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    When I was younger, my Dad... who loved opera and classical... was fairly dismissive (shite might not have been a term he would use, but it was along those lines) of all the music I listened to. I gave up trying to reason/argue with him, preferring instead to cocoon myself with headphones to avoid the conflict. Now with teenagers myself, who like hip/hop, grime (my lad) and “pop shite” (my daughter) I take the time to listen to and discuss a lot of their music. I may not share their tastes, but they’ve introduced me to some good stuff I wouldn’t otherwise have listened to. Some of my most enjoyable sets at the festival have been going to acts I don’t particularly enjoy with my daughter and watching her sheer enjoyment. Adele, Florence, Charli XCX, Ella Eyre, all acts I would not have been at without her. They were all fantastic. My son, who will be a newbie, is also coming along next year. I’m sure I’ll find myself at some hip/hop or grime artist I have no interest in.... and I’m sure it will be ace. I also really hope Taylor Swift or Little Mix play. My daughter would love to see either. Theres plenty for everyone there, and as has been pointed out countless times here... the Pyramid headliners don’t need to be your cup of tea. Or “big enough to headline” whatever the hell that means. Smallest crowd I’ve seen for a headliner at Pyramid was Radiohead.... who I adore! But I’m old. So that’s as it should be. Pink, Gaga, Swift.... the field would be rammed I suspect... as it was for Sheeran. Who also qualifies as “pop shite” in some eyes. I suspect my Dad called Fleetwood Mac and Macca “pop shite” when he passed my room in 1975. They’re “ancient pop shite” if you like.
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    Street photography is my thing so I’m sure I’ll be in “image heaven” there! Here’s a shot from the Portland, Maine Pride Parade this summer.
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    Yep, his real surname was Ravenscroft.
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    Thanks so much for the positive comments! I will just say I hate being called “sir”! I think it comes from my brief stint in the Air Force during the VietNam era. In 70, as you might know, it was a lottery as to who would be drafted and my number was 120 something so I would have been. I considered Canada but as as 19 year old I found it hard to accept the thought of leaving friends and family behind not knowing if I could ever return. So instead, in Cheyanne Wyoming, I enlisted in the Air Force thinking it would be more educational and I wouldn’t be on the ground. That lasted 9 months. After basic training and school to train as an aircraft mechanic on B-52s, I was stationed in upstate New York. I was a fish out of water in my VW bus. All my free time I spent off base with kids my own age in a small village called Barneveld. After a few months there came a day when they were having a nuclear war drill and everyone ran to the tarmac to do god knows what but I stayed in my barracks and decided I could not put up with the insanity. I got a phone call from the commander and he was screaming at me asking me what I thought I was doing and to get my ass in gear! I told him he was nuts and everything else about the whole place was insane and that I could not participate anymore. At this point he softened his tone, obviously thinking I was borderline and might do something crazy, so I jumped in by bus and drove to his office to confront the guy. Upon walking in I can remember walking down an aisle in the middle of the room with office workers at their desks on both side typing away doing whatever they were doing. He sat directly ahead of me in office enclosed in glass. I sat down across from him at his desk and he perceeded to tell me how it was God’s plan to save the worl from Communism etc etc and I yelled back at him that he and everything about what was going on was insane and that I could not partake of it anymore! After bantering back and forth I just jumped up and charged out flailing my arms yelling how they were all crazy and jumped into my VW bus and started driving across the base. Soon I was pulled over by the military police and they told me they had orders to escort me to the hospital for a urine test. The commander was convinced I was on drugs! When I got to the hospital I had to go into the toilet with an orderly to piss in a cup while he stood next to me. As I was preparing myself he nudged me on the shoulder and said, “ hey man, want me to pee for ya”. I told him I was good and that was that. Next I went to a psychiatrist and met him for a few sessions. This took a few weeks. Meantime I was driving home to Portland, Maine every weekend to party with my friends. 7 hours each way! One weekend I just stayed for 5 days and was AWOL (absent without leave). Anyway to end this story I was classified a “passive dependent character disorder” and recieved an Honorable Discharge. You can’t make this shit up! To top it all off when I went to get my final discharge papers from a kid my own age in his office he slid the papers across the counter to me and said, “here man”, and handed me the envelope and a hit of Mescaline! End of story!
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    Are you seriously saying that if Corbyn got caught saying something even more anti Semitic than what he has already, you would be on here persuading everyone to vote Tory? You believe there is always only one moral way to vote, which is coincidentally always the same you do/would. 63 million people voted for Trump (millions having voted for a black president) in the past. Yet you judge the 63 million on the tiny proportion who stand at the front of rallies. This is the simplistic analysis that the likes of Owen Jones champion because it helps make themselves rich, we should challenge such simplicity. You put all the blame on the right winning on the voters, it’s exactly the same as Corbynites often do. The democrats could have picked a candidate that the electorate preferred instead of the coronation they chose. They could have campaigned in mid west states they ended up losing, rather than chasing long shots dreaming of a landslide. Blaming the voters results in the left never learning from their mistakes.
