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    Just a standard evening trawling through a teenage girl's internet presence for Gucci Piggy.
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    What if people who have updated their photo get put through to the ticket page ahead of the people who haven't ...??
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    We have no idea when the first announcement will be. We're hoping for an early one like Radiohead two years ago which was in October. We don't really have any frontrunners. Stormzy posted Noel Gallagher's quote about not having hip-hop at Glasto on his Instagram story a few weeks ago and some are taking that as a hint from him. We've also today had someone say his son was talking to the daughter of one of The Cure's guitarists at Reading this year and she said The Cure are playing Glasto next year. We did think Macca was likely as both him and Emily sort of avoided the question when asked about him headlining on the radio. However, he's just announced a US show the week of Glasto so a lot are ruling him out because of that. If his and Emily's responses were an indication that he's booked to play Glasto, maybe it's for 2020. Aside from those tidbits, we're all just guessing. Main predictions on top of those ones right now are probably Arctic Monkeys, The 1975, Madonna, Fleetwood Mac and Kendrick Lamar. Elton John is playing in Switzerland on the Sat and Sun of Glasto next year and isn't doing 3 nights in a row all tour. More likely for 2020. I think that's everything covered, pretty much.
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    If you can talk them down to a 50 minute hits set, then I'm in.
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    He's not as good as he used to be
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    Like Amy and Kurt.....
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    No, but I don't think it would have happened under Ed Milliband either. My view is 1. The Tory party is more racist than labour. 2. There isn't a significant difference in racism under the Tory party led by May or Cameron. 3. The Corbyn led labour party is significantly more racist than the Milliband led party.
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    That's a cracking line-up. I'm particularly a fan of Some Form of Local Brass Band first up on the pyramid Sunday
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    Anyway, weird timing all this. About a week or so ago I was bored of just listening to new music so decided to revisit The Cure's back catalogue as I haven't listened to them properly in forever. Been absolutely rinsing Three Imaginary Boys and Seventeen Seconds this last week. In fact I was even gonna drunk post on here the other night about how good they are. Anyway, just after I start doing this the conversation pops up on here about them headlining, and then straight after that someone comes in with info that they are playing. Wouldn't be surprised if they're announced tomorrow just to finish it off. Baader-Meinhof at it's finest. Sunday night. Iggy Pop into The Cure. Get it done guys.
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    I’ve been going since 1983 and you’re right, it isn’t what it used to be. It’s much, much better now. I saw Elvis Costello headline a few times, including in 1989 when it was just him and an acoustic guitar. I didn’t stay at the Pyramid long, it’s not exactly the most rip-roaring way to finish the day. What I most love about Glastonbury is it’s inclusiveness, there’s something for (nearly) everyone. And as proved by the gargantuan crowd there for Craig David last year, people like to be entertained (not that it did much for me).
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    Unless this is a wishlist/fantasy booking then it is way off. Chemical Brothers wouldn't play full stop. That issue aside, they also wouldn't play any festival in the middle of the day on the main stage. Shikari, Royal Blood, Jack White & Architects are all at least one or two slots below where they would realistically play. Queens of the Stone Age & Slipknot would be headliners - Having those two subbing but The Prodigy headlining, really? I'll leave it at that for now.
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    The Rhythm Method. They're like a council estate Pet Shop Boys.
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    She doesn't want to let us down
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    62% of people know that.
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    I suppose it is each to their own, as i am approaching 40 i am excited by the prospect of Smashing Pumpkins playing festivals next year. I did not bat an eye lid when I saw tickets for their Wembley gig were over £70 as Siamese Dream and Mellon Collie are two of my fave albums in a 2000 album collection. For me they were defining of an era but i can also appreciate that most people attending the festival probably weren't born then. I'd love to see them co headline. Imagine a Pixies / Smashing Pumpkins evening Pixies in the NIN slot from last year and SP co headlining with someone else. I might be dreaming but if there was an evening like this with Muse and Fleetwood Mac on the other nights, id cut my balls off to be there
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    I did a phone photo and cropped it.
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    I herd a story like that once. I was in Sri Lanka, formerly Ceylon...
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    I heard a story from a guy who claimed a dude just came up to him in the street and was like "what's your name" and he just told him being on autopilot. So the guy gets out a self-made CD and starts signing it "to Craig, keep it tight fam, yours Random Grime MC On The Street" and then goes "that's £10 then mate" and he's like "woah I don't want this" and then rapman is all "well I've signed it for you now, you have to buy it otherwise there'll be trouble", so Craig stands there yelling his own name for about 5 mins with our generation's answer to Tupac glaring at him intently and then some patsy walks up like "you called?" and our Craig cheerfully goes "sell it this chump" and goes about his way. Now you may choose not to believe that story, because it obviously wasn't true and he probably just ended up buying the CD, but do facts really matter in this scenario and is it funnier to believe he really did foist the angry rap singer demanding £10 onto a different Craig?
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    Factory Floor and Black Midi are both a great time. I'd be tempted by that London Astrobeat Orchestra playing Talking Heads as well.
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    Let's Eat Grandma and Dutch Uncles are good, I'd be intrigued by that orchestra playing Talking Heads too.
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    Yes I did!! Dragged Deb and Simon along with me. Can you believe they'd lived there 3 years and never been up there?? I could've sat all day in Glastonbury town and people watched. What a beautiful place it is.
