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    He's not as good as he used to be
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    Hello lovelies, hope you are all well. Do look after yourself @guypjfreak! @vintagelaureate wonderful news about your daughter's progress. Godiva this weekend is our last festival of the year. Boo. And T day nerves are growing - it feels as if I can't remember how to do it after a 2 year gap ? New school year starts on Wednesday, and so far youngest seems ok about it. Not wishing to be insufferable mum, but he got his AS results a couple of weeks ago... and got 4 A grades!!!!
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    1986 - decided to go to Glastonbury while in the pub in Birmingham on Friday lunchtime - paid on the gate 1997 - 1999 - wandered into HMV at some point before the festival 2000 - decided to try and get in without a ticket and eventually a scouser walked us in for a tenner. Then decided it was far too crowded & I didn’t want to go again - but apparently so did the licensers. Bit of a gap then - superfence! Watched 2002 on the telly and decided it looked good again! 2003 - It sold out! It what? That never happens!!! 2004 - all night on the phone, went to work and got my staff to keep trying for me, then a bit more, then sold out! No ticket! Then, a few weeks later when browsing this very board someone said the link was open. I went and got a ticket! I didn’t fully believe it was real until I actually got through the gate! 2005 - Tried everything! No ticket! No joy in any mini resale’s either. Was still trying to win tickets off Radio 1 on Friday morning with the site flooded and the rain coming down like stair rods! Heartbroken! 2007 - Went to work to try and use a better server whist husband tried at home on the computer he had cobbled together from 3 other computers he found in a skip at the back of his office. Guess who got through? Danced up and down my office like a lunatic when he rang to say we’d got them! 2008 - 2011 - sailed through. I became the Glastonbury ticket wizard. Seemed I could get through at will for anyone who wanted them! Love, Love, Love the cobbled together Mad Max computer with hidden Glastonbury chip! 2013 - in the intervening 2 years we had become the proud owners of a shiny new desktop! Doesn’t do Glastonbury tickets though as it turns out! Luckily, a friend I’d helped in the past got ours! She didn’t ring to tell me until about 20 minutes after it sold out because she was full on getting tickets for people til that point, and then only started ringing everyone to tell them after she couldn’t get any more. So we had a period of despondency, and then YESSS!!!!! 2014 - We decided to have a year off 2015 - same failure followed by friend as 2013! 2016 - year off 2017 - Worked bars for Shelter. 2019 - We’re going to give T day a break and work for Oxfam. Ready.
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    Broco are banging live and anyone here who saw them this past weekend will say the same
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    Paul McCartney’s announced some US dates next June so he’s definitely active next summer. A couple of weeks between them and Glastonbury too.
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    All Hail The Sun Gods, gorgeous motherfuckers. Etc
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    £17.50 - my giro had come that day so I paid me and my friend in, and we still had £32 left! Yes - a Glastonbury ticket cost just half of a weekly benefit cheque back then!
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    That would be more in the direction that Sziget seem to be going, rather than Metallica. Can't say I would be happy or unhappy with either to be honest.
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    I've heard a name for one of the headliners next year. I'm going to do some more digging to see if it's 100% confirmed, but it's a big name if it is true.
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    1997 - Went down in a car full of mates and jumped the fence. 1998 - Bought a second hand ticket from a mate who couldn't go. 1999 - Bought a ticket from the actual festival a few months after they went on sale and my student loan came through. 2000 - Sauntered through one of the gaping holes in the fence. 2002 - Planned to get a ticket when I had a decent amount of cash in my account, was shocked when they sold out on day one. Tried to get one from an official tout place, but even though they told me it had gone through on the phone, I was actually at the limit of my overdraft and it bounced. By the time I'd scraped together enough cash, all the tickets were gone from everywhere. No festival no me 2003 - New job, couldn't get the time off. Never forgave my boss. 2004 - After very many hours of hitting F5, bagged a ticket. My first proper attempt at the on-line buyathon. 2005 - F5 Warrior again, got a ticket, can't remember how fast. I think this was the first year a mate relied on my F5ing to get a ticket. 2007 -2010 - Got a ticket every year. Sometimes getting them for people in my small group of mates. it all blurs together, but the point is, I entered my details every time (my girlfriend might have actually got them once, can't remember) 2011 - Got married that month, so didn't go. 2013 - Had a child a few months earlier, didn't go. 2014 - Got a ticket, not in a group - essentially went solo that year. 2015 - I was wavering about going (because the nipper was so small) so I decided to try for a ticket, giving myself the option of letting Mike keep my deposit. Because I was unsure, I decided not to join in with any of the groups from this forum since it would be unfair. Besides, I had always bagged one in the past, I'm sure I would again. For the first time, complete and utter failure. 2016 - Showing my age, I have long anecdotes about 20 years ago, but have no idea how I got a ticket for 2016. I think I might have got one myself. 2017 - Didn't get a sniff on my own. Had to rely on someone else in a group, who managed to get some close to selling out time. So, I usually got a ticket myself. Always got a ticket when in a group, but worryingly, two out of the last three attempts resulted in not getting any myself. Not a trend I like. Stay strong people, get in a group, get organised. Stay alert and good luck!
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    That new Eminem album came out of nowhere today, so I wouldn't be surprised if he will be announced as the first Sziget headliner!
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    For that money I would have no issue with shitting the bed and expecting a flunky to come and clean both it and me.
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    Man that Idles album is really bloody good.
