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    You got to make sure you take points off the teams around you.
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    Just having a bit of a play with a Glastocam time lapse! Starts on 17th May up until this morning Glasto Webcam 2019 v1.m4v
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    You think they’d release the weather now the full lineup is out.
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    I think Friday is the best as it got Bastille playing.
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    OMG THANK YOU SO MUCH!!!!! Just got one! I’ve been solidly trying for soooooo long without any luck!!!! OMG ahahha I’m so excited
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    Thanks for the shout out! I am indeed playing on the Thursday evening at 18.00. Bringing my A-game. If you like your acoustic music too ambient and sad to tap your foot to, then I'm your guy! I use loop pedals and all sorts of nonsense. For fans of Radiohead, Bon Iver, The National. Only not as good! Then I'm gonna go straight to the Avalon cafe to see Loyd Grossman. As is tradition.
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    John Peel acts all on the Glastonbury 2019 playlist too now, in running order (I'm including Diplo as the TBA). We already had West Holts, of course. As always, selections are the most performed tracks from recent shows, using Setlist.fm and Googling. Thanks for the kind words folks, glad you appreciate it!
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    That Radiohead/Flaming Lips clash of 2017 shows that either they don't or that they do and are evil
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    Hahaha!!! I thought I'd bailed out... but that lasted about 6 hours in honestly. Hubby is furious with me. I came to terms with not going but really couldn't let go. I'm on every volunteer waiting list and applied for so many jobs. I even wrote to Lizzo to ask her if I could clean her flute between songs.. (I'm a flute repairer).. No response yet, hahaha... I think this job might a bit much for me, but thought others might be interested. Still holding out for comps though
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    In my experience, before the act before, if that makes any sense? Sometimes it's worth the gamble on a secret set if you don't know who it's gonna be. Sometimes it's not. I once rolled the dice...and it turned out to be The Darkness. Now let us never speak of this again.
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    Team @Woffy getting ready for the weekend...
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    If I only slept 3-4 each night at Glasto I would be a fucking zombie.
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    I'm guessing the person I can't Google without looking weird as my girlfriend's name is Dani?
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    The Rabbit Hole listings are for the Rabbit Hole main stage. This is the 4 brown tipis that you can just walk in and out of. It is usually band, DJ, band etc. IE the DJ plays during band change overs. Plenty of room and no queues. The prettiest venue on site. Lovely cocktails etc. It’s cool. Sometimes big bands play under a fake name so if you haven’t heard of them.....? The idea being you never know what to expect when you fall down the Rabbit Hole. The Rabbit Hole also has a tunnel system that contains several tents and secrets attractions. This is open from dusk and people will queue to enter as it’s more popular than the size. The door is therefore managed. Inside the tunnels, the main venue is called Funkingham (or Fuckingham) Palace and DJs play there. Often very famous ones. The program for this is mostly secret. The idea being you never know what to expect when you fall down the Rabbit Hole. Let’s Eat Grandma is a fantastic booking for the main stage it and I’ll definitely see you there!!
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    The only folk still into Biffy are people who got their puzzle piece tattoos done in a visible place and therefore feel obligated to see it through.
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    It's clear that I cannot convince any of you guys that my support for Scottish Independence is rooted in something different from other nasty selfish nationalism. Whilst, personally, that's a little disappointing that folk on here think that of me, it's not disappointing enough for me to waste any more time trying to explain only to be told yet again what a selfish c#nt I am. I am comfortable with my views and also comfortable that the greater part of the independence movement is outward looking, inclusive & celebrates diversity. Guess we'll just have to agree to differ.
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    Well today was monthly weigh in and I was 9 lb's down taking my total loss for this year to exactly 50lb's. I have a lot of weight to lose so not even halfway to wear I need to be but hey going good guns still so I'm pleased. Should be the fittest I've been for a good few years at Glastonbury this year.
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    I plan to see the following on Thursday: Cider Bus Brothers Bar Ridge & Furrow Stonebridge Bar Bread & Roses
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    YAY !!! Delighted for you !
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    m my face looking for the post man and the tickets
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    Standard formula applies: 2E+M+HF Where E = estimate, M = mud and HF = how fucked you are.
