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    In b4 Will quotes "you're making up shit for your imaginary imagination" 137 times in the next week hahahah
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    This was incredible. It was switched to Night & Day Cafe which I thought was a great venue but means I've still not been to the Deaf Institute. The opening act was enjoyable enough, great voice but not so great that I made an effort to find out his name. Jesse Malin was his usual superb self, just him and one bloke on guitar/piano. Great stories between songs and a couple of choice covers (Pogues & Neil Young). He continues to wear the crown of The Most New York bloke fron New York. On to Craig and we got around 45 minutes of solo stuff, just him and an acoustic, he started with God In Chicago which even without the piano is the best song of the last few years. Like a movie condensed into 6 minutes. Then Craig says "The reason I never play any Hold Steady songs is because I only write the words to them and it doesn't feel right to play them. However... Tad Kubler is here." So up jumps Tad and we get about 25 minutes of Hold Steady stuff. Amazing, and all for £15. I'd have paid that for Hoodrat Friend alone.
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    NOOOOO!! Its a minority stake, doesn't effect the product apart from being able to make more of it. Neck Oil is great all day beer. Very difficult for it to get any bigger? Garden Stage has a limit. Houses etc on site mean they cant grow it. Too much.
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    Another one paraphrasing. At what point did I say the women on the bill weren't there on merit? I was talking about the choice of headliners. And the reason people (and I never said majority) don't raise these issues is the kind of vitriol they get in return. And I like the "you've turned up" bit. Yes, I am new to efestivals, but I thought the point was to discuss. I didn't realise it was a private club for people who all agree with each other.
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    Repeats has always been a thing at EotR. Whether a good or bad thing I guess depends on your fondness for the artists. I used to quite enjoy the Midlake/Low Anthem/Deer Tick/Bella Union love-ins, but I know some people who found them a bit tiresome and cliquey. But what kind of backs up my point (which I am hesitant to mention again due to some people's determination to misconstrue it) is that when it comes to main stage headliners the only repeats we have had, at least since the introduction of the Woods stage, are Newsom (2) and St Vincent (3). The field of potential female EotR headliners at present is narrow compared to the field as a whole. That is not the festival's fault, or the artists', or mine. But you can't tell me booking the same headliner 3 years out of 6 is the best EotR could have done for its regulars.
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    4 weeks pop pickers, only 4 weeks ; excitement is starting to mount. My daughter and her other half have also now registered; she has previously been several times, he has never. If we are all lucky enough to bag a ticket it will be her way of putting past demons to rest; 2013 I had to take her back home around midnight as she wasn’t coping (Yes, I was sober). There are reasons but I won’t discuss on here, just to say she was that bad I had to stop mid way for her to be sick (not drugs or alcohol), panic attacks. She has never done a festival since. 5 years have since passed, a lot has happened in the healing process; life is good 😎🦄 4 weeks, only 4 weeks.....
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    I have to agree with the booking of St Vincent . 3 times in 6 years. Lazy booking. I adore EOTR but the repeat bookings are the reason I no longer purchase early bird tickets straight away i will wait for the first announcement.
