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    This is a photo of the cardboard castle.. Taken by an old bloke who has been to every Glastonbury since the beginning.. He used to have a little table where he sold a few pics I got given this one after helping him and his wife pack up at the end of the day.. I got the piece of wood at a fence making demonstration in green fields in 2009 we put our bands that fall off onto it... Me carrying said wood We never take bands off... A few pj bands.. A few posters and things Every programme from 2002.... That's the year we started BUYING tickets .. papers from 97 to 2000 has a nice fresh paper shepee in one lol Bags from all years. We have others we use but not these And one of the best ever year when some nice bloke made me and the wife a broom to jump over.. Biggest broom they've ever had lol and certificate to show we did it.. I tip my hat to you old son And then my wall of Glastonbury art by me... The one with Glastonbury Tor is made from food colors and Glastonbury mud so it counts lol. Cheers Glastonbury for years of memories.. G
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    After a bit of a rocky start I've lost about 20kg (45lbs ish) since April. Beeen really inconsistent with the exercise so really need to work on that (just been a solid Keto diet carrying me basically). Read this thread regularly to get inspiration, purchased a half decent pair of running shoes today so hopefully I can get that started up this next week to add to my routine so hopefully I can get another 20kg off by the time Glasto roles around (and I'll finally be at a good, healthy weight for the first time in my life!)
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    Really cannot understand the negative comments about him headlining. Seems a really sound bloke from interviews I’ve heard and read. Has strong views politically and isn’t afraid to speak out. Perfect Glastonbury act I would have said. Hope he nails it.
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    Most people use it to sit quietly and reflect, others use the opportunity to catch up with their paper work
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    For a first time, I reckon your best option is to get lost, really. Figure your way around the site, see what little nooks and crannies you stumble across, take in the different atmospheres of different areas. Unless it’s a mud bath, then just get pissed.
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    To everyone saying that they need a big booking to "replace McCartney", remember that they're not officially replacing him - he's never been announced. Maybe they need a strong headliner to go with Stormzy and The Cure, but that's because of them, not because of losing Paul. Most of the world has no idea he's been in contention to play. And also consider that they're not looking for a "last minute replacement" either. The festival isn't on for another 219 days!
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    Probably asleep. It’s still early
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    Prodigy The Horrors War on Drugs Childish Gambino Smashing Pumpkins Chosen for the fact i`ve never seen any of them live....
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    Yeah I was just joking, of course it really means nothing 😛 Hey what about Foo Fighters, they're in the area and certainly cheaper than Muse... If they got The Cure, Muse, Foo Fighters that'd be pretty big league. Can't see it happening though.
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    And you wonder why 800 people hate you
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    Thanks again for everyones advice etc. Really helped me through a stressful few days where I really didnt know the score. Went for a couple of beers with my collegue and her bro who is sorting me the tickets and we all had an in depth chat. He's not a performar as such but takes a loadof people there. Can't say more as I obviously dont want to ID him. His lot basically work for tickets and do get crew food in the cafe but it is a lobor of love for them. the ticket money from me will get spent by them collectively, no ones pocket is getting lined, Hes a lovely and clearly genuine man who isn't out to rip anyone off or exploit me or his position in the festival. He doesn't know about this thread but does know that e could have charged much more for the tickets, Am feeling blessed and very lucky. And slightly inebriated. Happy. Thanks again for your input.
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    @guypjfreak Now that is just splendid. Outstanding.Well worth the wait. Don't know what else to say. Genuinely don't know of anyone else with such a collection apart from The Eavii. (Except not sure about that bloke's dodgy dress sense wearing pale brown chinos )
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    That's a beast! And to get Eavis there as well, I would give 2 upvotes if I could.
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    You have one free headliners place on the Pyramid stage, and both Gallagher brothers are available. You can only choose one. Which long drop are you going to hang out in?
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    Emily if you’re reading this, please ring Gaga!! She’s definitely free and you know she doesn’t mind standing in for people. It would be such a legendary booking 🙏🏻🙏🏻🙏🏻
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    “No Michael, a jet isn’t a restful environment”
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    Don't bother, you'll forget to save it
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    I have to admit the new Mumford and Sons album (Delta) isn't bad its got a lot of good reviews
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    Young Fathers Young Fathers Young Fathers Young Fathers Young Fathers
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    Thank god they didn't cook it up a year ago and tarnish the album. Moving on, this is fantastic. Album coming December 14th.
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    Bon Iver Sufjan Stevens Beach House Nine Inch Nails Tears for Fears
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