Come on gang, we knew this was going to be a hard slog. Very soon, Glastonbury is going to be less than 12 months away, meaning we've actually got through the entire fallow year! It will soon be T-day, headliner rumours will be out soon, followed by the first announcements and a flood of undercard SRs and TBCs. Then the webcam and tickets being mailed.... and GLASTO! We've done the really hard bit, roll on the normal build up to Glasonbury 2019!
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    I reckon Festival Republic told him he couldn't play anymore because his name was Ski Mask the Slump God. Fair decision if you ask me.
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    Shame. Wouldve been the best weather in the history of the festival. Next year will likely be a mudbath. And thats even if youre lucky enough to get tickets. With another global recession forecast and with Brexit steadily approaching, the 2019 festival will be a downer anyway. And lets not forget that as a sample of the population, its statistically probable that a good few people reading this will be brown bread by next June.
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    Gonna throw a garden party for family. Shall erect large speakers at bottom of garden playing rock music. Shall have another system playing Dance tracks at top of garden. Shall sit at halfway point listening to both whilst waving a flag in relatives faces. Shall tell off granny for bringing a chair to sit on. Shall try to have complex conversations with distant relatives without gurning. Shall drink cider out of a shit card board cup. I will finish by taking a dump on compost heap. Sorted. X
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    Person says "Oo Michael, how about my fave band from when I was a teenager for the Legends slot?" Michael says "Oo... that's a good idea" Michael thinks "Fuck off. They were shite then and are even worse now" Somerset Live thinks "Ad revenue"
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    Ok Getoffamylawn
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    I'll be selling these for €50 next to the Tesla Tower all festival, FYI.
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    yup lets blame the migrant families pursuing a better life from poverty ahead of the rich racists. Things that make the Trump base furious: non-existent children suffering non-existent abuse in the non-existent basement of a pizza restaurant. Things that make the Trump base happy: real children being split from their real parents and being held in real cages.
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    Mini is a litre, the 'normal' beer will probably be 330 bottles (decanted into cups I bet)
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    I think you have been lucky. This year was the year of an horrendous fire in one of the big tents. The person you are sharing a tent with had eaten something bad a shit themselves all over your tent. Then the next day when coming up on something very potent you slip and break your leg in several places. On the trip to the hospital you are convinced that you are being taken by skeleton doctors into the bowls of hell to have your soul painfully removed by Satan himself When you return 2 days later you re not fit enough to walk around, you have missed all the bands you wanted to see and are left to see some very poor performance. Then you have to pack up your shit filled tent. You then vow never to return. So I think you have been lucky this year. Next year though is going to be a blinder for you and the best one yet
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    Really shocking about XXXTentacion. Not gonna pretend I was a fan or even okay with him, but shit that is terrible. Fucking 20!
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    Donegal bar says will be able to see the gaa their
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    after hours of searching, typing 'sorted hangover cure' in google i managed to find this https://www.google.co.uk/search?q=sorted+hangover+cure&oq=sorted+hangover+cure&aqs=chrome..69i57.3057j0j4&sourceid=chrome&ie=UTF-8
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    arctic monkeys to replace ski mask
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    But it’s the only way to smuggle them in!
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    That post-headliner feeling That 1am feeling. The possibilities are endless. That middle of the night feeling. That Sunday evening feeling. One more night. That Monday morning feeling. Telling Glastonbury we'll see it in two years, in front of a beautiful sunset.
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    Up near the sign on thursay(?) of last year. Fallow years really are shit.
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    hello, this is the first time i have posted here in many years (can't remember old login hence new account) but this thread actually moved me to post. i am now 40, been to so many gigs and festivals i can't even remember most of them. i woke up countless times after a gig with the ringing in my head and ears. but it always sorted itself out. sooner or later, but it always did. i never wore ear protection, and if I'm honest in my younger days i probably had a laugh at those that did. but i pushed my luck one too many times. funny thing is i can tell you the exact time and place that my luck ran out - i was at the Tristan show in the Glade Lounge on the sunday night last year. i was down the front by the speaker stack - even at the time i knew i shouldn't have stayed there the whole time, but by then i was operating on 100% sangria power and the set was pretty awesome. so, as i left that tent, the sound in my ears and my head stayed with me - but never mind, it will wear off, it always wears off... the next day it hadn't worn off, the next week, the next month, it hadn't worn off and as i sit here typing this its like I'm still in that tent by the speaker stack - the noise in my ears continually bouncing round in my head... getting any kind of meaningful rest is not easy, the quieter the surrounding, the worse it is. the sound of one thing is ok, like watching tv, but if there is any other kind of background noise then everything just gets mashed into a sort of jumbled muffled din. sorry for the life story, not sure why i wrote all this, just something i wanted to get out i guess. anyway - i think my point is - do not take your hearing for granted. i did not know about the Inspiral's drummer until i opened this thread, it is a truly sad thing. this year, even tho its too late to stop the initial damage, i shall be investing in some proper earplugs. to try and end on a lighter note - i cannot wait to get through those gates again!
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    Thanks to the beauty that is Spotify, I’ve recently discovered I have a love for Elton John. Must be the gay gene. This time of year always gets to me when there’s no Glastonbury and so my mind’s been a little preoccupied the last week or so with who might be on the bill next year. If Elton doesn’t rock up then there’s no justice in the world. This song is meant for the Pyramid. Sidenote: The new Arctic Monkeys album is about the best thing I’ve heard all year so I hope they rock up next summer. Star Treatment as the sun’s going down... Bliss...
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    Definitely - buy up front, it's way cheaper. Although you might want to buy a few on site since the queue to trade in vouchers on the first evening is barking. The credit card queue was empty. 1 voucher per 33cl beer I think. 2 for most food. You can carry your own booze into the camp sites, but we're stuffed with carrying our kit from the train so will be light on booze. There are 3 of us and so we've estimated 160 vouchers needed - we'll get 120 in advance and buy 40 when we get there (20 first night, 20 contingency, just in case our livers rebel).
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    Thought I'd have another fucking bash at fucking getting the fucking argument about a fucking man sitting on the fucking floor of a fucking train out of the fucking general fucking news thread. Because whatever the fuck it is it fucking certainly isn't fucking news. Fuck.
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    A perfect juxtaposition of posts there. The sweet and the sleazy. The sacred and the profane. The solemn ceremony and the dreaded rear admiral.