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    Ha - love this & this is why i visit the site .... let's have a look back - Pre-2010 I can't really remember and don't have the email evidence. Always bought a ticket though, even in the 90s. One year I spent a veeerrrryy long time listening to the engaged tone and then failed, only getting them in an Orange competition! 2010 - Main sale, friend got them 2011 - Main sale, I got them. 2013 - Resale (coach as last resort, it was a revelation and meaning it's coach for ever more - probably) 2014 to 2016 - Coach, no real problems but always Thursday as I reckon it's easier. Always tried again in main sale for others. No joy. 2017 - Resale coach, friend got them last minute. So, confirming what I thought, I have got the tickets 5 out of 7 times. Blimey. Not ideal for me, as those less obsessed as me start to rely on you just assuming you'll sort it. Hopefully they'll be a bit more organised this year. ("You can explain it to them, you can't understand it for them.")
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    Idles album is brilliant. Liked Brutalism but maybe not as much as others seemed to but this has cemented me as a big fan and I'm gutted I missed out on Manchester tickets, although I assume they'll be touring pretty heavily so hope to catch them soon. Also didn't really think it'd be my thing but thanks to @priest17 I've been digging this Bad Sounds album quite a bit. Very fun and catchy. New Muse song is probably better than the previously released singles from this album but is still ultimately shite. This new album is gonna be a new low for them.
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    The grammatical error is also troubling.
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    Is it the whose/who's aberration? It does the same to me too.
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    Somewhere in internet land, Russy's c*nt antenna has started twitching
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    More signage...
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    My idiots guide to ticket day: ”There’re plenty to go around, leave it a couple of hours to avoid the rush.” But then, I am selfish ?
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    Ha, I still have PTSD over last years bloody secret resale!?
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    Just found this compilation I edited from 2016..... It’s mainly people I know doing jazz hands.... interspersed with a bit of what I did..... points for spotting yourselves....
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    Yeah he was great. Maybe he and Biffy Clyro could duet?
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    Only proper rocostars like Donald Bronco allowed.
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    Didn't even bother asking Mik Artistik
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    You rang? This was my take on it. Worth checking the thread as there were a few other bits that got picked up as well.
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    I like Muse's new cover art
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    If you meant a guide for 'spotting' idiots on ticket day... The ones that haven't plugged in router. The ones that think they're booking a tour of the Abbey. The ones that book Reading and Leeds.
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    Don't get rat arsed the night before and set your alarm. Make sure all devices are up and running and no updates pending. Coffee and ciggies ready. (I've quit smoking but ye never know with the pressure) F5 rinse and repeat. Pray to whatever deity floats your boat.
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    That artwork does not fill me with confidence.
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    It's almost back! Absolutely stacked NFC this year. Saints, Rams, Vikings my picks from that side. AFC less so, which unfortunately means patriots will still be buzzing around like the parasite they are. Jags and Texans to go far though for me as well. What I'm most looking forward to is seeing all the new QBs, haven't had an influx like this in years - all with the possibility to take the league by storm.
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    Thom Yorke will tour on his own. Also I'm just criticizing your mock, no need to downvote for that my dude. Same. The reunion didn't get much hype (all the bitching between band members over the past few months must've done not much good either I think).
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    Tbf I do just love making up fictitious tour dates and putting them on tour posters and on official websites. You know a thing or two about being fictitious so you should understand.
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    Because 2nd rate metal is kiddy metal? I dont know how hard that is too grasp
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    This always makes me chuckle, my friend Jizz and I having a moment
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    https://chat.whatsapp.com/6J8fGcyfDVUHwIS0jThoNH this link should get you into our chat if anyone else wants in, to incetivise we've already got a little info that I can't repeat here...
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    It’s all been downhill for The Hunna since they postponed their tour because it clashed with exams.
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    2016 Acoustic Field (Art Garfunkel). A brief respite from the rain brought out this lovely rainbow behind the flags. (My picture doesn't do it justice).
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    The Cure? Btw, the early bird ticket price is now set at 47€, but only till Saturday. (53€ from September on ? ) Last year early bird was 40€, When they announced QOTSA it was 47, Nick cave 53€ and 60€ before sold out. A year before it was only 40€ when they announced most of the bands, they raised the ticket to 53€ because of KOL and that was the final price. I remember a year before buying a ticket just before festival for 47 or 49€. This year my guess is 67€ or 70€. Nothing important i guess, probably bands and production costs more and more but still i think festival budget is rising, and in the long run they are aiming for bands like Depeche, Foo fighters .. 7€ more from each ticket is 200k in the end and that is something for a festival with budget less than 2 mio.
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    I'm interested in getting into 1st rate kiddy metal, any suggestions?
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    Compared with recent years, this year's Reading Festival looks a comparatively tame affair.
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    Parkway and Slayer are now in arenas and Rob Zombie and Manson have been too. Disturbed were in arenas but only supporting A7X. They aren’t as big as those bands.
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    Booked the same apartment in vrbani, I'm waiting at least a few headliners for buying tickets. Weezer is a good shout, Jack White/Beck/The Killers would be all great for InMusic.
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    I'm about to move to Somerset, too. Only 40 minutes door-to-door. Outside of the "local" postcode boundary though, sadly
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    If you use up, up, down, down, left, right, left, right, B, A on the queue screen it lets you jump the queue completely and gives you infinite cold ciders at any Greenpeace lockup and no hangovers all weekend.
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    if florence and the machine and kendrick lemar headline then im officially denouncing my rw fan status what a load of shit
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    Can't be as bad as Russ was this year, I appreciate some like rap music, but what place has a rap artist at an alleged Rock Festival?

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