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    First of all, a disclaimer. Don't at all intend this thread to be a downer. Secondly, an apology if something else like this already exists here - but i've not seen anything. So, as Mental Health Awareness Week draws to a close, it got me thinking that in a pop-up city of 200,000 people there's likely a sizeable chunk who are currently - or have in the past - suffered from various mental health issues - either diagnosed or otherwise. I'm sure many of those planning to attend Glastonbury have the support of their friends but I imagine a fair few don't and maybe suffer in silence, their festival punctuated at times by these things rearing their ugly heads. Glastonbury is an assault on the senses and can be hugely overwhelming, especially to first-timers not knowing what to expect and not having the encyclopedic knowledge of the site many of us have that help to comfortably navigate, get around safely and find quieter spots when we need a breather. You add issues of anxiety into the mix and it can be a really tough few days. I have crippling anxiety and a history of recurring depression, one that I always assumed precluded me from something like Glastonbury, that I should just stay away through fear of panicking or ruining it for my friends. But I was fed up of missing out. When I was first persuaded to go in 2008, I didn't have the best start to the festival in the group I was in - who weren't particularly supportive - and I ended up spending the rest of it alone. Though I struggled on occasions during that weekend, I still had the best time. Despite crowds, noise, the unknown quantity that is an event the size of Glastonbury, I was helped along by a number of strangers who seemed to be able to recognise when I wasn't doing so well. Glastonbury can be incredibly cathartic and remains a place I always feel really safe in despite the size. A busy tram on a weekday in Manchester is enough to make me break out in sweats and have to focus on my breathing. An 80,000 strong crowd in front of the Pyramid doesn't faze me at all. Why is that? I think it would be nice to have a place on this incredible forum and its brilliant community of efesters to chat about these kinds of things. For first timers, whether they identify as suffering from mental issues or not, to air their concerns and ask questions. For solo travellers, to reassure themselves that there is support should they need it and point them towards it. Somewhere for regulars to discuss how they manage their anxiety/depression at the festival, the best places to take a break, spots it might be better to avoid at certain times, the issues surrounding use of drugs to alleviate anxiety, where to camp. Basically, all the things we talk about anyway but from an angle of managing anxiety/depression and absolutely maxing out the potential for your Glastonbury to be the best one ever! Cheers
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    My issue is that the thread should be called 'don't rape' rather than 'take care' as if there is something that women should and can do to avoid sexual assault. By not drinking, dressing a certain way, not going out without someone else, etc etc until we are all sitting at home not going anywhere. It isn't on us to take care, it is on men not to sexually assault women.
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    Hi all, The all new http://www.glastomap.com is now available if you’d like to check it out. If you’ve seen it before the concept is still the same: aerial shot of the festival site turned into a map. However, this year I ended up completely rewriting the thing from scratch. I won’t bore you with the techie stuff but the new version behaves a lot more like a proper map interface with the best bit being you can now zoom in to a really high level. You should be able to find your tent but then if you can remember where it was you probably weren’t doing it right eh? ;-) It’s also been updated with the aerial shot from last year’s festival which I’ve hacked around with in Photoshop to try and make it look like this year’s site (e.g. the John Peel move). I’m not a Photoshop expert so it’s not perfect but from a distance it kinda works I think. You can still put a marker down on it and share that location with others so do share any good food stalls or places of interest on here. That was the other main motivator for creating the site in the first place. I know not everyone likes to use their smartphone while there but if you do I’ll have the ‘locate me’ feature up and running by then so you can see where you are on the site (and then share it with others – handy for telling friends where you’re camping). Might be useful for those with a woeful sense of direction. I spent quite a lot of time just getting this new version to the same functional level as the last so haven’t really had the time to add any new features. Having said that it’s all been built in such a way that adding new things shouldn’t be as much of a challenge in the future. If you’ve got any ideas of stuff you’d like to see added or a feature idea just let me know. Things I can defo do now which will be coming when I can find the time are: search for venue/area, measure distance, share multiple markers at once, change picture to a previous year. All other ideas welcome! When was the shot taken is something I’m always asked and with this one I’m not sure. I was told by the company that take it Thursday afternoon but I said that can’t be right, never heard another suggestion from them (and I didn’t want to hassle them). One clue is the pyramid looks pretty busy so at first I thought maybe Sunday afternoon for Lionel but then I reckon there are too many tents still up for it to be Sunday. Wow stage also looks quite busy. Can anyone else come up with a good theory? Anyway, enjoy and all feedback welcome. Cheers!
