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    Hope you're doing okay! It may seem weird from an anonymous internet person but feel free to drop me a message if you need to talk or anything. As time has gone on I'm very confident that the lineup is gonna be excellent. I'm really excited for it to be released.
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    Ticket booked! Feeling really low so thought I'd book it to try making myself feel a little better =\ Now I'm just crossing my fingers that it'll be a great lineup!
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    Disliking the 1975 and George Ezra is not narrow minded Shaming people who like the 1975 and George Ezra and slating the fact that they have an audience at the festival is narrow minded.
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    it's never too early to start talking about how fucking awful The 1975 are.
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    wonder if Rizzle Kicks will be added to the line up just so they can wind him up again
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    This is exactly why I always buy the ticket before the lineup comes out. A few big names at the top of the bill brings in people who aren't sure which festival to go to this summer but the strength of the undercard and the distance between Mordor and the rest of the festival means you're better off focusing on the acts away from the top line. Saying that, 2019 I saw most acts on the main stage and had the best festival experience of my life.
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    Remember eventim still leaked them for Kunstrasen Bonn, which would place them here in July. I don’t doubt the guy from that mega thread, he’s getting a lot of stick over the coachella thing but it’s obvious something happened. are we thinking next announcement around the 3rd week of jan like usual?
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    well, they might still be playing mad cool then, since coachella has nothing to do with this now. the person who runs the mcr megathread on reddit said that mad cool is 100% sure by now and they'll announce it anytime, so let's see what happens!!
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    They are both shit. But Foals and The 1975...
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    At this point, why dont you all make a MCR chat as 60% of the chat this year has been about their tour rather than Reading. I know its exciting and i want to know more details but is well annoying coming onto this chat just to see the same old stuff about MCR rumours rather than R&L rumours (even though its very dry this year). MCR fans, dont go killing me just saying.
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    I have only been on here a few months now and still getting to know everyone, but found it interesting yesterday when some people mentioned their age, so I thought it would be interesting to do a poll to see what age groups people fall into. I firmly believe that "Age is only a number". Life is what you make of it and we are all here for too short a time so you need to make it count. Sadly, I see lots of people in everyday life falling in line with what is "expected" of their age on lots of topics, and particularly their musical tastes. For example, people in their 20's dismissing artists because they aren't "cool" enough, or people over 35 dismissing acts because "they are for the kids" Thankfully people on here seem to be far more open minded in general which is why I enjoy it so much. With that in mind, I would be curious to know - 1) Your age 2) 6 acts you are most looking forward to seeing this year (based on those already confirmed or likely to play) 3) 2 acts you would love to see headline the Pyramid above all others in the next decade (regardless of how unlikely they are to appear) Here's mine to start with - 1) 46 2) Taylor Swift, The 1975, Pet Shop Boys, Charli XCX, Grimes, Wolf Alice 3) The Stone Roses and U2 Thanks 😀
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    It’s also my first year - why did we leave it so long? Looks like it’s shaping up to be amazing though - better late than never 😄
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    Full EPiC set up!!
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    Eric Prydz would smash an other headline set.
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    I was 48 on my first visit... going by the poll 30% are in your age bracket or older.. Enjoy!
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    That’s the beauty of Glastonbury, such a wide range of musical genres , always something somewhere on site that is a must watch no matter what your preferences are. That also explains why it’s got an appeal for all ages as the poll results proves . I can look at every line up for every Glastonbury since the first and there’s bands I love , from Marc Bolan and Hawkwind in the early festivals to Lizzo, Wolf Alice , Aurora etc in recent times. You have to keep an open mind, there’s bands you may dislike but never dislike those who like the bands you dislike!
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    In general for outdoor gigs the best sound is going to be right in front of a speaker stack, as close as you can get to it. All the main stages use line arrays which have excellent horizontal dispersion, but they do have their limitations in that respect. At 90 degrees off axis you are looking at about a 6dB drop in volume (which is around 75% of volume), but that increases to about 10dB at 120 degrees - that's half the volume. Any further off axis and you can forget about any kind of balanced sound. When you bear in mind that bass frequencies are affected by going off axis far less, you'll realise that you'll increasingly find you can hear the bottom end at the expense of the top. For the most balanced sound stay within around 30 degrees of the speaker's axis. Distance is important as you lose 6dB every time you double the distance from the speakers. That means that the volume you hear at 20m from the speakers is less than half than you'll get at 5m. At 40m away it's getting close to a quarter of the volume. And the closer you are to the speakers the less affected you will be by any wind. tl;dr - stay in front of the speakers, as close as you can get.
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    Officially broken Will get the official time when they send out, but think it was about 4hrs 50 in total (forgot to press stop on the watch as I fell over the line!). Knee is fucked and everything was cramping on the final 5km (including the climb up Jacob's Ladder), and gave up maybe 15 mins stopping to help someone who'd properly buggered her knee until they got med staff sorted and en route. But all told, I'm happy with that. Hit the target of sub 5 hours even with the stoppage, so I'm not complaining! This is the GPS count, but time isn't official as strava pauses when you stop and only records moving time.
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    Cheers everyone - absolutely loving the responses so far Was initially a bit worried asking the question as I know some folk can be funny about age etc, but everyone has taken it in the spirit it was intended. Looks like mid 30's is the mean age so far. Loving the diversity of musical tastes that really seem to have no correlation to age - as it should be! I hope its not just me who appreciates knowing each other just a little bit better now. 😘
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    I've decided not to have any fun at the next festival, I'm just going to walk around the WH arena listening to the bass response. Then I'll report back here.
