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    As has become customary, I present to you my Spotify playlist for next year's festival: Glastonbury 2020. As in previous years it’s compiled, and regularly updated, as follows: Confirmed acts first, followed by those rated ‘To Be Confirmed’ and ‘Strong Rumour’ on eFestivals' marvellous lineup and rumours page. For each act, the songs are those they’ve been playing most often live over the past year/tour, to give the best idea of what we'll hear on the Farm. I get this from setlist.fm, and additional Googling where necessary (for DJs, the 1001tracklists and mixesdb sites - although I won’t cover DJs comprehensively). Acts on the main stages get 5 songs each, fewer songs for the smaller stages. So we currently have Diana Ross, and then TBCs Supergrass, Wolf Alice, Fatboy Slim, Beans on Toast & Mik Artistik’s Ego Trip; and SRs Fleetwood Mac, Taylor Swift and Foals (there’s also Lionstar but there any songs by the ‘right’ Lionstar on Spotify). Enjoy! Any comments/ideas for improvement, please let me know here.
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    Born late '60s. Grew up in the '70s. My Grandparents families grew up in some of the last places to get inside plumbing and toilets in town. I therefore grew up with the "flannel over the sink washes during the week and a bath on Sunday before school" tradition. Despite the fact that things had moved on. Body Odour possibly wasn't even considered a bad thing was it? Until the marketing people convinced our ancestors otherwise? /s I have an older friend who was brought up a bit posher who seems to think that you can do Glastonbury by returning to some kind of hotel every night. Like it's in the centre of Glastonbury and that Glastonbury is a city like Bristol or something. And that it's nearby. Picture that stereotype that you've probably, almost definitely, seen in the car parks with a suitcase on wheels and wearing high heels. Thought I had a point to make. Oh yeah. Something to do with expectations, upbringing and reality. Do you really expect what is a dairy farm for three quarters of the year to have plumbing and shelter and charging points just for you? Just for one weekend? Some people just see the social media posts and jump in regardless. Glastonbury is so ying and yang. I've had my highest highs and my lowest lows there. My lowest lows being more recent. I guess I should be thankful that my first time there was a blinder in terms of timing, weather and bands I liked, or I may have become the person we're discussing. Let's try and look out for people who are struggling next year. Regardless of why.
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    Nothing, best part of my sleep.
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    Too kind. I’ll take it ? Yeah that fella had spent most of the year on eFests before his first Glastonbury and the hype became a pressure he put on himself to get something out of every moment. When a couple of things didn’t fall into place early on, his inner critic lambasted him for not having a good time like he thought he was supposed to. As many were posting about how fantastic it was to be back, this poor guy couldn’t relate and that increased the sense of disconnect between his visions of Glastonbury and the reality he was experiencing. And that in turn fuelled the self-critical voice within. I did what I could but it was a sad time for him and by Thursday he was on the train home. Since then I’ve been minded to advise newbies, particularly those going solo, not to give themselves a hard time if it takes a while to connect with the festival, and that everyone’s experience is different. The goal is to enjoy in the way that resonates most with you. If that doesn’t tally with the most common experiences you read about, it doesn’t matter in the slightest. It’s not a competition.
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    Pavement are going to be fucking great.
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    "A lot of people on Efests making a name for yourselves moralising and virtue-signalling. Don't you ever *surmise* that just because the 1975 are clearly bigger than us that we're not headline material. Foals and the charts have had no relationship for decades. You're on thin ice. Peace."
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    I worked on the gates with Oxfam one year and it was a rainy morning. Positioned outside the VIP gates a middle class family stormed out of hospitality. We offered to give them a pass out and they refused. They said that they felt like they pissed thousands of pounds to go on holiday in a wet muddy field. They said they were shocked that people would come to something like this and say they are enjoying themselves. We we’re really intrigued and asked them to list what they didn’t like - Noise, Mud, Strobe Lights, Drunk People, Unpredictable Weather, Soundchecks in the morning, people being out and about till late at night and lack of services in the hospitality. I think this is more a case of a festival not being for them, but I don’t really know what they expected when they purchased a ticket. He said he was going to try and get a refund for his hospitality ticket because the service was “that bad”. I don’t think it’s exclusive to Glasto I think the issue is more festivals in general. Some people can’t let loose and enjoy a bit of a rough weekend. Also some people just can’t see the beauty in 100,000 people getting fucked up.
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    Haven’t read through all this thread but thought I’d pop up to say that whenever I’m now in a situation that requires me to move from what I was intending to do to do something that means more to someone else it’s called ‘I’m doing a Kalifire’. Oftentimes that means that I’m being kinder than I otherwise would have been. I feel like a better human being because of what you did that year. The rest of my immediate family, who are not on efests (for reasons beyond understanding) but with whom I shared the story of your generousity of spirit, also do ‘Kalifires’. You have become a noun. We have all become better people. Thank you.
