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    Hi Chef, I think there a combination of factors at play (and to be completely honest, everything that follows is a guess, I have no data to support any of it, it's just what I think may be happening). If you think about it, with suppression, we have moved back to where we were at the beginning of the outbreak. Except that we weren't testing at the rate that we are now (the state of the testing regime may be questionable in some places, but it's certainly an order of magnitude better than it was at the outset). So, I suspect that in most countries that have exited lockdown, levels of infection in the community are significantly lower than they were in the few weeks leading up to lockdown. Hence, we are probably back to where we were in January, with isolated pockets of infection cropping up in different places. The difference between now and then is that we have seen what happens, are taking it a bit more seriously and have far superior testing capacity to contain any hotspots that pop up. It's what we should have been doing in January/February this year but we didn't think it could happen to us (typical eh!). It looks like there is a lot of cases in some places, but I suspect there were far more before we put restrictions in place a couple of months ago, we just weren't looking as hard for them. The seasonality/impact of warmer weather has always been suspected but nobody really knew if it would play out that way. It still may play a role, just can't say for sure yet. Also, most places that have exited lockdown, still have restrictions on things that have the potential to be super spreading events. Where clusters occur, they are in exactly the places you would predict (meat processing plants, warehouses, care homes, hospitals, clubs etc) where people are in close proximity and under conditions where shedding lots of virus is probable. So, allowing people back out, having social distancing guidelines in place, practicing good hand hygiene and avoiding super-spreading events has the potential to keep this contained and suppressed (and I still think source control with masks where close proximity is unavoidable should be mandatory rather than suggested). I know people are saying "but we had fewer cases when we locked down", however the key to opening back up again isn't the absolute numbers of cases, it's the trajectory of infections and the rate of hospital admissions (and ICU admissions) that are the triggers, so case numbers can be misleading as we are currently (probably) below where we were when we locked down (since we were testing a lot less back then) and if hospital capacity isn't threatened, then places will open back up again. To give you an example of this in practice, in Ireland, we locked down at 70 ICU admissions. Capacity is about 400 and the projection (based on the trajectory of infections) was that with the 2 weeks it takes from infection to hospital admission, that ICU numbers would double within a week and double again in two weeks...meaning that we would be close to capacity within 2 weeks, so the place needed to shut down. That's exactly what happened, within a week ICU numbers were over 160, within 2 weeks they were at 384. But having closed the country down 2 weeks previously, the didn't go higher than that so capacity was never breached. They opened back up again when ICU admissions dipped below 70 again (so the date for relaxing lockdown got pushed out further a couple of times until this was the case). With 3 weeks between each phase, it's easier to keep an eye on what the infection rate is doing and move to the next phase (or stay where you are/go back should the trajectory of infections start to climb steeply again). The UK is using exactly the same triggers, there is just higher capacity (due to the higher population...per capita it's slightly less, but it's in the same ballpark). So, if infection rates are falling, hospital admission are falling and ICU admissions are below the trigger points, then irrespective of the headline case numbers, opening back up is what will happen....until the triggers are breached again and restrictions have to be reimposed. But, we have more data now on what might drive higher case numbers, so it can be a bit more nuanced than it was first time and hopefully we can avoid full scale lockdown again. Sorry, I'm rambling! Edit: Oh, and the "it plays itself out in 70 days" thing...it does if you do something about it. Nobody has let it rip through their population (even the Swedes), so I suspect it would take longer than 70 days without some kind of public health intervention....and the fatality rates would be just like the models predicted (since nothing that has happened so far has proven the models wrong).
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    As a member of the Lost Horizon crew I don't think this has anything to do with our sauna & solar stage set-up. Shangri-La seem to have nicked our name. Mind you, we in turn nicked the name from Frank Capra's 1937 film which was based on James Hilton's 1933 novel which featured the mythical mountain paradise of Shangri-La. So there's a certain symmetry to all this naming!
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    He was quick to defend Cummings though. Clearly doesn't want to scupper his career trajectory.
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    He broke lockdown rather than quarantine, and was countered with what jedrick did at the same time. Kinnock apologised as well and his was understandable, whereas cummings forced the govt to change their regulations so he wouldn't have to apologise...
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    It was more of: we have a lot of energy for you, we want a lot of energy from you. But I’ve known saying him this at multiple shows in various countries. And then they started no cars go. The rest of the show the energy was just fine. It is a big field, not that easy. Shame that they switched positions with Kings Of Leon (Arcade’s Fire request, was something with travelling times). They were happy after the show. Not their most memorable. But it was just a good day for them, with their families enjoying the hospitality backstage, well organised festival. Fun fact. They were really impressed by the vibe and crowd in the sportpaleis 2 times. They know their world, they know Belgium is a small country, they know that they are not that commercial. But nearly sold out 2 times sportpaleis, and a great vibe each time. That is important for them. And Koninklijk Circus was one of their favorite shows ever by the way.
