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    Always good to see that the same people who remain silent to the rampant normalised Islamophobia, sexism, homo/bi/queerphobia, transphobia and all the other innumerable forms of casual discrimination which exist unashamedly in our society's mainstream discourse can find the time to pipe up and tell us about how calling people Gammons is just the same as racism, actually.
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    Haven't even heard of these songs. Must be deep cuts.
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    Missus' and I paid ours off this morning, first Glastonbury finally on the cards!
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    Can I just say what a fantastic final two
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    I'm taking over the Park for the festival. I've sought to theme each day in some way - with jazz, alt-folk and electronica themes running through, with a bit of experimentation that will hopefully suit the stage. Sons of Kemet will be doing skronky rabble of a set up at The Crow's Nest after hours on the Friday if you miss them at tea time, and Kelly Lee Owens will be up there to close the stage on Sunday night. Gilles Peterson will be DJing in the Rabbit Hole late Saturday if you need a bit more than the folk on the big stage. Now, pass me the rum.
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    April Summary: Previous years - performer announcements: 1 April 2008: Levellers 3 April 2000: 1st few acts confirmed 3 April 2009: Seven acts 4 April 2014: First lineup poster, most of main stages 5 April 2016: D'Angelo added to the line up poster but later removed 7 April 2000: Avalon & Jazzworld stages 7 April 2010: West Holts 11 April 2005: Full lineup 11 April 2000: Morcheeba 12 April 2000: Other & Acoustic 12 April 2011: Theatre & Circus 12 April 2016: Kidz Field 13 April 2011: West Holts 14 April 2000: Chemical Brothers, Travis & Bowie 14 April 2010: Main stages 14 April 2011: Main stages 14 April 2015: First line up poster (no 3rd headliner) 17 April 2000: Embrace, The Wailers & Ladysmith Black Mambazo 18 April 2000: Leftfield (band) & Basement Jaxx 18 April 2008: Some John Peel acts 18 April 2017: Block 9 20 April 2010: Shakira 20 April 2011: Rastamouse 21 April 2017: Avalon 22 April 2009: Kasabian confirmed Saturday Night 24 April 2013: Six new acts for Acoustic Stage 24 April 2015: Theatre & Circus 25 April 2017: Silver Hayes 26 April 2010: Dead Weather 26 April 2013: Bobby Womack (replacing The Weeknd in headlining West Holts) 27 April 2016: Silver Hayes 28 April 2008: Pyramid, Other, John Peel leaked, published in Guardian 28 April 2017: Kidzfield 29 April 2008: Main Stages 29 April 2010: Dance Village 29 April 2016: The Common Previous years other stuff: 1 April 2004: Tickets on sale - Sold out in 24 hours 1 April 2007: Tickets on sale (1st year of registration system) - Sold out in 2 hours 01 April 2015: Balance deadline 3 April 2005: Tickets on sale - Sold out in 1 hour 45 Minutes 5 April 2009: Resale 6 April 2008: Tickets on sale - Sold out one day before the festival 7 April 2011: Balance deadline 7 April 2014: Balance deadline 7 April 2016: Balance deadline 7 April 2017: Balance deadline 7 April 2019: Balance Deadline 8 April 2013: Balance deadline 8 April 2015: Resale dates announced 8 April 2016: Resale Dates announced 10 April 2017: Resale date announced 11 April 2010: Resale 14 April 2016: Coach Resale 16 April 2015: Coach Resale 17 April 2011: Resale 17 April 2016: General Resale 19 April 2015: General Resale 19 April 2015: Updated map released 20 April 2009: Confirmation of acts confirmed so far 20 April 2017: Coach Resale 21 April 2013: Resale 23 April 2016: New map released 23 April 2017: General Resale 24 April 2014: Coach Resale 25 April 2019: Coach Resale 27 April 2014: General Resale 27 April 2017: New Map 28 April 2019: General Resale Summary: 5x 1st Poster/Main Stages 1x Full Lineup 13x Performer announcements 15x Area announcements 3x New Map! Days of performer/area announcements: Mon - 4 Tue - 8 Wed - 7 Thu - 2 Fri - 9 Sat - 0 Sun - 0 Weeks of performer/area announcements: Week 1 - 7 (including one that wasn't really) Week 2 - 10 Week 3 - 6 Week 4 - 12 Trivia: There has only ever been one announcement in the middle of balance payment week (full lineup in 2014) 2017 is the only year an announcement has been made between Coach and General Resales (Avalon) Balance deadline day has been the 7th April on 5 occasions. This troubles me.
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    The questions were much better than the last one of these I filled in, some acknowledgement that there are shades of green....