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    You're all getting too hung up on the pop shite remark. The ACTUAL argument beau1 made had some validity. Some people are basically saying Pink won't headline because her music is less credible than Lady Gaga or Madonna. The point is that those acts are all in the same genre and I'd argue they appeal to largely the same people - people who like catchy pop music. Just because certain people on efestivals like one more than the other doesn't mean they don't still have the same general appeal. Yes, amongst dedicated music fans there may be a concensus that Gaga has more merit than Pink and would therefore be a more appropriate headliner, but there's no chance the average person would react any differently to either act being announced.
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    I chickened out of coming to the last meet, partly because of introversion and also because I’d made the disasterous decision to promise everyone ciders if the Foos played Frome. I’d really like to be there in 2019 though. Still too introverted for a group camp even though I go solo, but you’re a fine bunch of humans and your company would be my pleasure.
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    Much as I'd love it, that is just never happening. Queen and Radiohead had to give tickets away. Most of Scotland's festival goers have never heard of Tool.
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    Just look at how many wooden pallets it was delivered on.
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    Of course how could I forget those beautiful people they lost their bags turned up with nothing and managed to get said bags back (witnessed in my time on ped gate so glad they're both back and of course they'll be there
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    Ahhh I'm with ya. And yes. Good old Sandwell Town ?
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    They sold out Wembley Arena only last year. And I imagine that audience won't be turning their nose up at seeing Blossoms and more on the same bill.
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    Now look at the mess you made me make
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    Same spot as The Vaccines though. And Blossoms! But yeah I think you're right. The Kooks were the second biggest band I could think of that could headline this but I thought they might be a bit old. Would be majorly surprised if they announce any bigger artists tomorrow.
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    It's not just FM - U2's tickets for the current tour topped out at over £200 once fees were added for the decent low tier seats. What I really object to is the scam that Livenation and Toutmaster do where they have a "Golden Circle" and partition off the standing section directly in front of the stage and charge 3-4 times more for access. It'd be like Glastonbury sealing off the section in front of the crush barrier off and charging a grand for a ticket to access it. TRNSMT did it in 2018 and I for one will boycott any festival or artist that does this.... https://highwayqueens.com/2018/07/09/why-the-trnsmt-golden-circle-and-all-exploitative-vip-standing-areas-must-go/ The front rail is for fans that turn up early and queue for the privilege to be on the rail not for the privileged.
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    What they do though, is always have very nice art work.
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    Looks pretty realistic. I think Greta Van Fleet, Pale Waves and The Amazons would all be higher though, and that they wouldn't clash Enter Shikari and Twenty One PIlots. Would swap Dave and Good Charlotte as well.
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    Had a re-jig and though of some acts to play further down stages, as @Mattymooz did. (Obviously way too early to properly predict, just a bit of fun and maybe giving others ideas of people who could play) Friday Main: Twenty One Pilots//Stormzy//Vampire Weekend//Frank Carter & The Rattlesnakes//Loyle Carner//Sundara Karma//Basement//Astroid Boys//Estrons R1: Enter Shikari//Rae Sremmurd//The Neighbourhood//Juice WRLD//Fidlar//Fredo//Becky Hill//The Academic Dance: George Fitzgerald//Hot Since 82//Hayden James//Andhim//Grabbitz Pit: Andrew W.K.//Ghostmane//Touche Amore//WSTR//Seaway FR: Parquet Courts//Dermot Kennedy//Gengahr//Sunset Sons//High Tyde 1Xtra: Stefflon Don//Casisdead//Mick Jenkins//Avelino//Jazz Cartier Saturday Main: The 1975//Catfish & The Bottlemen//Cardi B//Dave//Everything Everything//DMA's//Greta Van Fleet//Pale Waves//Only Shadows R1: Giggs//Good Charlotte//Lower Than Atlantis//Sigala LIVE//The Amazons//Scarlxrd//Tom Walker//Princess Nokia Dance: Kaytranada//Metrik//Low Steppa//Preditah//Solardo Pit: Bowling For Soup//Touche Amore//Miss May I//The Word Alive//Killstation FR: Peace//Gang Of Youths//Gerry Cinnamon//The Big Moon//Belako 1Xtra: Pusha T//Mabel//Tee Grizzley//Jay Prince//Belly Squad Sunday Main: Foo Fighters//The Streets//Architects//Brockhampton//Pvris//Idles//Section Boyz//The Fever 333//Turbowolf R1: Silk City//Rat Boy//Lil Uzi Vert//Miles Kane//High Contrast LIVE//Boston Manor//MoStack//Hippo Campus Dance: Disciples//GTA//Martin Jensen//Tom Zanetti & K.O.Kane//Flosstradamus Pit: The Ghost Inside//HO99O9//Pouya//Haken//Lonely The Brave FR: Editors//Little Comets//Swim Deep//Jaws//Cabbage 1Xtra: Denzel Curry//Not3s//Earthgang//Valee//IDK
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    see above we have spent far too long loitering on here over the winter months we are posting the same
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    He's not really Friday night fare, but Other headliner opposite the, well, other headliner would be great.
