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    This comment really pisses me off, because it couldn’t be farther from the truth. Festileaks’ team truly values every bit of info that their forum users pick up from Ken here. But they also respect when forum users question if the info is correct, no matter their own opinion. So if you have no clue what goes on at Festileaks and what their owners’ and webmasters’ activities and motivations are, it might be better not to pass judgement.
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    I’m eager to read everything you post. I don’t think your an attention seeking guy and I don’t think the majority of the people viewing this forum do. You always post with insight and relevance and I think the response to your posts show that people appreciate that. Stick around Ken your an asset to this forum ??
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    I'm sure most of you are familiar with the T-10 transport ticket (10 trips, >1 user, €10.20). Well don't go looking for it at the metro station in June because BCN Transport have had a shake up of their ticketing options and in their wisdom have dropped the T-10 card, replacing it with the T-Casual (10 trips, 1 user, €11.35) and, after protests, the T-Familiar (8 trips, up to 4 users, €10). Single ticket will be €2.40.
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    2018: 215-200,000 for the week 2019: 220,000 for the week (inc. 63,000 on saturday - the day with the largest audience in the history of Primavera Sound) Yeah 2019 was such a disaster on ticket sales...
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    Just watching them on Sky arts, I think a late night set on IICON would be amazing
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    Matt look at the images below. One of these is for Bury South and the other from Middleton/Heywood. The Tories made next to no increase in vote share in Mid/Heywood, all the losses went to the Brexit Party. Now the Tories made a bit more of an impact in Bury but Labour still would have won if they had not lost votes to the Brexit party. Brexit was the main reason why Labour lost seats in the Machester satellite towns. It had absolutely nothing to do with Labour policy. In places like Langley in Middleton, people can not spell economic policy, nevermind know what it means. It is the type of place where they think inflation is something you hire for the kids birthday and they jump up and down on it, in the garden. Middleton is the type of place where the residents go mad because Roy Chubby Brown concerts fet canceled by the venue holders. Now I am not having a pop at Middleton as it is just as bad, if not worse where I live. But I promise you that Brexit is the main factor for Labour losing seats round here, not its policies.
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    Behind number 14 - Dakhabrakha 2016, WH Stage. They had been recommended on here. I looked into them & thought they were great. They are a Ukranian folk band, with drums, accordians, chellos, wood instruments. I hadnt shown anyone any footage of them. After watching James on the Pyramid, my mates were after going to Craig Charles. We'd done that the Friday of 2014 & I convinced 2 of them to see Dakhabrakha with me. 1 tune in, I got a bemused look & "What the fuck is this?!".... 15 mins in was "Vesna". At the end of that tune, I got "That was actually brilliant". As the show carried on, faces of the crowd lit up more. Everyone there got more & more into it; beaming smiles all round, dancing about to some unique & uplifting tunes. The end turned into a tune bordering on a hard house beat. It was raining quite hard, which added to it. At the end, the comments from my mates were "That was fucking amazing" It was. Full Set... Vesna (15 mins 20secs in ish)
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    Yeah I'd agree, if Skiba is still there instead of Tom that's their best chance of selling. I fancy seeing them again but right now it's not really Blink 182...it's Hoppus with a backup singer and band.
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    Idk, I don't understand what you mean, and I could really give a fuck
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    Not sure moving to the centre will help tbh, check out the LDs/Jo Swinson for reference. The problem is much bigger and more ingrained. In the last ten years we´ve allowed the Overton Window to shift to a point where right wing "values" are seen as the norm. Racism and misogyny are normalised, far-right rhetoric gets you elected (see Trump and Johnson). The left, us, have a huge problem to over come and any attempt at appeasing the other side simply will not work.
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    looks like its 5g ready too ... get those tin hats ready ... pissing down here too ... which as its dark you won't be able to see much on your webcams .... did you arrange any trips to the farm in the end ? , was looking at my walk thread yesterday and reminiscing
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    Need to do what they should have done years ago and see if they can coax David Miliband back into politics, then make him leader.
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    If he closes both sites then why does it matter? I understand why people are/were annoyed by coheadliners apparently being acts who aren't big enough to headline themselves, but if it's someone you're saying is big enough to headline on their own with someone else just billed as a headliner right before them then I've no grasp of what the complaint is.
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    Finally back on topic. I think there might be some truth in the comments that RW is sharing a headliner with Coachella or Glastonbury, which explains the wait to some extent. Glastonbury will announce their next headliner on Jan 15th, so maybe RW will announce around that time as well. Maybe that points to a big-ish name. Based on previous discussions though, I think it will some mix of Tame Impala, the Strokes and something more mainstream like Post Malone or Ellie Goulding. RHCP has also been mentioned, but that might be SOAD's co-head instead. Small chance for GnR as well I guess.
