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    Yeah, some switches, that happens. Most important thing is that all these bands are coming to Graspop. I'm reading all over the internet the craziest stories. The Graspopfans are really too frustrated about System Of A Down. In fact, this band is already booked a long time ago. Long story short. In 2016, when the bookings for 2017 were happening, Graspop had all of his 3 headliners booked: Kiss, Ozzy & Avenged Sevenfold. Then came the opportunity to book SOAD (Live Nation offered them first), but with all headline acts already booked, they had to let go SOAD. After some talk RW decided to put them on Rock Werchter. The band and agent were really nice, easy going negotiations, they were happy to get a high spot and play on a festival with 90000 visitors. Closing the day was not a thing (Green Day doesn't want to co headline with SOAD, and they stopped the negotiations). That is really interesting for a band, the size of the festival, something that people forget too fast. The unbelievable thing happened then. All the 3 headliners of Graspop canceled their performances because of various reasons. In the time frame of a few weeks. 1 band can happen, but all 3 is never been seen. Live Nation tried to change SOAD from (nog announcements were already made) RW to Graspop. But the band refused. RW was far more interesting. Because Graspop was desperate, Herman Schueremans was lobbying and contacting all of his network, in search of a big headliner. Guns 'N Roses only wanted to play TW Classic, because it was a day festival with 4 support acts (that is how it was sold), their main focus was on arena shows. Back that day, Herman has a very good relationship with the agent of Rammstein (same agent as Kraftwerk, just a fun fact). Contacted some other festivals, and after some thinking from band and management, Rammstein did the tour. Graspop was saved. Be honest, they first announced Evanescence and Deep Purple. Which is too weak as headliners. Scorpions were offered later. Now is this impossible by the way, Rammstein changed their management and agent. These people refuse to work with Live Nation. The show on RW 2017 was an enormous succes. The band and entourage were very happy, RW had a nice time with them too (very professional, correct team to work with). When they were offered for 2020, Live Nation put Graspop also on the table. But for the band and management, it was clear, they want to come back to Werchter. And Werchter was also happy to do is off course. I already said that the booking of SOAD was very interesting on many bases. It is always the same. When a band is coming to RW, and they fit Graspop, they are always angry on Werchter, Live Nation, Schueremans. in 2004 Schueremans tried to put Metallica on Graspop. But Metallica only wanted to come back to Werchter. Their favorite festival. When Volbeat was booked for 2013, not really a succes but they are going to try it again this year, the Graspop people also mad. GNR 2017, again. And go on. But they forget that a band can choose too. They can choose different. There are each year bands that Werchter wants and they finally play on Dour, Les Ardentes, Cactus... because they get a nicer spot on the line up. I hope this make things clear. And that all these wild stories can stop. This business is complicated but also very easy to understand. Graspop is very important for Schueremans and Live Nation. They are co owner, they book a lot of the bands. Last fun fact, in the office of Live Nation Belgium hangs a portret of Iron Maiden (with Eddie), the face of Eddie is changed by the face of Herman Schueremans. A gift from the Iron Maiden entourage many years ago.
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    All bases covered there
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    Sad news about Juice Wrld. 21 years old, fucking hell! ?
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    Not pulled out, but as usual with The Strokes, things are taking a long time. Also to get permission to announce. They are giving the organizers always a hard time. But I think it will be ok this time.
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    Fantastic last night, one of the best I’ve seen them. In fact, everything about the night was brilliant: Started on the pier by winning a toy penguin on the rolly dolphin ball game. Then Mrs Jass and I wandered around the Lanes trying to find a pub that wasn’t heaving. Finally found one where we could sit and ended up having some of the best pub food I’ve ever had. Then I checked my phone to discover I’d won 100 quid on the football! Got to the venue about 8, couldn’t find a tour anywhere so went up to the info desk on the off chance that anyone had any spare seating tickets for Mrs J. The nice lady behind the counter swapped our standing tickets for front row of the balcony directly facing the stage, dead centre! It said on the tickets that were VIP comps so obviously for friends of the band or label who hadn’t turned up. Absolutely ridiculous, the best view I’ve ever had at a gig. The photo below pre-gig doesn’t really do it justice. Then the band themselves were brilliant, they sounded fantastic. Setlist was IAETF heavy, but heavy on all the best bits. Great to hear stuff like Lemonworld get an outing too and I finally understand the Vanderlye singalong at the end! Best gig I’ve been to in ages.
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    What’s in a name? He’s even called ‘rocky’. They couldn’t have found a better fitting act. Super Bocky Super Rocky!
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    Man Ken, those storys. I would love to have a beer with you. I'd be on the edge of my seat all night.
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    Behind Door Number 8 - Super Furry Animals 2015 - Park Headliner. My group had all overdone it Wednesday & Thursday. All were asleep apart from me & someone else. We went to watch SFA. Made the best choice. They were superb.