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    Pointless mate, it’s never raining over Worthy Farm ever again.
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    That's a perfect, considerate and most importantly understanding description of anxiety. I remember that day. You were a true Glastonbury spirit.
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    Also, on the entrance to the SE Corner, a looped hologram of Bernard Manning warning about the dangers of cake.
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    Snow Patrol? It's not The Beatles, as famously, they're a 4 piece.
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    If anyone is interested in joining up on the spreadsheet can you email your details to: glastonburyresale@gmail.com Primarily, you need to send your reg numbers, post code, surname and your efests name (if you have multiple in your group let me know). Also let me know if you're happy to join another group to make it up to a 4. Just remember that you pay the whole cost up front in the resale. Once I've got the initial interest down, I'll share the spreadsheet so people can add contact details etc. Thanks.
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    Some interesting titbits on Diana Ross's fan page: https://dianarossofficialfanclub.com/2019/10/12/diana-ross-is-set-to-tour-the-uk-in-2020/ "As regards to the Glastonbury concert at the Pyramid Stage on June 28, 2020, what we can say is that she is planning a show based on her UK success that´s why "Chain Reaction", "I´m Still Waiting" and "When You Tell Me That You Love Me" are going to be included in the setlist. Also, two guest stars would perform with her on stage. One would be a established star and a current star would be the other."
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    Not belittling at all pal. It is overwhelming and for 5 days on the trot. Throw in the booze etc and we can all have a wobble. That's why having the woods and the Greenfields amongst other places are a god send. We all need a moment to reflect and get back in the battle. And yes the fomo is awful. All that pressure to be living your best life all the fucking time. Fuck that. Enjoy it at your own pace. This year was my favourite so far. Been enough times to now know that I can only do it at my own pace. So no pressure on anyone else to look after me or vice versa. Hubs can go and watch what he wants and if I'm not up for anything I just feck off and do what makes me happy. I've spent a lot of time wandering aimlessly by myself just soaking it all up or having a quiet moment reflecting. I've also seen some of the most amazing performances that brought a tear to my eyes. It's a very special place and I feel blessed to be fortunate enough to get a ticket for next year. It's so important to also let newbies know this as well as how incredibly amazing it is. ☺️
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    It will probably take me tht long to get up to a suitable level of fitness!!! Looking goteard to helping out next wk! Msybe i should aim for walking the 10k route as a starting point! The weather is looking good! ?? Ax
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    I've not worn it for a few years as the weather has been great at every festival I've been to for a few years. I remember liking it because it was small, light, re-usable and kept me dry. The main thing I remember was I had my camera dangling from round my neck, underneath the poncho and the zoom lens made it look like I was VERY pleased to be their.
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    That’s good then, hopefully they’ll be space there when we arrive but I’m happy to camp anywhere after finally managing to get tickets. I’m sure you will, if I’m not at the tent I’ll be exploring the site and making the most of my Glastonbury experience ?
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    yep thats where we have been the last 2 years ... in the lower parts it can get a bit boggy in a wet year ... so camp at top of small slope nearer to the John Peel tent and it will be good .... fingers crossed ill see you there ... and the walk is about 15mins ish fully laden my best Guess
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    My daughter's fella in 2013, hardly left the tent, couldn't hack all the walking for health reasons. Didn't help that we camped top of South Park. On the subject of Coldplay in 16, I went despite being depressed and fought through the mud, that one amazing gig made it all worthwhile. Thanks for that Chris and the boys, one of the best nights of my life.
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    as its Saturday night ..... ITs a 9 from me and its providing my listening for the evening ... Thanks
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    Hi Ali, the only camping that goes on sale is Worthy View (Glastonbury affiliated) or off site camping, such as Lovefields, Tangerine Fields etc. The vast majority just take their own tent, you've already paid for that privilege in the ticket price. I personally strip wash daily, or even twice daily) in the tent and rinse my hair under a bottle of water. Easy! And no queues!
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    Funky like a train! Had a wee wiz through the show, very good!
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    I did a pop up tent in my first year. Leaked on the first night and ended up having to empty it in the early hours of the morning. Weather fort it was called and to be fair it was great at keeping the water in.
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    having a tent to stand up in is sooo much better too .... as you get older !!!
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    Healthy point. Some folk are better iff not bothering and should be discouraged. It's clearly not for everyone and having to accommodate someone who's there under sufferance is a bad idea for all concerned.
