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    And they say chivalry is dead? Arsehole.
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    Ok, I'm bound to say that it's a brilliant present ... well, my other half is the artist ...but actually it is a pretty cool Christmas present. Lolly (yes, that's actually what she's called) is a multi talented artist. Portrait painter, signwriter, playwright, jeweller,blogger etc, etc. Oh, obviously she's a chainsaw carver as well The spring before last she made some Pyramid Stage necklaces to sell at our spot at Glastonbury. She failed completely. Spangled or asleep for the duration. The necklaces literally didn't see the light of day. So, they are for sale here....and you genuinely won't see them anywhere else. They are made from recycled copper, each one etched with a unique design. There are three of them, no two alike. The top of the stage contains Swarovski auoroa borealis crystal. It's threaded on a faux leather or hemp thong and the pendant is approx 7cm (not small) along each side of the triangle. Comes in a posh box with an image of the stage in the background. Cost is £35 each inc p&p (was going to be more at the festival.....) If anyone's interested, PM me.
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    Buzzing it’s tomorrow, hoping to see some of the below announced Big Red Machine // Boy Genius // Julia Jacklin // Fontaines DC // Just Mustard // Snail Mail // Interpol // Childish Gambino // Parquet Courts // Courtney Barnett // Kurt Vile // King Gizzard & The Lizard Wizard // Thom Yorke // New Order // The Chemical Brothers // Metronomy // Foxygen // The Murder Capital // Vampire Weekend // The Lemon Twigs // Whitney // Parcels // Wolf Parade // Modest Mouse // TV On The Radio // Middle Kids // Robyn // Pigs x7 // First Aid Kit // Neil Young // Anderson Paak
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    Yep, many more details here: Genosys is out in the open air, and has suffered in the past from being reduced to a mere 88 dBA, which is not conducive to shaking it about. “It’s the second year RG Jones have provided the solution here”. Explains Simon Honywill “Historically they’ve had huge problems with the leakage because the licensing regulations state that off-site no one single noise source can be heard above the overall festival hubbub, and they had real problems with this one. It was a ground stacked left and right system and they were running at 80 to 83, 85 if they were lucky. We came up with this solution - 10 a side Martin MLA Compact and 12 DSX subs, and two little arrays of MLA Mini as in-fills. It’s been a really great result and they’re very happy with it. You can do so much more with [MLA] it leaves everything else in the dark, it makes a conventional line array look and sound prehistoric because you can’t control the wavefront in anything like the same way and get the same degree of coverage – and get it to stop hitting where you don’t want it hit. But it does all that and sounds incredible, really incredible. It sounds amazing – that MLA system, I’d have that at home if I could! I absolutely love it. I knew exactly what MLA Compact could do and never doubted we would get a great result for the lovely people of the weird and wonderful world of Block 9" https://rgjones.co.uk/docs/latest-news/EVpEZZukZpYwvEesIS.shtml
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    As long as you don't give IDLES the poster before
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    Gammon ranges from someone who gets red faced about brexit to someone that doesn't like the 1975, I wouldn't get too worried if someone throws it your way on here.
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    Ever met him? Asking for a friend.
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    My issue with those two subbing is more the fact their draw is based on playing 50% or more Oasis songs. Why have the Gallaghers doing their own karaoke turns when the festival could be booking the likes of Christine and the Queens etc. How is the festival planning to bump up acts to headline status if they're giving 2 of the top 6 Pyramid slots to members of the same band who had their heyday in the 90s? 2/3 of the headliners look nailed on to be heritage acts, do we really need 2/3 subs to be too, let alone the fact they're from the same band?