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    I was of the same mindset as you this time last year. My ticketless mate really wanted to get us there and was trying to encourage me to do any sort of volunteering, but as every time I had been before I had spent five days getting w*nkered in a field, that's how I thought festivals had to be done. After a while I was convinced to put what I thought my enjoyment would be second and we applied for toilet duty. Despite not being successful in the first wave, we got spots in the second. We were then unsuccessful in the resale, so toilet duty it was. The working aspect ended up becoming my favourite part of my experience last year. It threw a completely different light on the festival, there were loads of perks and my mate and I had an absolute proper laugh. I had never had an issue with the toilets before, so that just added to the fun. What did irk me slightly (and I am not aiming this at you personally CF) was the way people (I'm including non-going friends and colleagues, as well as people encountered while on duty at the festival) turned their noses up at the idea of volunteering at a festival, let alone cleaning toilets! There was a real elitist disbelief that one would take annual leave to go clean toilets, or that it wouldn't be worth going at all if you couldn't see Kylie, say, because you had to work. The prissy colleagues I could understand, but it was the festival-goers that were the worst. 'Ah mate, it must really suck to be working here', 'You must be gutted pal, The Killers are going off' and 'Oh my God, you could not pay me to do that' are the sorts of comments that we had all weekend (mixed in with good ones of course). At one point I was asked by a young lass who seemed like she was having a nice afternoon how much I got paid to clean the toilets. 'I don't, I just really want to be here' is roughly what I said back. So if you are ticketless but really not sure about working - just think of it like that - it gets you in. So what if you can't party as much and have to miss some of the acts? Got an act you are desperate to see? Try to arrange a swap. Wouldn't you rather be there - on the farm for the 50th (or any year for that matter) - and complain about having to miss Aerosmith but still have an amazing week than complain about missing it altogether?
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    Is Lana similar to Camilla Cabello though? They’re US-based female solo acts, but surely the comparisons end there. Think that’s a bit of an insult to Lana after what she’s achieved and the incredible music she’s made. I understand the context relates to audience but surely the point stands.
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    Hahaha. Ffs! Look a right twat now don’t I.
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    Sure, the dweebs are the ones who aren't watching Taylor Swift
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    OK so I know that no one asked for this, and certainly no one wanted this but, I've just watched the full 1975 Reading performance and I'd be absolutely buzzed if they were an other stage headliner. I hate the arrogance, and I hate the faux-political bullshit that accompanies them even more, but oh my god they have some tunes. I might be a bit drunk, but fuck I reckon it'd be a decent gig. Let the hate begin!
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    Goin for: Travis Scott / Bring Me the Horizon Liam Gallagher Biffy Clyro / Blink-182
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    You don’t want genre creating Massive Attack attack, responsible for creating classic albums like Mezzanine but you do want Maroon 5 collaborator Gwen Stefani
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    Better than white men with banjos ?
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    Behind Door Number 3 - The Biggles Wartime Band. For 4 festivals, our Wednesday used to start by watching Biggles Wartime Band. A funny folk band from not that far away from where I live. The front man Jolly Jock was a great laugh. It was always a great way to start the week. He became ill a few years ago. 2016 was his last festival & he sadly passed away. This video is from 2007, I didnt start going to Glastonbury until 2010 & the recording isnt perfect, but you can get the idea. Today's is for the memory of Jolly Jock. Youtube wont allow the video to be embedded, but the link is above the picture. (Song starts on 1 min 20) https://youtu.be/2Cds3gg0ugY
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    This is the website https://festivalpostergenerator.com I just added some Glasto inspired themes, check out the "English Festival" themes on the select a theme drop-down. Thought you guys might have some fun with this.
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    Camila Cabello isn't gonna be on the Other Stage, come off it. Third from top on the Pyramid.
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    A couple weeks ago they would play RW. But I don’t know how the situation is right now.
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    I guess they’d have to play Friday 3rd July, their first date in Europe is a month before and their closest listed date is Jun 20th in Lyon. So it just depends on whether they’d stick around for that long!