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    My least favourite Glastonbury was 2016. I can't even describe how miserable I was on the Sunday. Spent half the day in the medical tent despite the shit weather having the worst bout of hayfever I've ever had after they ran out of chippings and straw and started with hay on the walkways. Wound up looking like the elephant man on a nebulizer and steroids and was just too knackered after days of mud to take medical advice and leave the site. I was honestly exhausted after days of mud and couldn't face going back to the tent as it was full of fucking mud! My saving grace was Coldplay. Now I'm not a Coldplay fan by any means but my son wanted to see them and I knew it would be the last Glastonbury I would be at with him for a while as he was about to embark on a teaching career. I told him I'd give it 10 mins and if they were shite he would walk back to the tent with me Best party I've ever been to! I'm never ever going to be a big Coldplay fan but that night they were soul food, made my miserable self smile and were the sole reason I remembered why I love the place so much and tried for tickets again for 2017 The Glastonbury God's move in mysterious ways! .... or I'm just a sucker for a light up wristband!
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    I missed out on the cd but I have it saved so I can still listen to it. I’d never heard of them before Bearded theory last year.
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    She only young I think, I went based on recommendations from people far more on it than me. Probably my favourite set of that day.
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    Nah John Peel is about their level these days. The Pyramid sub set was a perfect storm of their comeback hype and secret set. I'm a huge fan but still appreciate they've fallen back to their natural stature. Could even see them doing The Park.
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    Perversely 2015 was my first Glastonbury and that incident and Kali's response was my first experience of Glastonbury 'spirit'. Had coach tickets for Thursday and had spent all winter swotting up here preparing myself for my inevitable 'Glastonbury moments' but just reading on here the efforts made to help a stranger was amazing itself. Made me realise before I even saw the festival on approach as we neared that this would be a place me and my heart would belong. Soppy post I know but hey, I had and still have the same anxiety as that guy. Taking a step into the great unknown with the knowledge someone would have my back was so heartwarming.
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    It was a long time ago now, but nobody who was there would ever forget Offspring in 1995. Wiser men than I have called it the gig of that festival.
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    I hate camping but I love Glastonbury so I make an exception for 5 days. I hate the trek from the car but once all set up it’s ok. I hate the walk up the hill of death so I don’t think I would bother with a campervan or the trek up to WV. I like being on site so I can have a rest or pop back to the tent to change. I have only ever camped at Glastonbury ( 20 times) and 3 Latitudes. Am 60 next June so keep saying it will probably be my last one but then I have been saying that every year. A relative managed it twice 2007 and 2009 but decided it wasn’t for her. She loves music but couldn’t cope with the loos or the rain.!
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    Some of them have been radicalised and have come to realise that Red is the modern Astral Weeks. They have formed loose knit sleeper cells where they share Taylor's favourite cupcake recipes and hold intense Taylor karaoke sleepovers.
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    Just listening. Where has she been all my life? Spectacular and different - thank you for sharing @Tommy Dickfingers
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    NOS Alive books waaaaay less acts than Primavera does, just look at last year's clashfinder: https://clashfinder.com/s/nos19 In addition, you also have to consider that festivals such as NOS Alive are much more headliner dependent, whereas Primavera has a core constituency of people coming for the full package.
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    Particularly @kalifire, who I'm still going to buy a pint for his kindness if I ever meet the good chap.
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    Brilliant - I had just started to set one up myself. I can go back to literally doing nothing now
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    For all the heroic things you have nearly done, this is always a welcome addition to my Spotify playlists as something you have definitely done. I salute you!
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    What a tremendous username hahaha
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    Speaking of aunties, well uncles actually. Uncle died a couple of years back, wasn't a big music fan so my old man chose the song for when he was being cremated. Chain Reaction. Not sure if he was trolling his brother after his death or if he genuinely thought the song was apt somehow. We all laughed either way. 30 people in a crematorium giggling away, including his wife and kids, as their old mans corpse was being burned up. Guy in the crematorium - "what song will I play" "Chain reaction"
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    2017 was mega. I loved it
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    Cause I’m convinced AC/DC are gonna do Isle of Wight if the rumours are true about them being back, I’m gonna take Blur and run with it. Stormzy//Two Door Cinema Club//Lizzo//Sam Fender Idles//Slowthai Foals//Tame Impala//Run The Jewels//Kaiser Chiefs Skepta//Gerry Cinnamon Blur//Catfish and the Bottlemen//The Streets//Aitch Deadmau5//Krept & Konan
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    I reckon she will get over an english mistake made by an italian random forum's user at 9 in the morning. Maybe it will take her one year or two of therapy, but I am pretty positive she will come back stronger than ever.
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