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    With cocaine I think this is certainly a factor to some degree. I know countless virtuous veggies, who buy organic, wear ethically sourced clothes etc but love a good dabble in the old cocaine. The links between the international cocaine trade and prostitution, human trafficking, escalating levels of gang violence in Latin America etc etc are grim. I asked one of them why she wouldn't buy clothes sourced in Bangladesh yet was perfectly happy snorting cocaine. She said it was because there wasn't an available alternative to coke.... Now, as @mashedonmud has pointed out, obviously the problem here is that drug aren't legal, and as a result the war on drugs fucks the people at the bottom the hardest. But, personally, I would find it difficult to reconcile continuing to take the drug (if I was that way inclined) whilst being aware of those links....More so than other drugs, which tbf is probably just as illogical as my friend's stance on coke, but I do feel that with MDMA/pills/speed/things unwittingly being spice, the real risk is to the user and while this still means that absolutely we need things like The Loop etc until the fucking Government get the shit together, I guess it has less hideously unethical implications if one keeps taking them until that happens
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    Why, they are are as big as any of those bands and we all saw last time that people on here underrated how big Liam still was when he had one of the biggest crowds going at the Other, that stage was too small so subbing on the Pyramid made sense (he had a bigger crowd than The National for sure). Noel has as much as an attraction. I get it looks a bit awkward with two brothers from the same band subbing separate days but ultimately both acts are bigger that the likes of the National and the XX so how is it embarrassing?
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    OK Guys, we're ready for Wednesday! 2016: 2018: 2019:
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    and very special guest pussy riot...
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    I hope it's true and they can propel some great female acts to the top of the lineup like Jane's Addiction, Good Charlotte and Alice in Chains.
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    Is that at the Marble Factory? If so, that’s actually Motion’s 2nd room, there’ll be an event on that night afterwards I imagine although I’m not sure what! If you weren’t fancying that then Stokes Croft is probably my favourite night life area of Bristol. Some really great bars there playing house/disco/tech. Particularly The Love Inn, No 51s and The Crofters Rights. Marble Factory is a little out the way of the centre but it’s only 5/10 minutes in a taxi. Either way, you’ll definitely have no problem finding somewhere to go
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    It would be great to see Thom Yorke performing the Suspiria soundtrack.
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    Gabi has just tweeted a link to Paste magazine's albums of the year. https://www.pastemagazine.com/articles/2018/11/the-50-best-albums-of-2018.html?p=2 Reggaeton fills the top 10. Edit: irony
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    He’s playing in 2020 according to you so I wouldn’t worry yourself mate.
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    If it's going to be a day as expensive as Noel's there's only really Florence from female fronted bands I can see being big enough, maybe The XX too but they don't have any dates for next year. Wolf Alice don't seem big enough to me to go alongside Foals and Noel Gallagher especially on arguably the best of the three days (bank holiday Sunday), would like to see them there subbing though. I think Florence might be a decent shout, other than that Bring Me The Horizon, Royal Blood, Biffy and Phonics seem like contenders to me (IF Royal Blood end up announcing anything, that is).
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    So as with all things I'm caveating this with "I'm not qualified or even an expert" Personally I found that my knee issues as a result of running reduced when I increased my squat and lunge training. Not necessarily going heavy or anything, but that movement does make the structures around your knees work to provide a stable platform. I know that some people link knee pain to squats so I'm happy to be corrected, but I've always known that to be as result of heavy squats. I do these as a separate exercise set from running. You'll gradually be exhausting the muscles by working them, so to then go running on them would (I suspect) increase the injury risk. A few set of bodyweight squats to warm them up would be fine, but don't confuse strengthening with warming up! I've also stopped doing leg extensions as I understand that the movement and load is actually a bit unnatural, and puts quite a bit of strain on the patella tendon in particular. Ditto for leg presses, as it's not quite the body's natural movement. If you're not a gym bunny or have access to a squat rack and bar you can always just do them with weights in your hands, or a goblet squat if you've got a kettlebell. Also worth remembering that some people just don't have good knees for running. Mrs Q has been told by a couple of physios that her knees are just not structurally suited to running, no matter what exercises she does!
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    Neil is this really the molehill youre prepared to die on? Sheesh, take a holiday. 🙃
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    How’d you work this one out then?
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    You can DM me, I would like you.
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    The loop do fantastic work, yes drugs are illegal but that does not stop people. We should be investing in more harm reduction and education in this country. Would be great to see them at Glastonbury as this would create even more awareness, the government needs to open up to have a more open and honest debate about drugs policy rather than following the same old party line. As at the moment our drugs policies are causing more harm to the people they are set out to protect and giving huge sums of money to really nasty people. If anyone is interested, they should check out the Stop and Search podcast always an insightful look at the war on drugs and drugs policy in the UK. Always a great range of guests and topics. I see chasing the scream has been recommended previously, again anyone wanting to know about the history of the war on drugs can't recommend this book enough. In addition people should also check out Good Cop Bad War by Neil Woods about his time as an undercover police officer and how it changed his perception on the drug war.