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    The main thing is crowd capacity control at RW, especially at front row at main stage and at the barn/klub c, it may look like a bad thing as if it's full u may not able to see a band, but honestly if u were late to get ur spot then sorry, because for example last year at open'festival during travis scott at front row was really overcrowded and people were being squashed in the crowd or moshpits and i saw a lot of girls leave or passed out and dragged at the special lanes. And things like power bank rentals, showers, hot water at camping, charging stations, rave tent at the camping area where u can go after the festival day is over and party until 4, stages being really close to each other, the field is really kept, cuz u can trip over at the open'er field :D, closed stages at openér festival don't have rubber mats, in 2017 for example at yung lean gig there were a lot of moshpits going on and because of that there were a lot of dust, a sandstorm actually inside and i had to leave earlier because started to have asthma attack. But the biggest minus of rock werchter is crowd, seriously i haven't seen such lifeless crowd (overall), with bigger bands like TOOL or The Cure at the main stage it's just a boomer gathering with people literally standing and not even moving (which in this is case is kinda understandable) which kills the vibe really bad but i was shocked how people inactive were last year at BMTH,parkway drive, mac demarco, the good the bad and the queen.. people get grumpy over moshpits, and there are guys who sell beer in the crowds with portable dispenser are annoying as hell, happened a lot to me when my favourite song is playing and the dude in front of me decides to order 6 beers and you're just standing there not moving so you don't trip over his beer.. I enjoyed crowd tho at some modern acts like Denzel Curry, suicideboys and brockhampton.. If only we could blend open'er crowd with everything else at RW it would be an ideal festival But still if u manage to somehow not to pay attention to people around you, which is kinda hard tbh, it's a great festival, line up and organisation is on top (but it's just my experience and opinion)
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    Caught these guys in London last night, they were absolutely immense. Would love to see them on the farm again this year. Danny Nedelko is up there with the best live songs I've ever seen
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    Werchter's toilets are fucking great! And there's a lot less queueing for stuff. But they have food and drinks vouchers instead of contactless which is a massive pain
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    Yes, this is definitely the Love+Johnston band that has toured non-stop since about 2000. There is no way this would be booked for Primavera.
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    Oh I know you were pulling my leg. Music is a funny thing, I like shame, nine inch nails, Slipknot, Beyonce and all other sorts of random things. Caught Janelle last year in Dublin. I agree she is in a different world to Gwen. I reckon the big female pop name for coachella may be Rihanna or Sia, although Sia isn't headline like Rihanna is. Have seen Sia before at Sziget, really avant garde, very Primavera friendly performance.
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    And Daft Punk. In fact that was already close 2 times in the past.
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    Since you guys are going with two alternating text colors I made an update to the site that lets you choose how many colors to alternate through. That way you aren't seeing two yellow names in a row every 7 band names. The background looks great btw maelzoid
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    I was just pulling your leg. I don’t think she compares to the calibre of Janelle Monae my own view obviously. Maybe Coachella will throw up a name we haven’t considered to give us a pop fix.
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    This festival gets that complaint on a yearly basis and it's pretty annoying by now. Personally, I don't see the problem. No one channels a festival's whole identity through its name.
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    Good to hear. Loo crew is either one night early or no extra nights, so bare that in mind too if the length of camping is an issue but obviously it's different among the organisations and roles. I was lucky enough to get through this year and secured tickets, so I won't be volunteering this year as it stands. My situation has changed a lot in the last year, as I now live on the other side of the world. Having tickets has made it a lot easier to think about planning, but if it came down to it I would do loo crew again in a heartbeat if I needed to. Still not 100 per cent if I'm going to make it or have to put the ticket back in the pot as I don't have a visa that allows me to work here, plus I'm not sure how much my partner is going to mind me taking off for a holiday while they have had a job since we got here and we haven't got any holidays lined up. She gets the importance of the festival for me (we used three consecutive glasto postcards I sent her in my visa application) and as confirmations have dribbled out I think we both realise that I am going to be there.
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    Nick Cave is a bit moany boring music though.
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    well it certainly looks like they packed them in a bit cozy in 2004..... my experience of the last few years is that you may get a bit more ball room than back then... As you stated, turn up on the tuesday, make the most of your week and have a great festival....!
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    You vote for Labours leader but don’t vote Labour ? Bonkers.
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    I've been trying to make a fake poster for the last hour. It's honestly difficult to even think of who could play, then putting them in the right order, and making sure they're not already ruled out? Ffs. I realized its really hard as I usually dont know half the lineup anyways so trying to plug in names in the right spot when I have never listened to them. At some point I gave up trying to make sense of anything. Keeping that in mind, this is my horrible attempt
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    Usually regine and win do things like this yeah but this is a whole band thing which requires a lot more logistically so wouldnt be too surprising if they kept it up with some more shows. And someone on the all points east thread said they'd heard arcade fire were offered some EU shows so maybe a long shot but fingers are crossed!
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    Surely WH haven't neglected to book Twigs as a headliner one night, it's such an open goal.
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    I have bought you the best Christmas present ever this year but you’re not having it and I’m not telling you what it was.
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    This is really good, I made a quick test one based on a slightly updated version of the prediction I did the other day
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    Yep. Just Like Taylor Swift, Kendrick Lemar & Diana Ross.
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    In theses instances I tend to take Alan partridges advice, when asked what his fav Beatles album was he answered the best of the Beatles. So check out the very best of Aerosmith!
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    All booked.. Just hotel which the amazing wife will sort....
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    Which tracks are filler? Please don't say the instrumentals as they balance the album out and make it a masterpiece.....
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    Very happy memories of Biggles and Jolly Jock. A great festival institution. The Rev Green also used to do a very funny but thoughtful Sunday Morning Service.

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