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    https://chat.whatsapp.com/6J8fGcyfDVUHwIS0jThoNH this link should get you into our chat if anyone else wants in, to incetivise we've already got a little info that I can't repeat here...
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    It's all been downhill for The Hunna since danz026 listened to them and realised they weren't actually one of his favourite bands.
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    It’s all been downhill for The Hunna since they postponed their tour because it clashed with exams.
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    I feel like we'll get a lot of really good bands on the rise in 2019 eg. Code orange, power trip, mortishead, alien weaponary etc.
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    Florence And The Machine - Antwerps Sportpaleis March 7th (sold out)...
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    I just stick em both straight up my arse these days. Cuts out the middle man.
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    Hope you're well all. It's my daughter's first birthday today... the situation I am in is incomparable to where I was twelve months ago. Obviously, most of you know about it... but to be here now is quite the rollercoaster of emotions. She is doing really well too, lots of interventions in place and it is looking like she will be going to nursery part time in September with some additional support in place. She is a fighter and an inspiration! Have a fantastic weekend!
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    How about this for next year?
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    Thanks for the heads up. Just got tickets....you’ve saved me 12 euros I totally owe you a beer!
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    Hey, I wrote the Festileaks article maybe you've misread the "as early as september"? that was in reference to the month of announcement, not the day in said month. I'd say we don't know and I'd guess that it's the band who will announce a tour at once.
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    Not sure how big his solo stuff is these days but maybe a potential Park headliner or something? Could definitely see him playing if he has new stuff out.
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    i've read this post about twenty times out of pure amazement get back in bed roll over and get out again. quality.
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    Present company excepted, of course
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    Avalon Inn for me... hilarious couple of nights there last year. Watching the Guy on the banjo and the Girl tap dancer... cant remember their name unfortunately. Some spoon playing and drinking until very late.
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    It would appear so
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    You are clearly not a local
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    That's not America! That's not even Mexico...
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    The Cure? Btw, the early bird ticket price is now set at 47€, but only till Saturday. (53€ from September on ? ) Last year early bird was 40€, When they announced QOTSA it was 47, Nick cave 53€ and 60€ before sold out. A year before it was only 40€ when they announced most of the bands, they raised the ticket to 53€ because of KOL and that was the final price. I remember a year before buying a ticket just before festival for 47 or 49€. This year my guess is 67€ or 70€. Nothing important i guess, probably bands and production costs more and more but still i think festival budget is rising, and in the long run they are aiming for bands like Depeche, Foo fighters .. 7€ more from each ticket is 200k in the end and that is something for a festival with budget less than 2 mio.
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    Anyway, 3 big names are rumoured to be touring in Europe the next summer – Metallica, Paul McCartney and The Cure. I hope we'll get at least one of them.
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    Here's a band I'd love to see at Glastonbury. Other Stage or even the Hell Stage would be great. Always a lot of fun and Benji is a great front man
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    Well obviously Neil but some apps are more reliable with limited data than others. In my experience twitter alerts are very unreliable while I can usually get a whatsapp message through pretty quickly. But thanks for your v intelligent contribution to the thread.
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    Same at Leeds. Although they were nowhere near the level of absolute garbage that Arctic Monkeys were on that year.
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    Happy memories of the now gone Bourbon Street. A place to sit and good blues.