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    Prodigy/ Pendulum/ Rival Sons or Skindred Ghost Slipknot/ Slayer/ Architects AlC KISS or AC/DC/ Slash/ Halestorm Disturbed or Distillers
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    Rambling thoughts on the festival. As usual, the journey was really easy with the Belgian rail network proving as efficient as always. Our hotel owner text when we were still in Manchester to see what time we were arriving (they were headed to Pukkel) and within within 3 hours of replying we arrived in the hotel. Whilst a bit expensive, but I cannot recommend Hotel Het Menneke highly enough. Staff were great, so friendly and helpful, loved that they went to the festival and put up a notice "We are closed, gone to pukkel" in the afternoon. Breakfast here is great, set us up for the day. On the Wednesday, we went back to Hasselt early and found ourselves at Toeternietoe Zomerfestival, which was a good laugh. An outdoor stage with a covers band, food beer and some other stuff which we missed. Great fun. Major disappointment was that the thatched cottage wasn't open so we had to find somewhere else to eat and drink (basically ended up with Frites and Pizza almost all the time). €2 for a beer pretty much everywhere outside now, decent value I suppose. Big fans of the Beer Shack and PKP Cafe. Beer Shack is great, the music was excellent, great (slightly older) crowd, hopefully it will set the festival up for booking some "heritage" bands for upcoming festivals. PKP Cafe was great, had a couple of sessions in there. Great to meet up with the Brits (and ex pats), and a couple of the local guys too. We've exchanged a lot of forum chat over the years so nice to finally put faces to screen names, also entertaining to now be able to bump into people we know at various times around the festival. Any Manchester gigs coming up, just shout. Was also a real "small world" scenario when one of the lads turned out to be someone Nicola and I worked with way back in about 1999/2000. Small world eh? Learnings for me this time, I need to just commit to watching a band at the expense of another. Missed the end of a couple of shows to race to another show (which I missed the end of to race back to yet another show). Shout out to @Semprini for getting us on the backstage tour. Great to see the workings of the event, also cool to meet the bass player from JD McPherson's band. A thoroughly nice chap who was happy to chat about any old thing. All in all it was a great festival, one of the weaker lineups I have seen, but actually found plenty to watch and enjoy. Having checked next years busy holiday schedule it's looking like we will have to miss PKP19 due to other commitments (had to squeeze another holiday in over the easter break to will probably be out of holidays by summer!) but having had such a good time we will certainly be heading back to Hasselt for a future Pukkelpop (hopefully 2020).
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    Ha those tweets were by me I had a great time at Victorious except for the fact that the organisers really need to get their social media together. Lots of people complaining that they never answer questions and they were very slow at putting out info about what was going on when things were getting cancelled - I was doing it much quicker than them and I had no inside info, I was just running around the set looking at what was going on a tweeting about it. Also when they did put out info it was all on a corporate branded picture - which was no good for many people on site where the signal was week and not necessarily downloading pictures and no good for people relying on notifications. Sometimes it felt like Victorious were more concerned about their branding and corporate image (their social media was full of glossy photos showing how 'amazing' everything was rather than interacting with punters and just getting messages out to people in a simple form quickly) Having said that I saw some great acts on Sunday: Gomez, Lily Moore and The Prodigy my highlights but I also saw Stereo Honey, Me & The Moon, The Orielles, Gengahr, Jerry Williams, Friendly Fires - not too bad considering the rain. The site was really empty early in the day - a lot of people just stayed at home / in the local pubs until it stopped. Interesting to see tickets are on sale for 2019 already. Another £5 per day on the early birds. They're out of the super cheap bracket for sure now - I suspect some people who used to book for all 3 days or 2 days will now wait for the line up and just choose a day - particularly families. Anyway, Portsmouth is on the festival map for sure now. With Icebreaker (local bands multi venue even in January), Mutiny, Victorious and Dials (another multi venue event with up and coming national bands and some local talent) in October - an event I'm involved with - there's plenty going on in my south central city.
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    Are the 1975 big enough the headline? I thought their songs where geared towards teenage girls?
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    Metallica. Muse. Tool. The Cure (Smashing Pumpkins).
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    Is this it, around 7mins in. Charm x
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    Ed Sheeran's first dates for next year will be announced at the end of September according to his manager...
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    Long time no see! Agree with him likely being sub. Be nice to see him with a decent singer again
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    I was thinking more along the lines, they've agreed to leave off a midlands date because his slot at Download will be substantial enough to warrant people going to Download instead, I guess 2nd stage headline would do it, but I think he's too big for that now, they seem to put smaller bands in that slot these days and 3rd down isn't a long enough slot. Plus he's fresh off the back of the GNR revival.
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    "I don't like these musicians, therefore they must be there to make up a gender quota because they're female". With the greatest of respect, fuck right off, mate.
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    You've not been doing fuck all. You're making up shit for your imaginary imagination. You're bothered about rep on here for most people who you don't meet whereas I couldn't give an arse
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    You've turned up, starting saying that the women on the bill aren't there on merit and try to pull the high ground when someone calls you on your bullshit. What about men's rights eh! Here's a counterpoint - after decades of guitar based music being dominated by men, any act with the creative force coming from women is by default more interesting imo. FYI "Widely held but rarely said" is the domain of people with awful opinions. Believe what you believe but dont try to invoke an imaginary majority

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