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    I'm 57 and think I'm 28. I grew slowly and I'm extremely cheerful.
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    Yeh, I reckon one of those that's inevitably going to get lost somewhere underneath a five-way clash-fest. Having said that, if they'd been headlining Avalon last year on the Sunday night I'd have been all over it.
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    Royal Blood subbed Frank Carter and Enter Shikari headline the second stage give it to meeee
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    Completely agree with this, definitely hit me harder that I might not be there having read the book than it did on ticket day (although I did avoid crying after reading the book!). I actually got it for my birthday in November but have been so busy since that I left it to read over some down time at Christmas. Just devoured it. So beautifully written, so many great pictures and so many touching tributes from people that just get it (Lauren Laverne, Guy Garvey and Lars Ulrich stand out). I loved reading about the old days and wishing I could have been there but it was when we got into the 2000s that it really started tugging at my heartstrings as I could recognise so much of the site and stories, lots of "I was there" moments. The book is just wonderful for a Glasto nerd like me and really makes you feel that you're not crazy for being so damn obsessed with those fields
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    I'm 54 years old, but have the mental age of a small child with cognitive difficulties. Unless I happen to win a Glastonbury competition then I'm not going this year, so can't choose six acts. I'm not entirely sure if my musical repertoire actually extends to six acts, in any case! As to the third question, I would like to see REM reform and play, and for Prince to come back from the dead and play.
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    Quite a bit of info on this thread: There's not a massive amount of rivalry, they have to coordinate a fair bit to reduce sound bleed and keep off-site dB levels down - so you don't get competing crews turning up with bigger and bigger rigs each year to outdo each other. The biggest beef was when dance specialists Funktion One were selected to run the Pyramid on a year that had "unusual atmospheric conditions", bouncing the sound off the clouds increasing the off-site levels and leading to a rather quiet Saturday headliner. They were dumped after one year, leading to this rather bitter press release. https://www.google.com/url?sa=t&source=web&rct=j&url=https://www.funktion-one.com/dl/files/365.pdf&ved=2ahUKEwjHup6v7enmAhWCYcAKHbEiAKAQFjAAegQIBxAC&usg=AOvVaw1pztDk0OxOnwcfcT8YZSHt&cshid=1578137797469 In any event, Martin Audio rigs can be found on Pyramid, John Peel, W Holts, The Park, Genosys and IICON and to my ears they're all great, with possibly The Park the worst sounding, although it's not exactly bad. They're provided by RG Jones, but do have on-site assistance from Martin. Funktion One are still involved in The Glade, which is a far cry from the days when they could be found all over the site as well as the Pyramid. There are various smaller crews around the site handling sound in the smaller areas. @ian the worm - do you know much about how the soundsystems in The Park are organised? I'm particularly keen on the sound of the PA in the Bimble Inn.
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    Royal Blood subbed by Frank Carter & The Rattlensakes
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    Grovelling apologies your gracious eminence. I forgot you already had a log on here. Whoever you want to headline is ok with me.
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    ... and obvs we won't defeat the Tories soon but it will happen ✊
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    I appear to be one of the few people who enjoyed it. I agree the weather was dire, but watching U2 out of their comfort zone and having to dig deep was fun for me. Also had one of my favourite nights out afterwards despite the downpour.
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    Thanks folks! I should be okay. Just been having insomnia the past week, and when I do get sleep it's full of nightmares. The kind that still lingers after you wake up, leaving you with a feeling of dread and hopelessness. The election results, trying to settle into city life, and not having any gigs booked until March isn't helping much either 😬
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    It was a good place to sit and drink cider. And sounds cracking back there with all the repeaters in the field.
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    Are you mad or something? Who on earth are The Killers going to sub to? They headline every festival all over the world.
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    Posted at 20.11 - headlined in 2011 all but confirmed :)
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    Looks like My Chemical Romance are gearing up to announce a UK show (or hopefully shows).
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    I would watch blossoms haha ! Not the only one Think they have some catchy tunes.
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    I have done wateraid volunteering a couple of times. I think they r great, wonderful charity and the work is usually fun.. I really didn't mind cleaning the toilets either. The best part is the wateraid only campsite which is quiet and lots of tea and cereal bars r provided. With wateraid though, they typically ask you to provide examples of when u have done things for the charity in the application and it'll br hard for u if you have not been associated with them in the past.
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    If Courteeners and LG were 2 of the headliners, no way would R+L share two of its headliners with TRNSMT in arguably TRNSMT's weakest year yet. My mates in Aberdeen are counting on a good lineup for Leeds as they're really uninspired by TRNSMT this year, unsurprisingly! As much as I hate to say it, Courteeners will probably co-headline R+L one day. But it is not this day.
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    Thank god those pharma ads tell them how to cope with all that chronic EDM. Must be a nightmare.
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    Americans are well into all the bells, whistles and big wooshes of smoke that go with that kind of chronic EDM
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    People behind me get quite upset when I get my ear trumpet out.
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    Todays visit to the farm, Parked near the skate park on Pylle Road, went through Mary's Gate and down Brimley ln.
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    Here’s a few photos I took yesterday - - here’s to a very happy new year!!
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    Absolutely no contest whatsoever...
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    It was 100% for the art.

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