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    Best attempt I can do at a review coming up! I will do the bands first and then probably ramble nonsense later. Day 1 Circa Waves - Quite enjoyed them actually. Pretty generic indie but a couple of good songs. Had a decent crowd Jeff Neve & Crossbones - This was brilliant. With Andre Brasseur in 2016 and this I think they are on to something with the "something completely different slot" Phoebe Bridgers - Wasn't too bad. I think I expected more but pleasant enough Rag n Bone Man - I thought he was excellent. Very good voice Dua Lipa - She was great. Exactly the sort of pop act a festival should book. The War on Drugs - They were brilliant as always, added bonus of bumping into some board members at the gig Jess Glynne - Packed, another great example of the right kind of pop act being able to deliver at a festival Arcade Fire - They were very good. Not incredible though, don't know why I didn't 100% connect with them (beer perhaps), but they played Rococo which is one of my favourite tunes Day 2 (aka crap Friday) You Me at Six - They're OK I suppose, though entirely forgettable for me. Seemed to have a decent audience who were into them Nothing but Thieves - Again, not really remembering much about them (maybe getting on the drink early wasn't the best idea) JD McPherson - He was good, really rocking band and some good songs to boot. Kodaline - Just caught the end of them, had a couple of good songs that everyone clearly knew and generated a big sing-a-long Papa Roach - Only caught a bit of them and they were not very good NERD - Lots of fun, good audience participation. Pharrell seemed to be in a good mood and everyone watching seemed to be having fun and a bit of Amenra - I didn't mind these to be honest, the Mrs hated the though. So we left and went back to town for a beer Day 3 Confidence Man - Probably the highlight of the festival. Fantastic live act, lots of fun. Great pop act who are surely destined for bigger things Ronnie Flex and Deuxperience - Sat having a beer whilst they were playing. Pretty good actually, and I think had we headed down to the front and got involved then they would have been very good Rolling Blackouts Coastal Fever - I was a little bit disappointed actually. They were good but just not as good as I had expected. Shame really as they still sound good on record (Spotify). Maribou State - Really good chill out set, just sat in the tent and let them wash over me. I had not really listened to them before but I liked them and will certainly be listening more in the future. Bazart - Only caught a bit of them but they were another one in the "one that got away" category I think. Seemed fun, engaging and had some good songs. I'd 100% watch them again should they play again (which they undoubtedly will) Roisin Murphy - She's great. I think she's played the festival quite a few times and had a good crowd who were well into it. Nice version of "sing it back" to finish, all good. Imagine Dragons - They were OK I suppose. The Mrs enjoyed them more than I did. Lead singer has clearly been through a lot and put a lot of himself into the show (also, he's been down the Gym. He was HUGE) Justice - Yep, they've definitely got it. I am always surprised be how good some "dance" acts are live. I shouldn't be really as there have been loads of good ones at PKP over the years. All in all, not my favourite edition but much better than I expected it to be given my (mostly misplaced) concerns over the lineup. We had great time, a good catch up with the crew from eFestivals and some other fun stuff going on. I will ramble about non-band stuff later.
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    Thought I might just have got away with that... Ben Edit - but holy moly, doesn't it make you yearn to be back on the Farm...? It feels like forever...
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    Yep, Arcade Fire are not Sziget material imho (although they would be classy and, at the same time, they can only be headliner). For Metallica, that is not a no-no, but I guess it has to be taken in consideration - if Metallica join the line up, it will be a "must go" for me, as Gorillaz and AM have been this year for me (headliner wise). Honestly, I dont know anybody in the 20s that actually listen to Robbie Williams to the point of paying 70+ € for one of his show. Madonna would not be a good booking for other reasons (the show itself, just to make an instance) - but I am pretty sure it would go sold out, if put in a day dedicated to the same segment of audience on the Main Stage. On the same page it looks like Madonna will headline Glastonbury 2019 - and I think that Glastonbury is pretty trendsetter on its own Coldplay could also be a possibility! With the increase of budget and a new festival tour incoming (https://en.festileaks.com/2018/08/rumoured-coldplay-plan-festival-tour-in-2019/); that surely would be a main name, maybe the "brother" of Arctic Monkeys this year (meaning plenty of girls screaming around...) - I would drop the chances for Depeche Mode (because I dont think they will tour another year) and Avicii (for obvious reasons)
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    Bloody hell mate, I don't know if you quite realise the significance of this photo. You've captured actual visual evidence of @bennyhana22 SITTING DOWN AT GLASTONBURY
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    No that's Bugzy Malone. Post is barely hip hop so I guess that might be it. He's certainly closer to Owl City than he is Eminem.
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    It was the greatest coming together of band and crowd I've ever been a part of. The whole thing was just perfect.
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    Completed! Good form, that's a great job. Good luck with your survey!
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    Done, good luck with your assignment. I'm nearly in a new box for age so thanks for making me feel even older! 😁
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    also, fuck lil pump
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    Would Beartooth be worthy of a 3rd or 4th down spot if they played next year?
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    I think you got lost looking for the Reading & Leeds forum.
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    with their next tour they will be in arenas for sure. headlining though? we don't know yet.