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    I'm expecting Michael and Emily to send it, that's the announcement.
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    Thats an absolute load of nonesense. The working classes in Manchester satellite towns voted Tory because of Brexit, immigration and the bollocks the media spouted about Corbyn being a terrorist sympathiser. Those were the key issues.
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    Fuzz man, you will never guess what date my birthday is
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    And anyone for Mumford & Sons again, they were pretty good in 2015
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    The main group who are massively pro Lab in those charts are the 18-24 who will likely be paying very little if any tax and are not minded for things like mortgages, pensions and families on the whole as they are too young. They do not remember the last disaster of a socialist government either. All those people will be in the next age range at the next GE. There is also an aging population in the UK as per most mature democracies due to declining birth rates so there will never be as many young voters in the 18-24 category as all the others. Labour needs to continue their focus on helping the vulnerable, social welfare, all that stuff we all love, but without demonising people who have a good job or aspirations - many wouldn't mind paying a bit more tax, I would imagine they would most likely want to do so with a cheery 'thanks' or just nothing, but not being told they are the rich elite, the few, a greedy c**t, selfish scum etc It doesn't need to be so extreme and polarising and a more moderate party and leader could achieve this and really help
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    Well I’m back & Laos was amazing. Northern Thailand, Cambodia & Vietnam were nicer. Now watching The Grand Tour “Seamen” & it is making want to go back so bad!
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    Thanks for this detailed and insightful post which I will reflect on, I have not posted it all to keep the thread concise 'Tory scum' is a general theme that to be fair I haven't seen on here and am not saying you said but I'm using it to make a point here. I think whilst there are very many selfish people out there and they will likely vote Tory, there are very many more who see it as a social responsibility to not get the country into huge debt again. Lots of Labour's manifesto was laudable. And some of it was absolutely not. I don't think it is helpful to get into the ins and outs and specific arguments about things but as an example a lot of voters and maybe less so on here due to age, remember the unions being overbearing, the railways not working well under nationalisation, and in some extreme cases things like rubbish piling up in the street and even unburied bodies due to strikes. People looking to avoid a re-run of this are not selfish. A lot of people associate austerity with an overspend. I know the banking crisis was the trigger but public spending funded by borrowing was also factor, borroeing rose sharply in the Brown years. Say that is 100% incorrect as some of you will believe. Even if so, a vote motivated by that, is not selfish vote. All I am saying is, if you are against predujuce, do not tar 14 million people with one brush. As for Liverpool, I will defer to your comments about it - I have visited the city quite a few times and I have some family there who in fairness are pretty scathing about the 1980's, my views on it are shaped through a relatively narrow window of experience and seeing a boarded up street and having a man follow me down the main shopping street selling drugs was quite shocking to me at the time so it possibly over-colored my views so I will reflect on your comments and be less bullish with my opinion on this
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    No - centre-left. Like when they won elections
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    My parents in law, former sparky and hairdresser, voted exclusively Labour 17 times up to 2019, they voted Tory this time for numerous reasons, mainly Corbyn, a monumental and torturous decision for them. Saying ‘fuck the Torys’ is not appropriate right now. Labour need to bring people like that back not abuse and alienate them further. Let’s cool it down
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    And, funnily enough, nowhere do I see 'the situation in Israel' or 'the fact I have to pay for my broadband' on that list of concerns. You can slag off 'Get Brexit done' all you want, but it is clearly a direct message that speaks to the largely disinterested on the doorstep in a way that two of the main issues/policies that were associated with Labour/Corbyn were ever going to. The main reason being that the average person is not staying awake at night worrying about Israel or the price/availability of broadband. For those not advocating change and a move back to the centre - we could always stick to our guns, put McDonnell in and see what happens. Or we could save ourselves five years, start being realistic now and do what should have been done even before this election and shift away from a form of politics that wasn't that popular even in the 1980s.
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    Another for the Eagles are meh. The Frames would be incredible though. Anytime I've seen Glen Hansard has been joyous. I've never seen anyone come close to how much he enjoys performing and always has other artists on with him. Would be over the moon to see him on the farm.
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    Also, the “fuck everyone who voted Tory” attitude needs to go out the window as it will only perpetuate the divide and play into the hands of said tories.
