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    In which there was plenty of room given all her clothes had been nicked.
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    My sources are telling me everyone is bored.
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    Don't get it confused though. If I had to kill any of you to see the lineup, I would. ❤️
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    My inside source tells me that they're only going to reveal the line up when we reach page 2,020.
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    God there’s more sources on here than there is on a Wetherspoons table tray.
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    Oh. Now there's a reunion I hadn't expected. I'd be very pleased!
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    MCR aren’t playing 2000 bloody Trees
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    It all depends what field you are working on for that day/half day. Everyone also has to base paint, which means using wire gloves/brushes to brush off the rust and then base paint, then at some point then bins get painted after the base has dried . Some fields have colour schemes and themes , and some have more vague ideas and it changes each year. As an example T&C last year all the bins were red, black, yellow or blue and all were T&C themed (anything of your choosing) whereas West holts the theme was something like 'no borders / one nation' -, with base colours of red, green, yellow and black = Silver Hayes was Bollywood, Other stage was space, unfariground were all lime green bins with a particular stencil (all the same) and Shangri La were black bins with a yellow recycling symbol (all the same). If its not a stencil then yes you only fnd out the theme as you are go to work in that area and you get going Bins have to be done quickly - and sometimes there is a time limit and other times you are given time to do better ones, It all depends where you are working that day, how many there are to do before the end of the day etc. We also paint all the fire poles within the camping areas and the cv fields (you've probably never even noticed them ) and the stone benches - so its hard hard physical work and an awful lot to get through within 2 weeks in all weathers. (but I loved it) , if it rains too much the paint washes off so you're going ultra quick before the next shower hits or wheeling the bins under the minimal cover that's around etc to try to keep them dry before it washes off. That's all the volunteer team, there is also the 'professional' team where they are on site for a few months and do the most amazing works of art for certain areas - so the bins are a lovely mix of the two :-)
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    According from a good source, their goal is now to try and release the lineup before June 3.
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    Anyone mates with Frank Ocean's bassist's brother and can spill the beans?
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    We're going to get to 200 pages before they drop the lineup, aren't we?
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    ok, i think we've covered everything about 2020 edition, and analysed every single detail they gave us. Maybe it's time to open a 2021 thread for the next 2 weeks of waiting.
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    THIS 😂😂😂😂
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    This would explain his message and why I say 'maybe Pixies'. He say they will be in Budapest and Sziget not happy. I thought they were booked for Sziget and they didn't want them anymore but sounds like they did want them for Sziget but could not get them. Apology as my friend who works on the festival and I do not share the same language!! I like rock and indy music so he only tell me those type of acts - apart from Selena as he found her booking so funny. So he tell me that Nothing But Thieves will be there and Of Monsters and Men, Flogging Molly and Iggy Pop is also due to sign. They want and have been offered Foals but because of Liam booking they don't know where to put them. It is possible they will sub R.H.C.P. I will ask about the EDM and other headliner acts and see if he can share with me these names.
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    I see we have moved on from headliner talk to talk about subs
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    Grimes to give birth live on Rayban (Kim Gordon on midwife duties) whilst Pavement rattle through their hits. Frank Ocean then enters the stage, dedicating his first song to the kid and announcing that he's the real father. #unexpectedprimavera
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    One of my mates at AM in 2011. Off his tits on something "Why are all these people looking at me?" I turned around and he was facing away from the stage. "I think they are watching the band mate." Might have been the next morning, another mate said to me, very sincerely, after a very heavy night. "Ad, be honest with me....are my eyes open?" They were, for the record.
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    Fall out boy is not playing reading and Leeds.
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    Yeah we literally ousted that guy for claiming it but we looked real dumb when they announced that lineup.
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    Can't believe that all turned out to be true last year with AM..
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    Really feel like the wait for this line up and desperate stabbing in the dark has brought us all together.
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    It's what the English Channel is known as to the French.
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    Please stop using logical assumptions, this thread is only for clinging to false hope.
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    Notification to boss: Work is coming! Note - 8th January: work stops until Primavera release
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    Seems like a good approach.
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    Nah man, what happens in Glastonbury stays in Glastonbury. Don't post a picture of a stranger you have a funny story about.
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    I’m more interested in what Pizza Hut have to say.
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    This may be of interest to a few of you guys i reviewed Four Tets Warehouse Project back in October. Also wrote about NYD which will be live soon https://www.ticketarena.co.uk/news/reviews/in-review-the-warehouse-project-four-tet-curates
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    This thread is here for support and advice ... stupid questions don’t exist around here , and on the forum in general . If you don’t know the answer ask away ... there is advice and knowledge on here in bucketloads ... don’t be afraid to post and we will see if the nice people of efests can help you out
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    That all sounds like a nightmare, I did Oxfam last year and it was brilliant. Three 8hr shift's which went really quickly. The camping field was perfect, the facilities were excellent and being there Monday and Tuesday was the best part 👍 I missed the only act I was bothered about... chemical brothers but enjoyed loads of other bands which I wouldn't normally watch or get chance to see 👏👏👏
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    Sleeping at Glastonbury? Is that a thing nowadays? How quaint.
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    You re right, had forgot. Also came with an extra little twist. But the most amazing is: you guys werz only on page FOUR
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    Can we keep this to honest answers please. I don’t believe anyone would actually do that.... would they?!?!?! Also - ahahaha that’s so weird! 😂
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    There is no greater feeling of 'being old' than someone proposing a headliner for a festival that you've never even heard of.
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    Love that this topic has gone to HOT based purely on everyone talking about how not to eat lasagne and hang your toilet roll.
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    Probably. Although in 2018 the first announcement wasn't that great for me but then the next two were and I bought my ticket on that basis. The second announcement is usually 1st March (St David's Day) and tickets are unlikely to have sold out before that so you'll probably be able to find out some more acts in addition to the initial acts that are announced before having to decide.
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    He's got another brother called Paul. Probably spoke to him.
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    Well, if you plan to do something on a certain time, but ending up doing it later, that's the exact definition of delay. Im not saying its late, assuming we'll get it this month, it's not late at all, but later than they hoped for, hence- delayed
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    Unless their next album becomes a surprise hit then no chance are they getting slots like that. Third album fucked it for them and I don’t see them recovering. JP headliner next time they play.
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    not a great lineup. and last time download taked the risk was in 2017 when they got Biffy-ADTR-AFI as the top 3 acts
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    Anyone got that Liam Gallagher tweet at hand? I haven't seen it yet.
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    This is the first year in more than a decade that there is no Champion's League Final during Primavera. Good riddance...
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    Welcome and good luck
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    Brilliant story - congratulations on the (I assume) upcoming wedding, too. There are no stupid questions - ask away! Get yourselves on the spreadsheet and come April everyone will be helping each other out. Welcome to the forum

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