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    Work out which bands are your ‘must sees’. Wear one of those bands official t-shirts to their set. Take selfies with said bands and t-shirts in shot. Send photos to @bennyhana22 Gaze towards dance area to see mushroom cloud as Ben’s brain explodes brighter than the fireworks on the opening and closing night, combined. Edit: lack of apostrophes intentional, just to really send him over the edge.
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    One man's 'it doesn't add anything' is another man's 'view of people having a shit and naked trampolining'.
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    Not quite as timely as last festival, but I may well pack this again.
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    I just wanted to know when they’ll be sending my ticket out for Glastonbury and worthy view ticket?? thanks
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    Made this logo a few years back and never printed it up....this year would have been right....if I had a ticket that is ?
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    Tyler doing a secret set would be a big way to fully announce his ban from the UK is up. I can definitely see him being booked next year so could be on the cards.
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    "Why can't Corbyn be more dictatorial but only in the direction I want?" though. Labour doesn't work that way - there was an agreed policy from Conference and they've stuck to that pretty much while everyone's accused them of having no plan and changing direction constantly, as if the policy didn't exist. The opposition benches aren't there to diametrically oppose everything the party in power do. That's never ever been the case yet seems to have emerged as a belief lately - I think exposing a real problem in the confrontational setup of our parliament, it's helped give people who aren't familiar with it the wrong idea. Finally it's interesting how five minutes of Google will give those who want to hate him more knowledge than investigatory journalists whose whole job it is to find this stuff. I guess cos they have to verify it's true. I know this sounds like I'm a bit of a fanboy right now but it's only because I'm countering some bonkers bits - I don't actually like their conclusions on what to do about Brexit at all and think they've taken a completely wrong course on this but I think it's at least fair to start from reality rather than dancing the Brexit-deception dance that's played so well into the far-right's hands so far.
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    A couple for today to get in the mood
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    Hope you guys have the best time, must be bittersweet having to make alternative plans but it sounds like you have nailed it! I guess now is the perfect opportunity to try something new, I filled the fallow year by going to secret solstice in Iceland, it’s always on Glastonbury week so as much as I missed the farm it was incredible to go there instead, got to see the midnight sun too which was amazing! Every cloud has a silver lining x
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    Dear Guardian, I like your newspaper very much. Please let me go to Glastonbury. If you do, I will run there from Liverpool, eating only Twix and tell everyone I meet that yours is the best newspaper. That is all. Me
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    Or we could, you know, not chant about Jeremy Corbyn at all?
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    I thought I'd collate all the playlists I've found for everyone to enjoy • Croissant Neuf • Left Field • Acoustic Stage • West Holts • The Glade • Shangri-La • Theatre and Circus Youtube • The Common • Avalon • Silver Hayes: BBC Introducting, (All are spotify unless stated)
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    Well done for staying away from the internet for 45 minutes ?
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    So last night DJ Koze mixed Only Human with Magical Boy, was a lovely moment
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    Another that says "Russy, if you're reading this, please come home"
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    Loving this weird archery themed boast-post.
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    This is entirely acceptable. In addition, it’s considered good form to wear a band t-shirt to a festival on a different day to that which the band are playing. This can generate pleasing comments along the lines of “hey mate, nice t-shirt. I saw them yesterday an’ they was mint” etc. Extra kudos is gained if the band in question is nicely obscure and relatively unknown. I don’t make the rules** Ben **I mean, I do, as everyone knows.
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    I'm a structural engineer. They look like 305x165x40 UKB steel beams with lots of lateral restraints at approx 450mm centres with 10mm fillet welds. Course it is gonna being taking a lot of people on top of it all day everyday, but its going nowhere. Its gonna be fine. Edit: Oh and the bolt holes look like M20 size. Its gonna be rigid as hell.
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    First rule of Band T-shirt Club: Band t-shirts can be worn at any time except when actually watching the band in question.
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    I'm one of the crew at the Lost Horizon Sauna nearby in the Tipi Field. I wonder if we'll be overlooked by the pier and if we'll need additional screening. (This is the stuff of saucy seaside postcards!)
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    Might have been in the pipeline for yonk(er)s
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    Woffy's always there - he's just a Milford Man.
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    I think 2010. Boiling hot. Sought shelter in a tent in the Greenfields mid-afternoon on Friday. A few moments later people start arriving because there's a singing workshop starting at 3pm. I decide to stay, it might be fun. It's two hours of amazing, uplifting, moving incredibleness. 'Come back tomorrow, if you can', they said. Most of us did. We practiced for two hours, and at 5pm on the Saturday afternoon the Greenfields Choir performed in a small tent. So I can say, with some honour, that I have played Glastonbury.
