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    Queen say hi Ducks for cover
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    Wotcha team So, Warehouse Project - Drumcode from Saturday... The Glastonbury pal I was going with arrived in Manchester Piccadilly at 7.30pm, returning from two weeks in London taking part in, and photographing, the Rebellion, and the People's Vote March that day. He dropped his bag in a lock-up, chained up his bike and we went to a pub for a drink. It was nice to be with a Manchester (Bury, but, y'know...) lad, as he could show me his town. We arrived at Mayfield Depot at just before 9pm, partly as Drumcode had emailed earlier in the day announcing 'last entry strictly 9pm', but also because we wanted to max out the night and there were people on by then that I wanted to see. First acts were on at 6.30pm, so when we arrived the queues were very small. Couple of sniffer dogs as you approach the barriered channels to be searched, and security were very nice, searches pretty cursory - much more about metal detectors for blades, which is a pretty sad observation, but that's the way it is now, I guess. Interesting that Twitter has had loads of tweets from people claiming to have arrived in a group and not been allowed entry for no obvious given reason(s). From our perspective, security were fine. Occasional somewhat robust march through the crowd by a threesome of orange jackets, but overall they were pretty discreet. You enter into a bit of 'lobby' where to your right is the Concourse (the 'second' room) and straight ahead is the cavernous Depot. And holy moly is it big. People have said it's longer than it is wide, and that's true, but it ain't narrow, either! There are two rows of pillars that run along the length, and it's in between these that the crowd is most packed, but still plenty spilling outside of this channel too. We headed down the left hand side of the Depot towards the far end (away from the stage) which is where you find the entrance to the 'third' room, the Archive. Along that side are lockers - £5 for a small one (big enough unless you're putting your three children in there for the night) with a £10 refundable deposit, which is a bit pricey, but well worth it on a coldish night when there are two of you and you really want to dump several outdoor layers for the next 7 hours. Then there are loos and a water point - all drinks are either in cans or cups, so WHP actually recommend bringing in an empty bottle for water which I did, much to the envy of quite a few people who had some water off me and regretted not having brought their own! First up in the Archive was B.Traits. I was looking forward to her set as I know she plays quite a lot of electro and that looked like one of the few sets where I might get some. I didn't. The sound from that first stage when we arrived was only ok - definitely not loud enough by a log way, and clarity was so-so. She was playing (sorry, I know I go on about this...) a bit too fast, so a lot of the tracks struggled to find an identity, but overall the hour I saw was decent, and a nice intro to the night. Crowd was pleasant enough, not packed, as most were still in the Depot, presumably a lot of them headliner/big act kind of people who will take a while to realise that the gems are often elsewhere. And then Victor Ruiz came on. Well...what a set. The sound seemed to get better during his set, both in volume and quality, and his 90 minutes was really pretty brilliant. Only a couple of tracks were less than excellent for me, and his selection and running order made for a really high-energy set. He got a brilliant reception, and I got a very nice thank you from a couple of guys who didn't know him and stayed at my recommendation, they having said they like Enrico Sangiuliano. Sadly, my mate missed most of it, having gone off for a cig after B.Traits and come back an hour and a quarter later! I asked him where the hell he had been and he thought it had only been about 20 minutes! Fool. After Victor we went into the Depot for the last 45 mins of Enrico, working our way to about 15m from the front, dead centre (there's a surprise). Sound on the big stage from there was superb. Really crisp, great separation, brilliant bass and kick and plenty loud. Enrico give us a typically euphoric 45 minutes, saving his lush chordal stuff for the second half of the set. Genuine hands in the air stuff with not a hint of cheese. The big screen behind him had some excellent visuals (probably even better from slightly further back) and the lights were great. Crowd down the front was good, and despite it being pretty full, we managed to carve out space to dance without hindrance. His Lordship, Herr Beyer, was up next. We were in two minds as to what to do as we had intended to go straight to Pan-Pot from Enrico, but the sound was so good where