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    As some of you know I won the stage design competition ... and won the book ... I suggested to Michael and Emily that the book got signed by some of the participants but unfortunately this isn’t possible due to the current pandemic ... so my current thought is to eBay it and send the proceeds to FMS ... I do however want to raise a decent amount of money .... anyone have any other suggestions as to other ways to preceed ?
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    Hello Glastonbury Festival Fans! I have started a project 'My Glastonbury Story' and I'm looking for festival goers to participate. I am gathering the people's history of Glastonbury Festival in words and pictures. I'm looking for personal accounts - meaningful moments, terrible experiences, love at Glastonbury, break-ups at Glastonbury, birth at Glastonbury and everything in-between! The content will form an online archive and possibly a book. Here is a link to the project so far https://www.emmastoner.com/myglastonburystory I look forward to hearing from you all
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    I was one of those on the early-ish side of doommongering for this year's festival being cancelled, but I'm pretty bullish for next year. Look, there are loads vaccines in the works, lots of them look promising and several of them are expected to be ready this year. And once one of them is proven to be good, there will be so much weight thrown behind getting it manufactured at real, real scale. We don't even all need to be vaccinated for the festival to go ahead, just around 80% immunity, either by the virus or by vaccine. I know the governments of the world can't base their plans around a Deus ex Machina turning up and fixing everything, because it might not happen. But it really looks like it will. It does. The human genome project was initially a very long multi-year affair, until Celera Genomics came along and did it for a tenth of the cost faster than the rest of the world, sequencing the human genome in just three years. Nobody could believe it could be done so fast and so cheaply, for $300m and now we can sequence a genome for $3,000 to $5000 in just one to two days. The political will and financing to develop vaccines fast hasn't been there for years, but the technology has moved on so much since there was last an urgent need in the wealthy countries. The human race is capable of extraordinary things when its back is against the wall. What I'm saying is, I've been drinking and I'm going to Glastonbury next year, and so are all you lovely people on here.
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    It's basically a documentary about overcoming c**ty men ordering her about, and it's also why she has to come back triumphant at the G rather than be replaced by a bunch of wee knobbers.
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    There have been around 60,000 excess deaths so far in the UK this year, that is the best measure of the effect of this virus as is doesn't matter what is on the death certificate.
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    Should check out her documentary on Netflix if you’ve not already. Showed the arguments that went on with her family/management when she decided she could no longer keep quiet about her political views.
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    Oh well, thanks for answering. i think I'd be fishing for supper on occasion if I had an expanse of water in front of me like that. I do have the lovely river Severn very near by, which satiates my need to be near water, but I don't want to do course fishing. That said, there's a lovely little pub down by the river, but it, like all of them, is closed now. It actually only opens 7 months of the year normally, and doesn't stay open after 8pm. That shows you how much money they make in a year under normal circumstances.
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    we are at 4. but should act like we are at 3 and hope for the best.
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    Brand new Joy O UKG mix is really doing it for me. The man never misses!
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    You never need to apologies to us for giving us detail. Your rambling is like gold dust of insight!
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    This is certainly quaint, you wouldn’t want to smell it though.
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    Respect. Huge respect.
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    Maybe let´s agree on: the Cambridge shitstorm is over while the Merriam Webster shitstorm might stay with us for a while.
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    I didn't go to that many illegal rave type events back in the day. It was mostly house parties in large houses in London that I went to. Due to a doctor friend living in London i got to know a lot of other doctors, and some other very wealthy people. It certainly wasn't 'nice one, geezer' territory - more of a case of 'my name is xyz, how do you do' kind of thing. All very polite and charming. The same type and amount of drugs were taken though. As an aside, it was my doctor friend who administered every new type of drug to me from the age of about 15 upwards (well, apart from speed). I can still recall being very trepidatious about a new drug he'd discovered called an e. I can still remember where I was at that time and who I was with in addition to the doctor himself. He's bought a few of these e's at £25 a pop. I suspect that I was a little nervous because they really were new kids on the block and not even my doctor friend had taken one before. So, those present all gambled and took one, and that was that - the start of a very long lasting love affair with those tablets. I recall many years later when I held a New Years Eve party at my newly refurbished house (refurbished by me, and it had taken about 4 years to do it) that my doctor friend went around either giving away or selling his e's at cost. Once he had finished dosing everybody up he handed me a bag of 300 e's which were left over and said 'can you hide them somewhere'? I duly hid them under a floorboard. that party was wild, even by me / my mates standards. It would be fair to say that my house was fucking wrecked at the end of it. A lot of my hard work had gone down the pan in one single night. Great party though.
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    Yeaahh... should’ve listed to you.
