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    Thanks Neil, really appreciate it (and thanks for the full explanation on email). Apologies to everyone else for being the catalyst for this messy thread and thanks to those came to my support (without knowing a thing about me). I would most definitely like to move on :-).
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    I've been reading all this stuff for a while now, looking at different people's perspectives on what they believe constitutes an appropriate headliner etc. There are loads of issues to consider in any sensible analysis of who plays, who doesn't. 1. Taste: There's no accounting for it, but to argue that someone you don't like at all is illegitimate because you don't like them is, in my opinion, without validity. Would anyone genuinely suggest that the Stones were not a legitimate headliner? I think probably not. I can't stand the Stones. Does my lack of interest in them make them unsuitable? No. In 2017 there was a riot around the JPT with people eating their own children to get them out of their way so they could get in to see The Killers. I wouldn't watch The Killers if they were playing in my front room, but I'd rather watch them (if I had to) than Foo Fighters. You know, Foo Fighters? That 'unequivocally a legitimate Glastonbury headliner' Foo Fighters? Why? Because I find the FFs even more boring than I find The Killers. So how do you resolve all of that? 2. Getting an appropriate crowd: Yes, GFL do take some 'risks' and are not afraid to go a bit off list, and that's bloody brilliant! But they also have a reputation to maintain and a festival to maintain, so most of their Pyramid headliners carry a confident likelihood of filling the Pyramid Field. Remember JPT 2017...? The Killers will get a great crowd on Sunday night, with 80000+ singing along to their somewhat bland, MOR softish rock. And they'll have a great time. I won't be there, but Emily and Michael will have done their job. You have to remember that this forum is NOT an accurate representation of the entire Glastonbury crowd. The most popular music (record sales, downloads, ticket sales, publicity) is usually pretty unremarkable. 'Easy', consumable material will always be most popular. Why does anyone think that that brand of slightly bland, not very engaging stuff will be any less popular with the 200 000 people at Glastonbury? In the last few years we've had the biggest selling male artist and the biggest selling artist in the world headline the festival. Popular? Oh my goodness yes. Bland? To me, pretty much (totally, actually, but it's not about me). But Pyramid was RAMMED for them. As it was for Coldplay, that 'dull bland band' who always headline Glastonbury. 3. Money: we all know that GFL doesn't pay much. That does, and will always whilst the model remains, preclude many acts from playing who would be the choices of many on this forum. 4. Availability: The number of artists capable of delivering the sort of performance required to headline Pyramid is small. Then factor whether they are available, smaller. Then factor whether they will play for cut-price fees, smaller still. It is entirely likely that I will not see a Pyramid act at all in 2019. I've only ever seen one Pyramid headliner (Radiohead, No Surprises). But I recognise that the stage is not being curated 'for me', as such. It's being curated for 'the festival', and there are all these considerations that influence what we eventually get. For what it's worth, I'm really pleased with the Stormzy booking. I think it's bold, brave and brilliant for the festival. And I bloody HATE GRIME!!! So, come on guys! I'm ostensibly against censorship (and so these threads existing is, overall, a good thing of course), and love a good ding dong debate, but I do think that many have approached this thread with the subconscious misconception that Emily and Michael are on this Earth purely to do their festival bidding! And, perhaps, haven't thought about the realities of what they have to do. This is not your fantasy festival (that's a different thread). This is the greatest festival on the planet. Ben
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    *settles down, makes himself comfy* my favourite subject. I’ve agonised, researched and considered, and I go with the idea that dark beers are perfectly good to have at room (well, tent) temperature, and they’re often pleasingly strong as well. I’ve started compiling my rarer glasto dark beers box already but they’ll be bolstered by decent amounts of: Magic Rock common grounds - I can’t stand coffee, but this coffee porter is smooth, roasty, beautiful. A magnificent breakfast beer. Beavertown Black Betty - a Black IPA so it’s quite hoppy and refreshing on the chops (and 7% odd as well) Gun imperial whiskey stout - a brewery close to me so maybe not easy to get, but it’s a sipping majesty at over 7% Brewdog jet black heart - always my fave of their beers, and they’ve only been canning this for a few months - looking forward to trialling it extensively at glasto Northern Monk mocha porter - smooth and beautiful. Belting stuff i tend to keep one can a day of something ridiculous, the Northern Monk/Evil Twin imperial stout at 12% is currently sat in my box looking all sexy - I’ll be cracking one of those the very moment my headliner of choice gets on stage. A little can of madness!