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    Don't know why I put this pic lol.. Little steps. Off to see her after cup o tea and hopefully have more answers to the questions we have.. The one thing I've learned not to do is Google anything.. Never Google any medical thing it's like going down a black hole.. If the hammer house of horror was still around they could make loads of stories from Googling Google medical things. Starting to talk rubbish but makes sense in my head somewhere lol I'm off lol. Xx
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    No reason why not. All new music shall be divided into the following categories: those that belong to the Emperor, embalmed ones, those that are trained, suckling pigs, mermaids, fabulous ones, stray dogs, those included in the present classification, those that tremble as if they were mad, innumerable ones, those drawn with a very fine camelhair brush, others, those that have just broken a flower vase, those that from a long way off look like flies.
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    Evening. You're right, this isn't about points, they matter half of fuck alI even in the best of times. I'm pretty confident they matter diddly squat to you right now. I can't imagine how things feel with your family at the moment. The pic of your granddaughter intubated on PICU sends shivers down my spine. Can't even begin to think of one of mine like that. All I want to say is this: Hope she is doing good, fingers crossed for you all. Strength and resilience through the etherweb. Thank goodness we live in the UK and have the NHS.
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    Norman Foster and Richard Rogers giving a series of lectures.
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    I've not seen the Glastonbury taxi rank, but I've seen (worked on) the equivilent at a couple of festivals a fraction of the size and can't imagine it'll be any better than disasterous with multiple hour queues/waiting at peak times. Taxi regulations say that only the ones licensed by the relevant local authority (in this case Mendip District Council) can pick up in that area without having a pre arranged booking - which means the supply is severly limited. You can order one from outside the area to come and collect you but most companies who'll do that will get booked up well in advance of the Festival and will likely slap a huge out of area charge on the fare. Soi yeah, as a general rule - Taxis at Festivals - any Festival of a decent size - are an absolute shitshow especially at busy times.
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    I'm going to change mine cos I look like a taliban in the present picture..
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    Ps yog and semtex old sons I didn't think that this was a game of winning or losing points. It's a place so I thought were you could come and say your piece obviously without causing hurt.. Fuck points. I'm Sat here in a waiting room having just watched my granddaughter lying there helpless and you think I'm worried about points.. Christ let's play the ooo we're all equal game.. If I was a girl we'd all be saying ahh.. But I'm not. So soz yog me old fruit cake in a way it does have a something to do with my granddaughters plight. Her plight is my plight and yes I'm an emotional wreck.. As for those that down voted me I'm not even sure I've spoken to them.. Any way I listened to a tune and didn't like it but I hope he's at peace.... It's his family that will be going through hell and its those I feel sorry for.. To many fucking bad shit things happening old son to many bad things. Vote me down as much as you like people it's a fucking arrow only an arrow. G
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    Truly, the only way to capture and challenge the spirit of our times is to go for a sound that would have been third down on a bill below Josef K at student unions across the land in 1980.
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    We're falling apart, the pair of us. I'm just waiting for the next bit to drop off! I pulled yet another of my teeth out with a pliers recently, such was the frustration with the tooth. The others will not last long either, but as you say, they can add them to the partial dentures. I don't think a prolonged (and expensive) spell of rubbing cocaine in to my gums did me any good in the long run! Oh well, we're still here, and that's the main thing. Keep smiling in the face of adversity.
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    I updated photos last night and had email at 5pm today ???
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    Sorry Bamber girl but my granddaughter is fighting for her life.. This geezer has it all and does drugs....... And dies... Stupid boy.. Soz but that's life And that's how I feel about it
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    They're definitely not groundbreaking. Doesn't matter to me though because I find their music to be excellent and the lyrics, while not subtle at all, to be catchy and comforting in that we can share a laugh at the state of affairs that we're in.
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    They sound absolutely nothing like the bands that are referred to as indie landfill....?
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    Like them or loathe them I don't think there's any justification for calling IDLES 'indie landfill'. Personally I quite liked the last album and very much like the new one. I reckon they're a good shout for a low Other spot and headlining Left Field one night.
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    Hold your horses... I'll cut my balls off & offer them to you as tribute as long as I never have to watch Muse.
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    Friday Main Stage: The Prodigy, Pendulum, Enter Shikari, Killswitch Engage, Red Fang, Suicidal Tendencies, Astroid Boys Second Stage: Architects, Beartooth, The Story So Far, FIDLAR Avalanche: Alkaline Trio, The Damned, Creeper, Gnarwolves. Saturday Main Stage: Foo Fighters, Royal Blood, Ghost, Gorijira, The Hives, Frank Carter & The Rattlesnakes, Greta Van Fleet, Puppy Second Stage: Five Finger Death Punch, Coheed & Cambria, While She Sleeps Rolo Tomassi. Avalanche: State Champs, La Dispute,Black Foxxes, Scarlxrd Sunday Main Stage: Greenday, Nine Inch Nails, Rancid, Slaves, The Interrupters, Basement, Idles, Milk Teeth. Second Stage: Mastodon, Rival Sons,Zach De La Rocha, Every Time I Die. Avalanche: Descendants, Flogging Molly, Turnstile, Clowns.
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    What a bloody stupid thing. The passport photo and driving licence is every 10 years. All they are trying to do is dissuade regular goers from going. What a load of bullshit!!!!!! We've been going since 97 and it's got worse every year.it's now so commercialised that it has got too big for itself.
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    watched the first minute of this and it made me think of the 94 and 95 lineups, an era where Kylie was getting into her prime. Could you imagine finding her a place on the bill back then? and nowadays some on here are clamoring for her, more Katy Perry-like slots 3rd down on pyramid...while some (dinosaurs like me) are hopeful the likes of The Cure, Simple Minds, Robert Plant, Elvis Costello make returns to the Pyramid next year... I had a random original first-time thought (that no one on here has ever had) that the festival isn't what it used to be. See you at the Acoustic Stage 2019....
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    The heroic return of Mumford & Sons. Haha.

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