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    Ha! Yep, just got a rake of Domestos down in Tesco, organising a courier to Pennsylvania Ave now! We'll be back in work next week.
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    No, normally not more expensive (not a lot)
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    I think Toilet Duck is currently helping Trump with his latest initiative 😉
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    It’s quite a strange one ... twice I’ve got infections at Glastonbury ... one that resulted in me leaving in an ambulance .. but never have I considered not going back ... perhaps I live up to my efest username ..
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    According to ONS alcohol sales up by 31% and clothes sales down by 34 %. I was spending this time sitting in my pants with a can of beer in my hand. Good to know I’m not alone
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    You have to love how the festival is still being weird with announcements when there's no festival. Glasto be Glasto. There is no pattern.
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    Feel like we should all give James Murphy a guard of honour when he shows up on the farm after his last visit.
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    RATM and Drake (who for some reason was also rumoured?) definitely weren't on the line up. Like most festivals they're hoping to get as many acts back next year as possible so for that reason (unless there's a leak) I doubt many names will come out.
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    I this nutter lol
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    That is the only annoying thing but on principle of how little they pay to artists I choose not to use it. To earn one hour UK minimum wage they need 3114 streams on spotify vs 1938 on Deezer or 1615 on Apple Music or amazingly 970 on Amazon. When Jeff Bezos takes the piss less than Spotify you know they need to look at themselves. Especially at the moment if you can afford to pay for music please do in as many forms as you can. I've been buying more vinyl, contributing to artists fundraisers and streaming as much music as I can.
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    Im never walking that route to stoke st mary again ... although I think you might have over reacted to seeing me
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    Trumps Scottish ancestors would be proud of him! Or more likely turning in their graves
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    Just playing devils advocate, “the 2019 National Security Risk Assessment (NSRA)“ I’m assuming we also had one for 2018, 2017, 2016.... etc etc etc, and I’m assuming a pandemic would’ve been highlighted in every single as a significant risk to the country, and I’m also assuming recommendations about how to protect against it would’ve also been made every single year as well. I'm assuming that this sort of thing is carried out in most countries every single year, and like pretty much every single other country the U.K. has acted no differently by largely ignoring it, because it hasn’t been an issue for 100 years.
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    if their next album is all like people that’d be PHENOMENAL
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    CT imaging isn't really my thing unfortunately, we do a bit in mice, but I have a veterinary pathologist who helps me interpret them! Only ever heard of GGNs (ground glass opacity nodules) in relation to lung cancer, but a quick look at the paper shows that the authors themselves acknowledge significant variation in possible explanations. The images are from a snapshot in time, so without longitudinal monitoring (multiple CTs taken over time), they have no idea where the patients are along the course of infection (or indeed whether the nodules are growing or will spontaneously regress), plus they also acknowledge that when the PCR test was done, patients may have been incorrectly classified as either positive or negative. The control group that is missing is similar passengers who were never exposed to coronavirus to see what the frequency of GGNs might be. A quick look in the medical literature shows a paper indicating that they occur in 60% of never-smokers lungs (and that paper cites a bunch of other studies that found the same thing), so it would seem to be in line with what has been shown and un-related to coronavirus...one of the things that causes GGNs to appear on CT scans is inflammation...the key seems to be whether they persist and grow or resolve of their own accord. Follow up is the only way to determine that, which unfortunately they didn't do here. A CT a couple of weeks later may well have been completely clear in the asymptomatic patients, but they don't have that data (for lung cancer monitoring, they are followed for up to 5 years). They correlate their findings with other clinical features, but not any other background data on the patients (smoking history for example would certainly be something I would have thought would be relevant). In short, not sure how much it tells us! Maybe one of the medics on the board more familiar with lung pathology could give you a better answer...
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    That'd be it alright! Could have gone with dreamy sleepy nighty snoozy snooze, but I don't think you can have a user name that long!
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    Blood sugar is good and toilet is clean .. seems to have worked a treat
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    Curry's do 6 Months free Spotify (new accounts) with a lot of their products at the moment too.
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    His question set that up perfectly - only surprised how long it took for someone to take the bait 😜
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    Bill Gates' Mind Control Serum versus the Chinese 5G Bat Aids is something I only previously thought I'd witness in Williams Green before noon.
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    The difference being Bill Gates is not resolutely thick. It's still a significant % of the wold which would need to be vaccinated to achieve herd immunity. https://www.ovg.ox.ac.uk/news/herd-immunity-how-does-it-work EDIT: Link is not about COVID, but adds some context.
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    Wishful thinking, I'm afraid, given the source. A more relevant bit of intel is that the Spanish Airport Operator has sent a message to all their employees. The first para translated on the status of flights in Spain is: “Regarding the openings, no opening is foreseen in April, May and June, so it seems that there will be no activity during these months. Perhaps from July onwards, domestic flights will begin; in September/October some European flights and possibly in December, flights to/from outside the EU/Schengen".
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    I'm expecting it to be a very different line up of it goes ahead. But I wont care!
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    At least he’s not wearing his Furry suit
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    Yeah, shame it's only the acute infected virus test. What we need to get the country out is verifiable antibody testing...
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    Been enjoying the garden bar I built for the wife's 30th a few years back. Here's me pictured with it when fully stocked for a party. Yes, those are peanuts hanging on the wall. The pork scratchings 'sold out' the day before.
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    There’s not a day goes past when I don’t think about missing Glastonbury, doesn’t help that I am constantly watching past performances that I’ve recorded! It would personally feel a lot worse if it was on and for some reason I had to cancel, . There’s a sense we are all in this together. but as you say there’s a lot more important things at this present time. Best of luck in the resales.
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    Got to admit, much as I love gigs and festivals, getting back to them is low down my list of priorities at the moment. We have family members with health conditions that we really want to see and that's the priority, but the nature of those health conditions would make me wary to go to too many other places that put as at risk of contracting it and passing it on. That said we live in London and would have to get public transport to see them so that's already a risk, but I guess one is necessary and one is not. At the moment though we are wondering whether safe to see them at all for a while, whether allowed to or not Walking in the park earlier this week I found myself longing for Glastonbury, but on the whole I've accepted no festivals on the cards for this year and I'm not really going to let myself think about next year (possible October resale aside).
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    I'd like the president to lead by example here.
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    Nah. With a bit of luck the next time we sign a player like Wijnaldum we won't be selling them on in one year's time! That's the main thing.
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    That new Rolling Stones single is very good for a bunch of blokes in their mid/late 70s.
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    Cole’s books has signed copies of Stanley Donwood There will be no quiet back in stock. I got a copy from Rough Trade for Christmas . It’s quite a cool book
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    Masks protect other people from you infecting them though, rather than the other way around. If that's communicated properly, the hoarders should basically be giving them out to as many people as possible. People not having access puts you at risk.
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    The Killers and Beck "confirmed" for 2021
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    I completely and utterly feel it in my bones. I NEED TO DANCE.
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    Feel ya - hope you’re good Ben. Working hard no doubt 😎
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    This is still one of my favourite tunes, I remeber I first heard it when he played it in the beat hotel, got an amazing reception.
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    It actually says a lot when losing RATM for Reading festival and replacing with someone who fits with the rest would be a good thing. It really should be totally the opposite. I don't understand why they have gone to shit like they have when for two years running their best selling days were the heavier orientated.

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