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    Yea this one was called Mr vokdasroom horrible bugger and his timing is shit.. I Sat with knee up all yesterday went through 3 panic attacks but although in pain feel better today. It's the first time I have Sat by my camper all day EVER... Off home later today but have to go and look for a monocular that I've lost but it's 23D light so can go with out rucksack etc and take it slow Then it's back to babylon Peace and tea. G
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    Start F5ing at around 5 days before.
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    Appreciate I'm British so it's hard to know how band placements translate across sometimes, and it's not the most diverse line-up ever but. Muse Foals Bring Me The Horizon The Smashing Pumpkins Biffy Clyro Weezer The Cure Editors Death Cab For Cutie Fleetwood Mac Tame Impala The 1975
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    Better Clashfinder stats: Final Percentages for the top 75 acts: Headliners Popularity Over Time: NME Headliners Popularity Over Time: The Race for the most highlighted act: Top 75 acts by location disparity (+ve means proportionally more highlights on the Leeds clashfinder, -ve means proportionally more on Reading)
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    Almost called you out Wonder where Carlos is, his homeland v
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    A few years back I was on a stag do the night before. I left early.
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    Best gig of the year for me. Crowd were great and the weather perfect.
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    Still singing champagne supernova!!! Amazing! Liam is a legend! Glastonbury doing what it does best! Some Villians pulled out the bag! Times likes these are when I love living here!
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    You've definitely got it in for yourself you have guy? There would (possibly!) be a school of thought that would claim that you've actually taken a hitman contract out on your very self. Hope you heal sooner, rather than later.
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    Veneto is the region where every single person from young kids to elder people drink alcohol...that's why they put many alcol test blocks on the streets. this festival is growing fast, in the last two years they put some bad ass mixed lineup...let's wait and hope to have a better international vibe it's a problem of festivals in general in italy...we are very fare from germany, belgium and so on..
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    Yep great night all round ,no john peel tent we were out in the sunshine ,would like to know the amount of people there seemed a lot . Even the longdrops made an appearance 😀 Felt like a mini Glastonbury for one night only
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    Didn't have you down as someone who doesn't shower 😉 Rodhad was definitely worth a watch, can definitely see why he's so hyped in techno circles. Shame it was only a 2 hour set however...
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    Completely managed to miss this from earlier in the year. Etherwood's third album dropped in March, giving that a listen today. Sounding lurvely as always thus far.
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    Been to Leeds the last 4 years for the weekend, this was my first time with a day ticket (Friday). Was pleasantly surprised how good the value for money is, if you get there early to see a wide range of acts. Here's who I saw and my thoughts: Twisted Wheel - Didn't know much about them except that they'd supported Oasis years ago. My type of music and was a lively set, despite not knowing the songs. The band seemed a lot younger than I expected for some reason! Marsicans - Wasn't planning on watching them, but it started heavy raining so stayed in the R1 tent! Remind me of a budget 1975, they're not bad actually and an easy watch/listen. Shame - I got surprisingly into this set, they have some decent sounding tracks and the lead singer was incredibly entertaining (if impossible to understand), they were a surprise package in a tough slot on the main stage. Can imagine at their own gig they could be pretty fun. Sam Fender - Enjoyed this set, his voice is very good and the crowd were really into it. The festival republic stage was relatively busy for this set, and he deserved the crowd he got. Would see him again definitely. DMA's - I've seen DMA's multiple times and they're my favourite band at the moment. The crowd was pretty big, and Tommy's voice is always outstanding. They played a pretty short set, and left out a few crowd pleasing tunes in favour of some slower numbers. Even so, they're on the up and are great live. Wilkinson - Really enjoyed the first 15 mins, after then it just became fairly repetitive for me. It's not really my cup of tea, but the crowd seemed up for it and he does have some good tunes. Vaccines - Not a bad crowd, they sounded a lot better than they were at Leeds 3 years ago, but still don't think they have the sound to play the main stage effectively. I think in the R1 tent or at their own gig they'd be pretty fun to watch. Lead singer always looks off his nut, and I realised I like far more of their songs than I thought! Courteeners - This was the 21st time I've seen the Courteeners (really). I've been a huge fan for years, although less so in recent months/years. Unfortunately Liam Fray cannot sing anymore, and his guitar playing leaves a lot to be desired at times as well! The crowd was pretty dead past the front barrier. I enjoyed it as I love their music, but can't help but reminisce about when Liam could sing! Kings of Leon - First time seeing KoL. The crowd seemed really small about 10 mins before they came on stage, so I went to get a drink and then took me about half an hour to get back to where I was as it filled up! Thought they were excellent, and I left remembering how much I used to be into them when I was younger, so been playing the first 2 albums on loop since!
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    Yeah this. Migos have pretty much suffered that fate already.
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    If you meant a guide for 'spotting' idiots on ticket day... The ones that haven't plugged in router. The ones that think they're booking a tour of the Abbey. The ones that book Reading and Leeds.
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    Hopefully whenever they release their next album and if its as good as their first they should have quite a following
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    It won't sellout today. Patience
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    Don’t know if it was my imagination but the crowd seemed a lot older this year Saying that, I was nowhere near the dance tent or the 1xtra stage and barely spent any time at Radio 1 tent
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    Reading and Leeds, truck festival and neighborhood festival.