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    It's finished in the Festival Republic head office. Eminem has done all he can. That latest album was enough to be considered for headline slot at Reading and Leeds. Rage Against The Machine are still alive here. De La Rocha...MORRELLOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!
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    Everyone happy then I see?
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    Spanish Love Songs anywhere please. Great new album.
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    Mass disappointment at the lack of RATM.
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    I think the real Lineup 2020 was the friends we made along the way.
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    A few thoughts (as an oldie) as to why Glastonbury appeals to oldies. There's comfort in the familiar. Once you've been a few times and got the lie of the land it feels like 'home.' There's so much more to do than music and drinking that appeals to old farts like me who fancy doing a wicker basket or pottery making course or similar.. The food is so good. You can enjoy eating around the world or eating really good veggie alternatives. It's a beautiful place to walk, sit and chill and watch the world go by. There's lot of music that appeals to oldies. Once you've been and 'got' what Glasto can be about it's hard to give up. Getting Glasto tickets requires being organised, something that old farts with time on their hands, tend to be good at. Campervan fields are expensive, appeal to us oldies who like a few creature comforts, and can afford campers or caravans. It's well run and feels pretty safe. All the things that make it the best fest in the world should appeal to youngsters as well but oldies just can give it up.
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    Not sure if this will work, but inspired by the discoveries I've found in the New Music thread and Spotify's Discover Weekly playlist, I thought I'd create a collaborative playlist on Spotify that people can add music to as they find it. Doesn't necessarily have to be new music either, just anything you'd like to share with the rest of the forum. I've started it off by adding a handful from my Discover Weekly this week, plus that brilliant Pottery tune that @dentalplan shared on the New Music thread: I've also used the eFests logo as the image on the playlist, but if that's an issue I can change it...?
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    Every 8-10 years? Try every year... Everyone knows that Glastonbury has never been as good as the first time you went / that one memorable year when x happened. Also,the first year you went, you almost certainly had a conversation with a 'veteran' about how it's not as good as it used to be, and how it's all changed, and it'll never last. It's become such a common trope that there's a 20+ year old running joke between me and some friends I really only see at Glastonbury about how its not as good as it used to be. Funny thing is, it's true - it'll never be as good as it used to be - but only because you'll never be as good as you used to be
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    Biffy + BMTH, LG & RATM.
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    I hear Somerset's nice that time of year.
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    unpopular opinion: i’d take BMTH over RATM 😕
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    Everyone asks who dan wilcox is but not how dan wilcox is. How are you mate?
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    i hear melvin benn has these three exact lineups in a hat and he's just gonna pick one at random at 7:55 tomorrow
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    God forbid anyone gets excited about festival lineups on a festival lineup forum
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    replace excited with upset
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    Him and Don Broco, what great men.
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    If your mates are sorting your tent I'd just go on Friday morning tbh. Wednesday is great and all but for me it wouldn't be worth the hassle of having to go back and forth on the Thursday/Friday morning. Better to rock up fresh as a daisy on Friday morning and make the most of the weekend.
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    KSI gonna play parklife, then Reading and Leeds fest, then knock Jake Paul out. what a guy
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    Whatever disappointment may ensue, at least spare a moment to feel sorry for those who are expecting AM to be announced today. My hat goes off to them. Expecting AM even though there is 0 indication they are doing anything in 2020.
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    Please. Someone confirm Travis Scott. I can't go a full year not seeing him.
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    If you could book the Rage day yourself, realistically, what would it be? Mine would be: Rage Against The Machine / Architects / IDLES / Run The Jewels / While She Sleeps / Denzel Curry / Fever 333 / Ho99o9 / Dream State Plenty of other acts with political messages of varying intensity throughout the day.
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    This year will be my 6th consecutive last ever Glastonbury.
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    You really can't make this up, it's so much fun to watch twitter meltdown when their choice of popular American rapper won't or isn't announced for their favorite post GCSE festival. I'm glad I didn't know about festivals till I was a few years out of school
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    I literally spat crumpets all over myself. send it ahahahaha
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    Limp Bizkit would be a madness. Limp Bizkit > IDLES > Run The Jewels > RATM
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    Looks like I'm going to Reading for a day.