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    I know legally I can take photos from my own land and do what I want with them, however it's a tricky situation - I don't want to annoy Glastonbury Festivals. BUT now I've discovered that Arcadia have released that video (which I didn't know about this morning) I'm a bit pissed off actually that they're blaming me for members of the public coming onto the site to have a look at it?!! Once the fence is up, I don't see why the photos can't resume. And yes, if they want to talk to me honestly about wanting to keep it secret, rather than giving me (what I suspect is) crap about health and safety, I can miss that bit of the landscape out. We'll see if the conversation continues.
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    I was half way through stitching this small belt pouch for credit cards money etc that I'm making to take to the festival and my new leather stamp arrived so I had to abandon the stitching and quickly try it out. Triangle represents the pyramid stage and a silhouette of Glastonbury tor in the middle. So I guess this weekend is making wallets and pouches for our group.
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    I thought the LDV trophy was a waste of time until Wrexham got to the final and won it. If City won the champions league are you really telling me many City fans would not care and call it a lottery. I just don’t believe that, it’s easier to say you don’t care about winning something you haven’t got that close to winning.
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    M20? With Brexit looming you better get back in time to learning whitworth!
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    Realised I've misplaced the small camera I bought to replace the small camera I bought for 2017 which I misplaced some time between 2017 and November 2018.
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    I will have my usual shirt as in my profile pic. "If Jesus comes back we will kill him again"
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    Given that The Thread of Threads™️ has been created for this year, Benny’s T-Shirt Adjudication Parlour is now open for those who would like formal confirmation of acceptability. Ben
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    From a phone and browser, click on the 3 lines at the top right of the efestivals page, then drill down to shop, and carry on, looking for amazon.co.uk ('music etc') and go to the website that way. This site then gets x% per transaction.
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    you should go with a crane on your head ... ( not the bird type ) ... ive not made the arcadia hat yet
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    Great, now I’m going to have to leave my massive ribbon tower hat at home.?
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    I'll bring my old favourite, bought at the festival either 92 or 93
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    Looked at Packfest - looks interesting (I love me a list!) but not available on android?
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    Welcome @PaintedInSand..... this is definitely the place for hype. Just over 5 weeks to go and its reaching fever pitch waiting for the final poster drop. Have a great festival!
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    Cityfication. No one cares.
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    Continuing to go through the sets on the spreadsheet. Big shout to @LoveLikeThis for the Sherelle set: loved that. Also I put @bennyhana22's Digweed set on the list after it got me beautifully through this morrning at work. Reminded me to go back and check out Transitions. Just watched a few vids of the Max Cooper OHBS live a/v show. Didn't manage to get to a full set at the Gas Tower last time and this would be SUPER high on my list. I seem to remember the sound be very good inside the circle structure but not great on the outside. Maybe get there early? The live show reminded me a lot of Amon Tobin's ISAM show which I saw at Brixton academy years ago:
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    Overwhelming relief is how I'd best describe it, not missed one since my first in 2008 and really don't know what I would have done. It might sound over dramatic but I really felt like my life was on hold until I got the spot with Oxfam. It's perfect for me this year as well, I'm going with the mind set that I'm there to do my shifts first and foremost, anything I get to see and do outside of that is a bonus. There's nothing on the bill so far that is a must see for me so no stressing about what shifts I get. On top of that I get to be there a couple of days early, and be part of the festival that has become such a massive part of my life, it really is the perfect end to the saga me trying to get there this year.
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    Beware the White Russians. I mixed up a litre last time in my Camelbak water bottle - I think 20cl vodka, 10cl Kahluha and 70cl milk. This to keep me 'hydrated' on the Saturday evening. Lost the use of my legs by the time the Foos went off stage.
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    also, honestly: Buckfast. A moderate amount in a plastic bottle to carry around gives useful recharges of zip in hours when anything extracurricular feels too naughty/bleak to consider in the daylight. Doesn't taste worse when lukewarm, unlike pretty much any canned beer or cider.
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    I'm going to attempt to be there. I briefly poked my head around the corner last year. Be nice to put some faces to all the Simpsons gifs...
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    Lucky fucker! My girlfriend has given me the task of having to wait inline first thing in the morning at the box office which opens at 10am on the day of the performance to get one of the tixs they hold back.
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    That is a good idea, but has a lot more legalities to observe. People have been selling houses in this way, and have had to withdraw. For this quick win for funding, an auction seems better.

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