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    I haven't talked about this here... This year was the first time we've been able to go for a long time, and my son's first Glastonbury. I was ecstatic to get coach tickets within a few minutes - we were going! Within a week our world was thrown upside down. My wife was diagnosed with cancer. It's been a very difficult winter. The treatment was horrendous and it's hard being strong and carrying on as normal when you don't know what the future holds. Whilst a music festival is completely irrelevant in the grand scheme of things, and it seemed unlikely we'd now be going, it was the one thing I had to cling to as my escape from the situation. I didn't lose hope of going and you lovely efestival posters have unwittingly helped me enormously. A couple of months on and things have changed remarkably. The treatment was successful. We're definitely going! The one song that I clung to during that difficult time was Radiohead's 'The Numbers' - by no means a big favourite but it was apt, and if they play it I may lose it. That said, it's such a relief and joy to be there it could happen anytime.
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    Joe Hart is head and shoulders above Dave Seaman.
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    Eat. Sleep. Graze. Repeat.
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    I Like It When You Release New Tour Dates For They Rule You Out Of A Return To Glastonbury Even Though It Were Unlikely
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    Well, thought I might as well start this thread again to keep all you lovely people informed in the lead up to the festival. In previous years I have started the thread a bit later than this but Brillo and I had to drop by the farm this afternoon so I thought I'd go for it. The ground is, as you would expect, is as dry as Ghandi's sandal. Rock hard and dust blowing up in the slightest of breezes. The grass is super verdant and healthy but I do think that we really could do with it getting watered before the festival.... Hopefully not in the week before or during I'll post regular updates here as we get closer. Brillo checking out the bins and Ivymead, the crew field, starting to fill up.
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    oh my god I got one FUCKING YASSSSSS
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    Sorry, I mean, 9 weeks to go until Glastonbury. Woo!
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    Prime Minister Jeremy Corbyn DJ set
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    all.... I posted in another thread about me watching for the BBC Glastonbury web cam coming on line I have news! Check out - http://glastocam.panomax.com This is the new cam - its just not been linked to the BBC yet!!! - and by god is it worth the wait!
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    Is it poor form to self confirm myself in the self confirmation thread? Adam Scott Glasspool - Mandala Stage. Not sure what days/times yet.
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    Well, Neil had some info on Monday, fact checked it on Tuesday. He was making sure by Wednesday, and on Thursday and Friday and Saturday. He TBC'd on Sunday.
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    Hi guys! Got permission to post my new website here. It allows you save a band's setlist as a Spotify playlist, hopefully you find it useful! I found it useful last year to get familiar with a band's current song lineup before seeing them at a festival. But it's also cool to listen to setlists for gigs that you've been to in the past. Anyway, here's the link: https://setify.co/ I'm actively trying to make it better, so any feedback is appreciated.
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    Sorry to go all deep and 'woe is me' on this thread, but: Before I started going to Glastonbury, I had really bad anxiety and was treated pretty terribly by a group of people who I thought were my friends. I also have dyspraxia which only heightened my anxiety. It's quite a misunderstood disability and much more than just a co-ordination problem. I used to think really lowly of myself and pretty much hated the fact that I had these things in my life and I used to constantly ask myself why I couldn't just be normal. On the first day of 2008 I realized that there are people out there just like me, who have to put up with different things in their lives but just goton with it and had fun. So I guess if I hadn't have gone to Glastonbury in 2008, I would never have realized that it's ok to have something unusual about you and nobody's gonna judge you for it. Obviously there are some dicks in this world, but fuck 'em.
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    I have just realised someone gave me 2 downvotes too in this thread yesterday, just for asking politely for a link? Made me a bit sad tbh as I'm new here and now my rep is horrible
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    Well I hope this works. Lovely day out yesterday. Really hot and was great meeting up with some festi friends. And got suntan lol https://l.facebook.com/l.php?u=https%3A%2F%2Fgoo.gl%2Fphotos%2FW9MNUDde94BUGoHFA&h=ATOO14Qou6srpVK7phcpk8a606O60iE0doNruRjYz9nOqgedFPSknS_lIA-GOPYWswUjE9y2G9jbvclLEb5511Qhj6YueEodEEd8EAQQNnzlhcbWxYhQZvB6Ba09apZo3SpDiT2-S2d3a0g