we were, that we stayed for half an hour. Which was great, but enough. He is pretty generic for me, if fun on a decent sound system. Pan-Pot were better in the Concourse, and then 15 minutes of Alan Fitzpatrick saw us hoofing it all the way back (it is a fair way, the place is BIG) to the Archive for Monika Kruse. I like Monika. She clearly loves doing what she does and, when she hits her stride, can play some of my favourite type of full-on techno. I love how she builds her percussion tracks. But. She does have this tendency to build up to a brilliant full track, and then whip it away from you too soon, reverting to a single 4-beat kick/bass, before building it up again in a pretty similar pattern each time - off-beat simple high-hat or click, add in a bit more percussion, and then the body of the track around it. It's not that I don't enjoy the tracks, it's just there is rarely any 'wow, didn't see that coming' moments. Compare that to the hour long masterclass that Child 3 and I saw from DVS1 (the man is a techno genius) at Dimensions and you're left a little unsatisfied. But, the hour of her we saw was smashing overall, and at about 3.30am we bugged out and got a taxi to The White Hotel. WHP finished at 4am and so we had always intended to try to find something afterwards. Oh My Goodness One of the best venues I've ever been in. One of the best crowds I've ever been in. One of the best raves I've ever been to. Brilliant size, simple but really effective lights and (lots and lots of) smoke making an amazing atmosphere, fantastic sound with speakers from the booth and behind you. Mama Snake was just hitting full gas in a 5 hour set of techno, electro and trance. For two hours she didn't put a foot wrong. Truly one of those dance experiences. At 6am, when she finally slowed down the beats to a stop, I was absolutely gutted that it was over. You can't ask for more than that. My pal then took me on a guided walking tour of the highlights from Salford back into Manchester as the city woke up and the sun rose. First train south from Piccadilly and home by 1030am. Unbelievable. Ben x
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    I come for the Yannis bashing, but stay for the Macca rumours.
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    RAM is, in my opinion, the most overrated record of the last decade.
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    They are all family men, take their family with them on tour. (That is why they cancelled 2016) They need to have some things that are the same on Every tour, to feel a certain comfort. And they appreciate the things they know that will be 100% allright. They love to spend multiple days in Amsterdam, Ziggo has the best sound possible for them to rehearsel. The family enjoys Amsterdam. Werchter is so well organised, that it feels like home for them. They arrive early, with their family, a couple of times they did a bbq backstage, they invite friends... sort of reunion.
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    I thought the size of Justin Timberlake was already public knowledge
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    Wire? UK & US tour taking them up to May. Perfect fit for Primavera.
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    Yes. I meant it twice
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    Worthy view won't have air beds and sleeping bags but other pre erected offer these as tag ons... Check out tangerine fields.. Currently sold out but give them a buzz and get on the list and you will get a tent as they get cancellations all the time. There are a couple of camping stalls on site too for essentials .... There's also a millets camping shop in central bath not far from Bath spa railway station so you could always click and collect your camping gear from there?
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    There's a drumcode night in dublin this friday and ive got tickets 😎 enrico was on my radar but ive never seen him, looking forward to it now. Cheers for the writup ben you're a beast!
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    I heard @Gucci Piggy has some info on The Cribs actually, wish he could post it here.
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    The Black Keys not in Europe in 2020. NIN also apparently not touring, even though they were supposed to tour in 2020. But now its pushed to 2021. it seems.
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    @Troop Dogg amazing tale, what was Sir Tom and Damon's chat? Listened to the George Ezra podcast (I know, I know, but he gets good guests!) and Tom was really interesting. Article itself was entertaining @waynewdk cheers. Though I have a blagger pal who had 2 teeth knocked out by torch-wielding security at Glastonbury about ten years back. You don't read so many of those tales.