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    Here is the link for the chat that's on now. They're just talking about (Spanish) festivals in general, no revelations so far. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=D5LvNywqRCY
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    *dons miserable old bastard hat* * I've been to loads of Glastonburys. I've forgotten better bands than the Killers and have successfully avoided Pulp on numerous occasions. I will however suggest that one of the finer non-Pyramid headliner shows I've seen was Orbital on the (then) NME stage in 1994. You know the one - the only non-Pyramid headliner show that ever troubles the upper reaches of the GOAT Glastonbury sets. I wasn't alone in that field that night - who else was there? *My miserable old bastard hat is always donned.
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    Radio primavera sound has a live streaming channel at youtube. They have now a chat with other organizers. So, they will have a live streaming video at Wednesday too. Now it makes more sense.
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    It's saying a woman's sexuality is more important than what she's successful for. It's a demeaning and sexist comment. It's not sexual harassment (and I'm not sure who thinks it is?)
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    Haha, I was suggesting it for the 25th anniversary album, unfortunately giglamesh got there a minute before me and made me look like an idiot. coulda been this parklife tho
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    Yeah, I would say the Lions Den if they played.
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    Ermm... It's like saying it's not sexist if he made a joke about her having kids. Are you genuinely saying his comments about twerking isn't sexist?
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    I guess that cancels out my my Chas 'n' Dave, sorry, Chas ‘n’ Dave, Quo and Right Said Fred.
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    Broken Bells 3 are starting their approach and will soon land for their next mission. I'm not enamoured with The Shins but James Mercer + Dangermouse = pure magic. Their Park set in '10 was brill if a little under attended for some reason so would be good to see them return next year.
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    Oh good lord, do I know what you mean!! 🙌🏽 Ben
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    If the Fever 333 are announced in the next batch I'll be absolutely buzzing. Saw them in Leeds last week and honestly they're THE best live support act I've ever seen.
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    Is it Martin Audio? They're often the best, but always excellent, and I've certainly seen them at the fest Best sound for me is still The Glade, extraordinarily good
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    Yeah it was decent, took the kids along. They loved it.
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    Yeah i’d put Hot Chip 2015 and LCD 2016 up there but Chic 2013 and Pulp 2011 above them. I like(d) the Killers but have absolutely no regrets choosing Chic and Barry Gibb over them - was a great afternoon.
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    It's stupid money mate but I am prepared to work Xmas and Boxing day to put it towards. I am far from rich but there is no way I am not going next year. When I am lay on my death bed, I will not think about the 2 grand I saved by sitting at home while my friends went to Glastonbury. Desperate times call for desperate measures.
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    Yeah, at 2 o clock, by the fountain down the road.
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    I'd won a raffle, there was very little prizes left, so for giggles I selected the trout as it struck me as the most amusing of the remaining prizes. Michael seemed impressed by my choice. It wasn't until I got back to my seat that I remembered I'm vegetarian.
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    Yeah assuming she'll keep the new album songs to a minimum and do a straight run through of hits there'll barely be a song played that doesn't have place popping off. Trim her current setlist of the fat and it's pretty impressive just how many bangers she has. The weather would have to be pretty shite/she'd have to fuck the setlist up something special to stop this from being one of the guaranteed best sets of the weekend, or at least most smile inducing.
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    Recent Glastonbury subs: 2017 - The xx, The National, Biffy Clyro 2016 - Foals, Tame Impala, Beck 2015 - Florence and the Machine, Pharrell, Paul Weller (was gonna be alt-J) I really don't think they're gonna go from this to having both Noel and Liam Gallagher subbing in 2019. Would be embarrassing.
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    When I ventured into NYC Downlow, I honestly couldn't see what all the fuss was about. I had a better time enjoying the structures from the outside and enjoying the entertainment in the queue. Inside, it could have been anywhere. I'm obviously missing something.
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    better then ever little snowflake , now that I see that you are fan of 1975 I totally understand your gender confusion

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