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    I can help. I can't see why the festival wouldn't go ahead, the final headliner may just seem not worth the wait/underwhelming. Cancelling festivals is an e-x-t-r-a-o-r-d-i-n-a-r-i-l-y huge expense. If they were able to book these artists, they had enough in the bank to make it go ahead (deposits etc + being contractually bound to pay the balance of the fee regardless of if the festival goes ahead or not, short of force majeure) Given how heavy the branding is at NOS Alive I would think it safe to presume a lot of costs are offset by sponsors so the risk isn't as high. That being said, most major festivals only make a profit after they've sold about 80/90% of their tickets so if sales were really crap, they'd feel it next year Don't sweat it and go have a lovely time in the Lisbon sun!
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    Well, that’s one way to get upvotes I suppose ?
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    This is by far the worst government and Prime Minister in my lifetime, yet Corbyn-led Labour is still trailing massively in polling. That tells you all you need to know about his leadership and handling of Brexit.
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    So after months of waiting for both, Mrs Chef went in to labour about 15 minutes after the announcement last week and gave birth to our lovely daughter. Now we’re all settled at home I’ve had a good look at the line up and I’m really pleased with it, Headliners not great but plenty else to keep me entertained. Lauryn Hill, CaTQ’s, The Streets and Wu Tang Clan I’ll certainly be trying to see. Can anybody summarise what’s gone on since, reaction/ any other news/ rumour info etc. of note as I won’t be going back through all those pages!
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    think she's too busy to worry about petitions today ...
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    He has church on Sunday.
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    Hey @Gnomicide @SwedgeAntilles Couldn't remember the thread about side eye dog but our Ralph reminds me of him. I finally managed to get a similar pic.
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    No. That wouldn't, and absolutely shouldn't happen under any circumstances. That would be the worst possible way of doing it. You've potentially got an outcome that only a shade over 25% of the voting public can accept.
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    Nah. Not a chance. I'd rather rim a stranger on the Sunday night than drink a warm can of Fosters, Carling, Carlsberg etc. It can be massively salvaged if the beer in question was actually nice to begin with, unlike the aforementioned piss water in a can.
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    These hold five litres each, from memory they're around £15 each. Less if you buy in bulk. They get lighter and easier to carry the more you drink ?They 'can' be used as a seat that also gets comfier the more you drink.? Hopback Brewery do some others but this is my favourite.?
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    I would love to see (or play!) a classic trance set at Glastonbury. I think it would go down well too. Especially in the Glade or Spaceport
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    “If I want to sit in and drink Super Tennent's in the day I willNo one's going to fucking tell me jack”
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    That's the plan, was going to wait until we've got the first 10, than post it each day on the winner's post.
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    I was caught up on the bit of trolling that took place and it was honestly so childish and came off as mean-spirited. It was trying to alienate regular posters and made the forum hard to read. I avoided posting for a bit because of that... and when it comes down to it this is Neil's site, and although we may all feel like we have a 'right' to it we really dont. Dont fuck with peoples happiness. I'm just here for the memes, witty comebacks, puns, and glasto excitement. Re: PheonixGirl shes a poster I enjoy and didnt seem to be involved in the childishness. Let's sort it out guys.
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    2 hours / 3 hours, it doesn’t matter. Foo’s will still play the same amount of songs, it’s just how long they want to drag each one out for.
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    Because I can't hold my own piss ? I went to see Frank Turner on Tuesday night in Manchester. He was doing a Q and A and a book signing and played a bit of an acoustic set. He confirmed to me and minime that he'll be at Glastonbury this year. We had a bit of a chat about how it feels like ages since he last played there and he's looking forward to it again ?