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    Well this aged like fine wine
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    he meant wee fm, Aberdeen local news
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    Line up when we hit page 500?
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    Through getting collabs with JaackMaate
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    Just texted my mate Melvin, a source fairly close to the festival, asking who’s headlining, and he’s just informed me that Reading has in fact been cancelled. Sorry to disappoint.
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    So after 393 pages and a mere 14 hours from the release. We still have no idea other than LG
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    Two legends, I hope they unite.
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    The only person I listen to is Jack Webb
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    Still hoping for this.........................
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    After party in Ljubljana
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    So we are all up to speed then because people think I’m talking rubbish how about I present them some facts. - Dan said RATM - He then said a different set of headliners. - A Radio 6 host talked about Rage against the machine being announced for reading and Leeds. - A Pittsburg radio station has tweeted the rage against the machine logo. Hinting towards rage announcing some more dates to their tour. - Rock En Seine have an announcement tonight. A french publication has posted that it “could” be rage against the machine. - Rage against the machine posted a new graphic on their Instagram of a tour poster ripped up. - A user in the rock en Seine thread is claiming that Rage are being announced tonight. But of course all of this is just rubbish rubbish rubbish. Any talk of rage is just people pulling stuff out of their arse. I’m also chatting bollocks and there’s nothing to back up anyone’s excitement.
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    Hiya Joey. So, I've got quite a bit of experience of this and have dipped in and out of the festival a few times due to childcare commitments. What with having loads of kids and all that. Living just outside Andover (NW Hampshire for those who don't know) and being about an hour door-to-car park field away obviously helps. Bearing in mind I'm a Tuesday night queuer, in recent years I've: 1. Gone down Tuesday evening. In and set up by 8am to 9am-ish on Wednesday. Spent all Wednesday day at the festival and gone home on Wednesday night. Actually went back to work on Thursday (utterly bizarre) and then me and Mrs Woffy went back down on Thursday evening when we had child care. Left late on Sunday, quite a bit after the headliners. Meant me not drinking on Sunday (which wasn't the worst considering my consumption over the previous days). 2. Same as above but picked Mrs Woffy up early on the Friday morning. 3. Both arrived Thursday during the day. Mates set our tent up for us after queuing on Tuesday night. Swerved the horrific weather getting in that year: 2016? 4. Last year Mrs Woffy was 7.5 months pregnant and put her ticket back in the pot. But she and my mother in law dropped off mini-Woffy on Sunday morning. I'd packed my stuff up shitting early on Sunday, wheeled it to the bus / Gate A on the pushchair. Met them at B&W Showground. Dropped stuff off, brought mini-Woffy and pushchair (+day rucksack with stuff for a 3 year old) back to site and had a brilliant Sunday, although 6 hours in the Kidz Field. Again, didn't drink on the Sunday but didn't mind. If you can do any variation on these and need more details, let me know. If you drive home / away from site and then drive back you often feel like you're gonna be parked miles away. But with minimal - if any stuff - to bring back in again it's a doddle: walking an extra field of car park is nothing compared to lugging a tonne of stuff for 5 days. Plus you can bring booze in with you piecemeal rather than all in one go. Thursday evening (in time for a decent night of fun) until Sunday post headliners (3 nights) is pretty decent if you can manage it. Good luck.
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    The National would be an ideal sub to The Strokes actually, they were quality last year at Mad Cool.
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    The 10% off is a really bad sign
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    That can’t be the lineup... it’s good!
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    Rolling Blackouts CF tomorrow @SwedgeAntilles
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    Weird snobbery going on in here all of a sudden. It would be like a Reading & Leeds fan saying Glastonbury's gone to the dogs because they've got Taylor Swift, people are Instagram-obsessed and a load of melts complain online every time a black headliner is announced. We'd all be rolling our eyes and taking up pitchforks It's not all 15 year old Charli XCX fans at R&L and even if it was, Rage have been a Reading staple, Reading have got the cash, and this makes perfect sense surely? Might be worth cooling on the moans. Looks sour otherwise.
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    So that's what happened to the 118 118 lads.
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    How are people impatient about a festival they're eager to not buy tickets for until the last minute? 😂

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