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    Sounds like we are on the same page ( but in the minority!). The 1975 would also be my choice for a “guitar band” - also saw them at Reading and thought they were amazing. I enjoyed them far more than the Foo’s even though I love the the Foo’s. I think they have gone a bit stale, whereas the 1975 felt way more exciting. The problem with both Taylor and the 1975 is they are not seen as cool, but if you give them both a go they both have a fantastic back catalogue. The 1975 are now at the point where they have enough material that they have to leave out a lot of really good tunes from their set. They both also put on a really good show - saw Taylor’s Reputation tour last year and was blown away and would to see her on the Pyramid.. I am 46 by the way, so “supposed” to be more into the likes of the Foo’s than the 1975. So were agreed - 1975 / Reg / Taylor 😉
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    Aerosmith are actually booked to play Moe's Tavern that weekend.
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    You need cooler friends!
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    Now we know that BMTH are around in August. FEVER 333 could be a good shout for a38, absolutely mad live shows.
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    lol. He plays the bass not the guitar.
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    Always time for a first!
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    Should contribute to us all simply, having a wonderful Christmas time.
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    I think we will get a headliner before Christmas deffo.
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    *Insert obligatory 3am Hell Stage post here*
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    Tomorrowland is a business, their interest is to gain more revenue and by expanding the festival they will do it Glastonbury.. kind of.. is not. Their interest lies elsewhere. All they really care about is a fun successful festival. Posts here prove why weekend 2 would not be one and would take the "special" away.
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    I'm bringing "wizard" back. You read it here first.
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    Hmm... I honestly don't remember. I know the smaller round tents and definitely the scout tents were canvas.
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    Georgia's touring shortly and has announced more dates for next year if you hadn't seen.
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    Why not both? Foo Fighters headlining with Faith No More subbing?
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    Kendrick Lamar, Foals, Taylor Swift Foals Saturday night headliner. Aerosmith in rock slot!
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    I'll say. This is a pic of her and Yannis.
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    He should change his name to Rob Da Bands.
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    Someone posted on here years ago that if Daft Punk didn't wear those helmets and toured more often, no one would really give too much of a sh1t any more. Probably one of the truest things I've read on here.
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    Spread the festival out for the whole of June. It's the only way to be sure. Just get it done, Boris.
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    Alexa, show me the worst efests post ever
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    It literally says his name, Matt.
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    They should do a northern edition. It never rains up north. Could call it Bury Festival.
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    From what I gather they have an alternative band to NIN in frame, but I better not say who he said, as that band may not know about their pecking order! Not sure about other headliners: I don't want to interrogate him too much! My understanding is some bands put feelers out about maybe wanting to tour subject to (x)
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    Have no idea how uncool this makes me (so pretty standard really) but I like the Inhaler tracks. Never heard of them before now. You've earned yourself yet another pint at the meet BSR
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    Excellent as always BSR. Many, many thanks. Did you get a ticket?
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    You're not even trying now.
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    If I have 3 nights at the Pyramid, great! If I have 3 nights away from the Pyramid, great! That would be an undeniably great three headliners for the festival so I'm all for it. For the record I'd probably see Macca & Kendrick but could be tempted elsewhere.
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    Yoko, with Yo La Tengo as her backing band, was one of the highlights of my 33yr Glastonbury experience to date. The worst? Having to walk past any anodyne, generic garbage such as Arctic Monkeys, Killers, Coldplay, Arcade Fire et al on the way to real music. Best ever GB set? Leonard Cohen. End of debate.
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    This is a decent enough reason to do it. Not sure the 15 year olds thought so though. They all assumed that because it was an announcement away from the announcement, that it was going to be some massive band.
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    Tylor the Creator Steve Tylor Bonnie Tylor They have covered themselves I’d be really disappointed if Tylor played. I would of thought...you know...it being the 50th, they would get something a bit more... special... you know? 🤷‍♂️
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    I was a bit annoyed when I watched this, and glad that he apologises at the end, because he is giving away blags for people who actually do this kind of thing. Security teams are going to be more alert now because of this guy, who probably only got paid £50 for this article. Thanks a bunch! Anyone who thinks this wouldn't work at Glastonbury is wrong. I have a friend who gets into Glastonbury every year in a similar way (but even more ingenious). I shant be saying how though as there are probably sad jobsworth Oxfam people on here.

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