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    Jeez man. We lost because the country didn’t buy what we were selling. What we were selling (the policies) were good and Corbyn is sound. Why didn’t they buy it, the reasons are manifold. Media bias, he only had a few weeks to sell a fairly complicated manifesto (to educate the population on Keynesianism) vs a fairly single issue election in the end and the mans no salesman, Boris is, he has charisma. Also this really showed the power of google ads vs manpower - labour has like 6/7x more activists than the tories but the blues have a much bigger budget and reach online. Dominic cummings’ lecture on how they won the referendum is enlightening and interesting, the guys seems quite switched on and engaging despite his politics, you can find it on YouTube somewhere. If anybody thinks that free uni education, nationalised rail, well funded health and social services, infrastructure are bad, unpopular or economical unsound policies I’m happy to debate them. I have two degrees in economics and work in the field, so let’s go champ. I see Corbyn as an Atticus Finch or Ned Stark figure. His failing was only that he was too honest, too uncompromising, too trusting that people would do the right thing. They didn’t. Really never got and still don’t get the antipathy towards a man who is amongst the most benign characters in politics ever. Maybe Corbyn could have had more charisma or fewer PR skeletons in the closet but you’ll never convince me that it’s better to lie to everybody including yourself about your beliefs and be in government than to not be but be true to yourself. Honesty, particularly self honesty, is the most important thing in life. The Labour Party is not a centrist party, the Blair era was the anomaly. The lib dems exist. That is the centrist party. They got 11% of the vote. If you want to be mad at something, be mad at the electoral system. I think there is absolutely room for a single issue Electoral Change party next election. Policies: 1) AV/PR 2) Call a second election immediately after, implementing 1). But to suggest that labour needs big Dave Miliband back or someone of that irk is absolutely laughable.
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    I’m only commenting on what was reported here I haven’t seen any footage. However I would like to see the left show a moderate and reasoned face right now. The left sits on a platform of tolerance but seeing Owen Jones, Jon Lansman, Ken mclusky, Momentum, the media, Corbyn himself, the old Labour guard, Blairites etc all pointing the finger at eachother on the telly doesn’t inspire hope. I’m doing my best on here to cool the rhetoric
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    Bullshit. No Festileaks owner is involved in this.
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    Bit early for advice but in the coach resale I’d go for Thursday London off the bat. Thursday is far less popular so better chances of getting in, and there will be way more seats leaving London than anywhere else. That’s what I’d do and my tip Worry about getting to London afterwards it’s not that difficult!
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    Stop this. Stop it now. The working class voted Tory. Not the elite. Not the bankers running the country. The ordinary man nationwide voted for the conservatives. Why did they do this? Because they see labour as the party for champagne socialism. The fact they’ve gone to Tory to trust for working class issues sees how far labour have fallen. Labour was trying to get people to accept less in the promise that it would eventually get better. Labour didn’t show support for what they voted for in the referendum. Labour supporters who have switched to Tory are sick of this working class saviour narrative that they have over the working class. Continue to call them misinformed and they will become stronger in their views. They voted conservative because it was the safest option for them to do! Labour need to address the fact they failed and stop with this “our voters are stupid” narrative.
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    I'm very sorry I have to say though however bad you think things are going to be, and I don't know your circumstances, this is not Germany in 1939. Whatever you think the worst case scenario is going to be - that is usually not the one that plays out Please try and be positive and if you can bring yourself to vote on the fudge that might bring just a smidge of cheer
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    Bono is a rogue and a dotard. I'm happy to say that the album Push the Button by The Chemical Brothers is much more to my liking.
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    If fnm can do both then surely soad can too?
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    They have no money ... each year the same story, wishing big bands like gd, guns, muse. But these are all bands who costs more than 1 million euros (and a lot more). And asking a lot of logistics and production. these things can inmusic not offer
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    I don't think it's a festival. They did an arena tour in June a few years back and sold well. I predict the same again.
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    I mean he's big but I dunno about giving him all 3 nights
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    I think we ALL could, since last night.
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    Turkeys voting for Christmas. That's annoying me today. Fucking spanners.
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    Not even the ressurection of Kurt Cobain, David Bowie and Ian Curtis could pick us up from this ?
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    Sharon Van Etten for me, no idea how i hadn't heard her stuff before, she's great!
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    Album: Tool - fear inoculum Song: Chvrches – Death Stranding Glastonbury Set: Chemical Brothers. Non-Glastonbury Gig: Muse – Singapore F1 Film: The Joker TV Show: Chernobyl Book: Glastonbury 50 (by default as the only book purchased…) Game: N/a – I was still playing Red Dead Redemption well into 2019 eFester of the Year 2019: @dentalplan – Good balanced posts Always a voice of reason.
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    I reckon Noel’s a bigger prick meself
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    To... the Pyramid? Not unless I've wildly misjudged their career trajectory.
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    Can't believe Paul McCartney is playing at fill em chuck festival

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