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    From memory as I won't watch it again (as it enrages me) they got tickets from EE, they turn up on the friday in the Tipi village/Yurt type thing. Spend a bit of time moaning about the mud and weather, then go see some bands. The absolute prick then spends his saturday sat in the EE recharge tent watching the football on his phone (she sits with him) and then they go see Adele and then go home saying he has ticked Glastonbury off his bucket list. He then mentions he has football in 7 hours or something, was just a total waste of 2 tickets. Self entitled pricks.
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    Don't be such an evil april fool maker. Very A-Muse ing
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    Tomorrow, 11am, last headliner announcement. Something big from UK, Teignmount is coming.
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    Nods in pretended understanding...
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    I think everyone feels the most nostalgia for the music they listened to as a teen/early 20's. There just are a section of people who never get past it and once they reach a certain age have this music isn't as good as it was in my day attitude. It's fine to go to the nostalgia gigs if you are also going to and listening to new stuff and don't have a closed mind to it. It's when people only listen to 1 genre and are deaf to all others and think their genre is superior that the problems exist. As someone who grew up loving indie/rock music they are some of the genres that seem to attract the worst of these types. Sadly there are lot of people who think white men with guitars are just the epitome of great music and nothing else rivals it. That is the attitude that needs eliminating!
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    oh my days , not only is it ticket payment day , but ... they have started to build the Pyramid Stage ...... !!!!!!
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    The No's have it, the No's have it. Unlock!
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    Paid. Also ordered a stainless steel wine bottle, though they seem to have mislabeled them.
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    I couldn't give a flying flange where people rate on some thing I've never heard of. If Bjork, Kate or PJ were performing you can bet your bottom dollar I'm front row centre for any of them over JJ. I was actually looking forward to seeing JJ but I'm worried I'm gonna have someone shouting stats at me and that I should be worshipping.
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    Front page of the Herald in Scotland. https://www.heraldscotland.com/news/17539932.herald-on-sunday-tells-mps-to-choose-something-as-brexit-teeters-on-brink/#gallery0
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    Never said YOU did old son.. No worries init It was the wife lol.. If I remember rightly there's high ground behind the wood bar so maybe there going to have a walk way above the bar.. That would be cool... Cos they have the fire in the middle don't they.. My painting of the woods..
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    No panic ;-). Tool show ends around 2am ;). You can do the math...
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    At least he got shot quite late on in the festival. If I got shot on the Wednesday afternoon, I'd be fucking livid.
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    now completed. Interesting - it's always been my feeling that although Glastonbury bangs on about looking after the environment (and I'm a Worthy Warrior), attending both, it's clear that Reading quietly re-cycles whereas G has recently put in schemes because its future was at stake. Both are utter disasters for the environment. Glastonbury is much better at marketing itself as green but comparing the post-headliner mess, Reading wins on being greener. Oh, and thanks for just having 40+, I feel young again!!
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    Tickets, car parking and water bottles paid for for me and the other half. Strange feeling as we have only ever got tickets in the resale until this year. Best of luck to all those trying in the resale, I've been successful in resale since 2014 so there is definately hope.
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    Happy balance paying week everyone, may the gods bring sunshine to everyone's lives and to the festival
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    Also, the older you are, the more you've heard, and the more difficult it is for something not to sound like a copy of what you loved when you were young. ? That shouldn't stop you trying, however. I'm a little older than 40 (ahem), but I'm looking forward to Stormzy, Snapped Ankles, Christine and the Queens, Sam Fender, Lloyle Carner, Idles, Billie Eilish, and Lizzo, among others.
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    Their communication is already an April fools.
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    Now shipping from the Efestivals shop
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    Thanks for keeping us updated : )
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    Would you ever, in any circumstance, feel comfortable ringing See and using the word "cancel"?
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    Gosh, Don't even think I would risk it for the fiver it cost me! Hope I'm not tempting fate.
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    Done. Just ticket delivery anxiety to go through now.
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    Tried to log on and pay at midnight last night because I can't fucking read
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    But they have longer at reading so it best to go there if you want a longer show.
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    Don Broco ain't playing 6th down. Ever
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    Oh, and made a "League Table" of acts I want to see in order of importance. Acts can move up and down the league based on listens/mood. Yep. I'm cool as fok.
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    Can't manage to get pics attached to a DM, so it's grated tofu recipes for everyone! I play around with the volumes, find a consistency and flavour balance you like. Lime zest and desiccated coconut are good additions
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    Let me check this list, hmmmm...Hana, Benny...yes, there you are. In you come mate, have a good night.
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    There is still a resale mate, usually some time in April...
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    If she brought her dad out for a rendition of Achy Breaky Heart it’d be the greatest Glastonbury moment of all time.

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