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    Throw Robyn, Dua Lipa, and Lana in there too. So many festivals out there with majority male lineups, so why not switch things up and have a majority female lineup? Times are changing and you can either become history, or make it.
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    *is Mancunian* *twitches*
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    I don't know if we're living in Contagion, 28 Days Later, or Planet of the Apes.
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    Bicep are playing BBK 2021, moved over from 2020. Hopefully they play PS as well.
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    I think if Kendrick has dropped out then the first person to get a call up will be Jason Derulo. He's releasing his album this year.
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    I would bloody love to whizz around the site on a quad bike. That would be amazing!
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    Wouldn't put anything past this lot of scammers. behind the scenes, they're fascists.
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    If Michael is willing to lend me a quad bike I will gladly patrol the site chasing away unwanted visitors!
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    Duran Duran just announced an Irish date next June so guess they’re pretty much confirmed for this
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    I’ve watched it twice. First time I laughed at these wannabe posers going to a rip off festival, second time I felt a bit more sorry for them. Except the guy who pee’d in someones tent for no reason.
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    I don’t think there’s really been any more information on this other than ‘15% off for a friend’ - no mention of how it’s gonna work or the timescale etc, so hoping that’s something they’ll clarify soon.
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    Every time someone states that Cummings broke lockdown, they should be corrected with, "No, he broke quarantine. Different thing".
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    And on the Saturday again so ill be able to go without having to get the time off work! May be over a year away but thats cheered me up no end.
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    How was the curry! The out of date chicken was a risk! We may have to move this story to the when will this shit end thread!!! the small business are providing some amazing quality food boxes!! Definately something to continue with!
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    It’s half 7, Hitler and Stalin have already been referenced 😆
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    please! Set My Heart on Fire immediately has to be one of the best records released this year
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    They're a very boring band with no memorable songs, who can't cut it live but are inexplicably popular. I would just ignore them but festivals keep booking them and people keep describing them as "indie" or "alternative" when they are basically just Deacon Blue in charity shop clothes.
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    Terrible news for S Club 7.
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    What’s with the weird The National bashing mate? 😅 I was watching their Primavera 18 set they live-streamed the other day and haven’t felt this much joy and festival/live show anticipation in weeks. I really look forward to seeing them again sooner rather than later.
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    I was looking it the other way, why would a band of Pavement's stature agree to play Mordor, when they can play stages that have better sound, atmosphere? They're not piddly little stages in the corner of the site, they're the heart of the festival.
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    Are they? I never know who the headliners are at Primavera. Surely, Neutral Milk Hotel and Stereolab, being the newly reformed cult bands in their years were "headline" in the sense they got people to buy tickets and those people were very excited, but they weren't in Morder because the general festival goer was more interested in boring bands with name recognition like Arcade Fire and The National. Pavement seem similar a lot of people are very excited but many aren't arsed, could easily play Ray Ban or the old ATP.
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    Email just in from Festival Forums - "Your purchase is renewing soon ...." Just a reminder to those who can, please sign up to Gold, if you haven't already and please stay signed up if you have. With love x
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    Cooper best PM that never was? This place!
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    man, i'm not even a 100% fan but gorillaz are one of the most fun things i've EVER seen in 30 years of gigs, the production quality, the guests, the tunes you've forgotten. so good
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    There is absolutely zero point in worrying or stressing about it this far out. That may come across as burying my head in the sand but I don’t care. This fucking virus has already written off 2020, I refuse to entertain the possibility of it fucking with 2021.
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    All of the talk in that other thread about Dominic Cummings and the daily briefings is about Covid. Regrettably, that whole thread is on topic because covid is pretty much the only topic of conversation in this country presently, since, as you so delicately put it, we are being "smashed" by it.
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    The bookies guide to the runners and riders... Favourites: Taylor Swift is the current market leader, she has large following on here and is expected to lead. You can never discount a Beatle, so expect a strong showing from Paul McCartney. Likewise any Thom Yorke project will always be backed well on eFests... First to fall: His brother went early last year and it’s hard not see Noel Gallagher suffering the same fate. Despite being a perennial festival favourite Fatboy Slim must be seen as a waste of a headline slot and the voters may turn against him. Jarvis Cocker’s new project may have alienated voters. Dark Horses: Laura Marling has a small but very dedicated eFests following, if they unite behind her she could go far. Likewise Charli XCX.
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    Still better than dating Elon Musk to be fair.
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    Our flights were canceled yesterday as well. But don't worry, they will buy themselves some time. I spoke to the help desk and they won't process the refunds until after they are back at the office. And it's not just the regulations, they have to reconstruct the office for social distancing. After that it will take 7-10 days to refund. One of my friends flights to Italy were canceled more than a month ago and still no sign of his money.
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    This thread is a pretty good source

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