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    Too right me old tate!
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    Costs £20k to meet the Rolling Stones nowadays, puts into perspective how great value Mick Fleetwood’s presence and contempt really is.
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    That picture what Banksy did is worth £2m and that’s just a bit of shredded paper. Puts into perspective how great value Glastonbury is.
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    Hulk Hogan joined Fleetwood Mac????
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    @gregory has beaten everyone
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    Trafalgar Wines is indeed a very fine beer emporium. I also use the Seven Cellars wine shop which also has a good range of beers in Seven Dials. I shall investigate your recommendations, the first can of the day always has to be special one!
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    Tickets shall be acquired. Pints shall be exchanged. Bollox shall be talked. Kali, I think - and i'm sure others will agree - that your altruistic efforts a year previously more than balances out your 'pint owing' karma. Sterling effort. Also: I'm hoping everyone on here will be at the meet. I've found it tricky the last few years with arriving late due to work / child care, but this year Wednesday is my child-free 'day off', so i'm definitely going. Already anticipating the looks I get when returning smashed to family camping sans child. If anyone is a bit nervous rocking up alone (I'm not really bothered), i'm happy to meet up just beforehand and wander down together for a bit of initial moral support / encouragement.
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    Found this site to be very informative for a newbie to Glastonbury! http://www.glastoearth.com/the-faq/faq-part-1
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    Pick the tent first as long as you have the ticket page but they do sell out quickly. No problem with under occupancy and they would be more comfortable
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    Bloody hell, i thought i was on the ‘spot yourself on a random photo’ thread for a second there.
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    You know already I’ll grab your fist and shake it.
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    We live in the lake district and it's definitely one of the lovely things about living here. ?
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    And... don't forget that Gary Barlow is a massive c*nt
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    Just wanted to add it to my favourites, that’s all how does the process look? Do you pick which tent/pad you want after you get through or you have to pick it before and then keep trying to get through next page (if that makes sense)? Also, if It’s only my parents, can I book 4 person tent/pad? Does it matter that it’ll be only 2 people in it? Just thinking purely about their comfort and space, but there’s maybe some rules.
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    Yes definitely. The link might be discovered a day or two beforehand but of course won't link to an active purchase screen until the moment of sale... or a depressing holding page quite possibly!.. checking to see if I can find an old link.. or if it was the same anyway last time.
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    Anyone who can successfully put a can on the ground and stomp on it with any degree of accuracy ain’t doing glastonbury right, i reckon. If I tried that, i’d end up flat on my arse, probably a tooth knocked out, a welly at least 7ft away and the untouched can standing pristine in the middle of a scene of devastation
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    Asked bassist in Idles last night were they playing Glasters - "Dunno mate." To be fair to him he'd only just finished 5 mins of jousting with his pedal board. Helluva fucking gig. For a band at their "level" it doesnt really get any better. As positive, heart-led and "nourishing" a show as I've seen this year. Beautiful, really. If they play the G - and they most certainly should - then they could headline the Peel against one of the big boys or go with the Arcade Fire spec (6pm Sat Other) to enable a vast crowd to see 'em. Touring again in the Spring we were told - do not miss 'em.
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    It was me the one that posted it, and yes, it has been said at a conference in a music industry related event.
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    @guypjfreak is in so many bits now they're the only things holding him together So good to hear the updates Guy, little steps forward! Very proud looking granddad as well In my own good news, father in law came back home on Friday night after nearly 4 months in hospital. Starting to heal properly from his op now, so they were happy to let him continue healing at home. Happy days! Plus got Rolling Blackouts tomorrow night and First Aid Kit next week to look forward to as well
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    2019 accommodation bookings for Worthy View will be taken by the Festival’s nominated booking agency, See Tickets, from 10am on Saturday 27th October 2018. ?
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    My son wearing our Manchester bee flag while looking over the site from the top of The Park at his first Glastonbury in 2017
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