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    Hosted by jermery paxman
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    I'd say the complete opposite. Racism as in making general negative statements about a race i.e. all blacks are criminals or all Jews are loyal to Israel is traditional racism whilst 20 years ago getting rid of blasphemy laws would be seen as being progressive and probably "left wing". This blasphemy is racism seems to be a very recent thing and not at all traditional.
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    After missing the last two years at the last minute, it's the first time I know that I won't be able to make it as I'll be in Montreal at the time! I'll stay active on the forum because the love for Sziget never dies And after going to 2014-2015-2016 and missing 2017-2018-2019, I can only come back in 2020!
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    ‘The reaction’ being that Reading has sold out?!
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    But the festival is to blame for the way they handle this. I'm sure this 'unexpected' cancelation has been known for days/weeks. Announcing that your Friday headliner won't be playing 1 day beforehand, while you could've at least done that a week ago, is egregious.... This festival (I once loved) continues to surprise me.
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    Can I get some of whatever you took?
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    Buttserfest was funded by East Hants District Council.They made a loss on it every year but went ahead because it was something for the youth of the area. Then when they analysed ticket sales they found that most people buying didn’t even live in the East Hants area. So that combined with the massive cuts in local government funding meant the Council pulled the plug. Victorious picked it up last year but it clearly wasn’t a ticket seller - based on the fact there was hardly anyone watching the bands there - so that was the end of that.
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    This was my favourite Sziget so far, to be honest and I'm really looking forward to my 5th consecutive one. My bet for the September headliner is Metallica!
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    They say imitation is the sincerest form of flattery!
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    You might wanna check out the comment section of their instagram for this one.
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    One of our party has, for the last few years, disapppeared off into Blanford to do the Park Run on the Saturday morning. Comes back feeling all righteous and virtuous to find we've been on the Bloody Marys/pints of fizzy lager since before breakfast and are frankly, giggling like idiots at anything and everything. He's always slightly disappointed at our lack of reverence/admiration for his efforts. Fair play to him though.
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    You're all mad. Have fun
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    Im just doing the clashfinder update, Common and Castle are complete, infact I had to do very little to the times I already had up, some days were completely unchanged. Anyway Im on the Acoustic stage now and just saw Joe Hendry, is this Joe Hendry the Scottish wrestler who wrestles on WOS and Impact amongest others???? Ive tweeted him to see if it is, sadly he clashes with Gomez if it is him. EDIT - he replied on twitter its not him. Then did an Eminem gag.
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    IMO (I think that it has to be stressed) acts like Shawn Mendes and Bastille brings nothing of value to the artistic side of the festival being basically pop acts that kill the variety of the festival, so, lazy pick. Kygo, on the other side, on a main stage poor of EDM this year wasn't a lazy pick, although I would have preferred some other DJ of the kind. I'm not saying that lazy picks are weak picks, cause the sellings would prove me wrong. But on a different POV than the profits, nobody would dare to put a festival with Shawn Mendes and Kygo as headliners (or Dua Lipa or The Chainsmokers or Wiz Khalifa, so on and so forth) on the same level of the Rock Werchter or the Mad Cool or the Glastonbury. I think reasons why are obvious. At the same time it looks obvious that Sziget is trying to win the race to reach the spot of big cash cow for another kind of festival - more party, wilder, more user friendly (at least at first sight). Which is good experience-wise, which is less good lineup-wise
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    Maybe Coldplay and The Killers too in the Pit
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    Boomtown, now I've finally woken up...... I didnt think I'd find something almost as good as Glastonbury. In fact there are quite a few things I prefer at Boomtown than Glastonbury. The fact you can move around, the fact the crowd are well into it, the fact when it rains, it doesnt get too muddy. Its easy to walk around. Loads of effort goes into every stage. Nothing is "just a stage" or area. Its a work of art. Production levels are insane. Sunday night was absolutely mental. People getting into carts, making a track and flying down hills. Its rougher... but everyone is friendly, just having a laugh. I prefer the variety at glastonbury, Glastonbury has a much better setting... and it is overall better, but its a close one & that's saying something. Thursday... we had some problems with the security. Let's just say that. Otherwise, it was a great weekend. Elvana, Limp Bizkit, The Scrapyard & Enrico Sangiuliano were particular highlights. Nice to meet @bennyhana22 on thursday & a special thanks to @lucyginger & friends for looking after me on Thursday. I hope you all had a good one!
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    One less day for the 2019 festival, 7th - 13th Aug.
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    D-DAY!!! Have a great festival!
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    Bastille are a good fit for fucking off
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    Well Artists I would love to see next year are not in any order, Metallica, Oasis (I know not very likely), Muse, Iron Maiden again, Guns n Roses & Foo Fighters to return
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    Rock wecheter headliners Mumford and sons The 1975 Bastille Muse
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    Hell yes we are... 6 berth campervan has been booked and deposit paid - tick! Brother and sister-in-law flying home from Oz with flights booked yesterday - tick! Route already mapped from picking up CV to Tesco in Shepton Mallet to Festival Site - tick! Currently looking at printing a custom flag to identify CV.