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    Welp. This is terrible imo. Such a long wait for us to get mad cool leftovers, another misplaced 80s act that barely catches my interest
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    Someone has shares in quecha/decathlon .... I try to stay up past 3 am as there is really no point going to bed before due to the proximity of the beat hotel ..... but im usually up and out the tent before 8 as I just cant ever get back to sleep maybe the fresh and black will change things this year ...(.anyone humming faithless due to my subtle/unsubtle thread tittle ? )
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    Order some leggings with cats on so if you see a twat in a sparkly hat with cart leggings on that will be me, I would tell you to say hello, but probs best if you run for the hills
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    @tagsman: I'm the official photographer for the Theatre & Circus Fields. If you propose anywhere near my patch, I'll be happy to get some photos and share them with you, and I can almost guarantee that one will make the main Glastonbury Festival web galleries (if I do a good job, ha ha). Last festival I photographed a proposal on one of our outdoor stages, in front of something like 5000 people, it was a pretty memorable event (he was pretty sure she'd say yes ?).
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    Vaccines being on at all annoys me.
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    Will Varley - Greenpeace stage, Thursday, 4pm just after Beans on Toast
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    Bring Me The Horizon, no one was talking about them that I’ve seen on here. Lots of people I’m happy added but thought they MIGHT play but Horizon is a complete surprise.
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    I use a mix of 1/4 coffee, 1/4 adrenalin, 1/4 FOMO and 1/4 realisation that it’s only for one week.
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    Vaccines opening the other stage, didn't expect it at all
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    Update..... We both now have tickets!!!! We tried for tickets last October but weren't lucky. A few months later my wife became pregnant so we weren't fussed about missing out. A very shitty 10-week pregnancy was followed by a miscarriage, which we were obviously devastated about. Decided to try for tickets in the resale to have a bit of a blow out but were again unlucky. Then a few days ago my friend, who is a booking agent said he may be able to sort two tickets. They've now been confirmed. I am down as one of his DJs photographers, so have to take photos for him when he's playing (not my forte but I'll learn fast). But fuck it, we're going to Glastonbury!!!!! So emotional right now.
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    I’ll try and find out and leak them again this year!
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    oh my god i cant believe oxfam !! wow! congrats @Andy95 Yeah @Ozanne I know what you mean..
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    That's very generous of you to give away those tixs, I'd hate to lost £130 like that
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    I'll happily admit maybe the problem is me ?
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    Please don't let it be Orbital in the JPT on the Saturday!!! I mean, they would be amazing, but this would just add to the absolute car-crash of the Saturday night clash-fest. I have already got to decide between: The Killers The Chemical Brothers Hot Chip Hawkwind The Damned Wu Tang Clan Detective Pikachu on the Pilton Palais The humanity!
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    Theyre live streaming Disintegration from Sydney now pals. Sounding as tasty as bbq sauce.
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    Word, ditto these for me. Get the feeling I’ll make Midi, less so Kokoroko...
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    That Sunday afternoon is rammed like no other part of the festival, for me. Loads of near-clashes that will mean I can't enjoy a full set without missing the start (and a good spot in the crowd) for someone else. Jeff Goldblum (2-3pm, WH) Kylie (3:45-5pm, P) Miley (5:45-6:45pm, P) Billie Eilish (6:45-7:45. O) Dave (8:15-9:15pm, O) Janelle Monae (9:45-11:15pm, WH) So if I want a decent spot for Kylie, I'll have to leave before Goldblum has finished. I'll only be able to catch the start of Miley before winging it to Other for Billie Eilish, and I'll need to disappear before Dave's set has ended to get a good spot for Janelle.
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    Not sure where his account's gone on here, but Adam Scott Glasspool on Mandala stage is an efester, so be rude not to give him a shout!
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    Fontaines DC will be hanging about all 5 days of the fest apparently. They mentioned to me a potential 4th slot - either on BBC introducing or in the Crows nest. Suppose they could be one of the TBCs if they ended up accepting it
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    Kylie vs Bring Me The Horizon. I'm not even kidding.
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    ive checked the tracker and it says .... we are still chopping down the trees ready to make into paper and then we will be dispatching them after that ... par for the course
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    I'd consider it and then reject it. Same as I did with Brexit.
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