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    I went to his book signing in Manchester on Tuesday night. I asked him should I be disappointed he's not on the first line up release and he said no... watch out for the full line up ? We then had a chat about his last Glastonbury in 2015. He said he's looking forward to playing again as it feels like ages since he was last there ?
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    Just sad down and listened to some songs with the GF and I think we both were in agreement she is so bad jesus what was Emily thinking.
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    I've had 2 years to update it, do you think I've done nothing with my time? This time I've added slurring and falling into a bush. New material alongside the classics.
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    McCoy's, Ribena and a twirl
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    You want dark 'uns - milk and peanut butter stouts work well as breakfast drinks Eg: https://www.beersniffers.co.uk/tailgate-peanut-butter-milk-stout/?gclid=CjwKCAjw7MzkBRAGEiwAkOXexIysb2T-powIELNfWiGxJNurTpmD3PObDLggoCazHOkaiaLrbpfGQhoCtC0QAvD_BwE
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    That's fine. Registration numbers can be 8 to 10 digits.
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    Fuck me, that's a brutal set. Thanks for posting.
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    no, the alternative to defending Jeremy Corbyn is not supporting the Tories. christ almighty. no wonder that fucking shambles of a man is still dragging Labour and the country down with attitudes like that.
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    Songs For Polarbears is still ace.
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    Great to hear. Can you have a word with Theresa May when you're done?
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    Now that's a cultured side eye. Ralph looks like he could have his own talk show, I'd bare my soul to that guy.
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    Nothing is alright when that high a proportion would vote No Deal. That's a staggering and damning indictment of our country and education system.
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    The Chats are going to be huge.
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    I’m marching sat too. I used to have sympathy for having to respect the referendum - but this impasse has gone on long enough.
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    Just seems a weird hill to die on. Like you've made your point and you've every right to. You just want to keep on making it though, which suggests a level of anger or passion on this particular subject. Maybe you're just bored, though, I don't know.
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    Which is why I backed it up with my argument that the poster had been changed to meet this, hence putting two female non headliners along woth the actual three all male headliners to make it look like they have booked it 50/50 across the board, when in reality they havent been able to for whatever reasons. The likelyhood is that the full line up will be more male heavy and hence why the poster has been chopped down and also why theres been a conserted effort to have as near equal female to male across each line. If you cant see all this, I dunno what to say really as its literally starring at you in the face. Theyve made it their agenda to have an equal balance of gender which is great and Ive backed that up by quotes and the poster which in turn leads back into my original point that the industry has been so male dominated that you cant address that in the course of one festival without there being a a noticeble difference in the perception of the quality. In order to fit that quite they have basically resorted to booking pop and r n b acts as theres probably a huge gap into the amount of established female rock bands and sub genres hence the festival looking pop heavy and people being disappointed. I think thats all pretty clear to see and consistent with what Ive said the whole way through. You can dislike it or even disagree but its backed up by the quotes and the line up.
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    Hopefully selling decent selection of reasonably priced fresh fruit not just junk food.
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    FFS. I go to Glastonbury to get away from work
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    We had a village planning meeting about this. Basically Michael and others want a shop in the village. Our last one closed some years ago. It couldn’t compete with the opening of Tesco’s in Shepton and sadly closed its doors. the Coop said they would open one in our village hall building as long as they had a shop at the festival. So Pilton residents get a shop at last.
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    Less jump up drum and bass, more disco
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    I can't recommend this tent enough, it's fantastic. It has a reflective coating inside the oversheet which greatly reduces the sunlight from penetrating so it stays cooler and darker far longer than any other tent I've owned over the last 15 years. I've had this one at 3 festivals so I can say this with experience - it buys you an extra couple of hours of sleep in the morning which makes it worth its weight in gold. Really sturdy too and has a door on either side which is perfect for quickly airing the tent out. And it's only £45. https://www.decathlon.co.uk/arpenaz-3-freshblack-tent-3-man-id_8357355.html
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    Like the sound of that , radio X play him a lot , be great to see him live , have a cheeky upvote on me ?

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