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    Deftones i agree on 100% but with Disturbed on the other hand i don't as @thewayiam says, they are bigger than most other 2nd stage headliners as far as sales and venues. If their new materiel gets a big enough push in sales then they will be bumped up to sub-headline if they play. If the album does not reach that degree of satisfaction then i'd say you're right about them headlining 2nd vs. being 3rd down for the 3rd time there. Being under BMTH or Slipknot would be a huge step for the band to make being download is a uk festival, the band is already headlining rock on the range so all they need to push their next album to the level Draimen wants would to be in direct support to the most anticipated new headliner in the rock/metal community right now. In short they deserve more so to sub if the album does well vs just playing the same set they have for their last 2 gig @ download.
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    Well that was my first Green Man and I thoroughly enjoyed it. Top 6 Music highlights (it was going to be 5 but I struggled to get it down to 6): PSB - I was near the front but heard afterwards about the crush further back (see later in post). King Gizz - also caught their soundcheck and afterwards Stu and Joey came down to the barrier, chatted with the fans, signed stuff & posed for selfies: I thought that was class. John Grant Whyte Horses Kevin Morby Nubya Garcia Tunng (and yes I know that's 7) Unexpected highlight - Xylouris White: boy can that man play drums. I was down on the barrier and you could see people (inc. Adam Granduciel) stood at the side studying, discussing and appreciating what was going on. Likes: Really very friendly atmosphere, great vibe all weekend and as somebody doing it solo I found that everybody was ready to chat, suggest acts to see and spend time with a complete stranger. Also - lots of the bands hanging around and enjoying themselves. Beer and food - top class. Weather. Short walk back to the tent. Dislikes: Bloody chairs, especially in front of the main stage. Leaving after John Grant - in the dark - it was really busy with people leaving and others streaming in to get to the front for Fleet Foxes (which should have been expected) - I came across a line of chairs blocking my path out, people going in the opposite direction on either side and I was lucky to be able to elbow my way through them to avoid what could have been a nasty accident. (I'll be writing to GM about this). The general standard of stewarding was poor. The stewards themselves were friendly enough but I couldn't see what most of them were supposed to be doing and I suspect that they didn't have much clue either. So instead of having stewards making sure that the exits from the stages were clear or that they weren't getting overcrowded (see PSB comments from others and around Far Out after they put the bonfire barriers up on Sunday) they were pointlessly checking wristbands by the steps over the wall to the side of the main stage. Either they don't employ enough stewards or they were poorly deployed. Favourite randomly overheard conversation: "I don't know whether to go back for my rain jacket because if it doesn't rain I won't need it" - I'd put him in charge of Brexit. Anyway despite the above grumbles, I had a fantastic weekend and will happily be back for more.
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    New songs have been amazing. You lads are loco.
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    I went to an event called Yesterday's Farming at the weekend (I know, old tractors etc, don't judge me...) and found my favourite bar there! I wrote a story about it, as I was so excited to see it - and thought if anyone may share my joy, it would be here! The story is here: http:///CiderBusIlminster But here she is (plus obligatory selfie with a pint...):
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    if florence and the machine and kendrick lemar headline then im officially denouncing my rw fan status what a load of shit
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    Down voted for not liking rap music lmao got to love some of the people here who dislike a personal opinion lmao
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    Diversity is fine, and I agree that a variety of Artists is a good thing, I just thought Russ was utter tripe, but then that is a personal opinion that will get me down voted once again lol
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    I was waiting for this for like 16 hours! My bet are Ariana Grande/Taylor Swift and Twenty One Pilots, so far. I think that the full house days of this season will push the organization towards more pop-ish lands - which is fine by me as long as the A38 gives a fair alternative (Slaves - Wolf Alice - King Gizzard /// La Femme - Little Dragon - Chet Faker have been classy picks indeed). I think that the name of september (end of september?) will be one of the main names of the bill to pump up the selling, and the info before the week passed showed an interest for the pop - EDM barrier, but at the same time I am pretty sure that Sziget wants to keep a façade of critical acclaimed lineup (this year it has been a fair compromise, IMO). So I'd say it will be something similar to Mumford and Sons / Kendrick Lamar this year: a performer able to make "everybody" happy - Twenty One Pilots are my bet in this.
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    Uh Madonna could be a pick, since she will headline Glasto this year. A terrible pick. But still a pick. A terrible one. I want Trujillo's knees to invade the camera screens on the Main Stage now.
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    BMTH/ Deftones/ Architects/ Beartooth would get me a ticket before i put my shoes on
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    Download will book ADTR again. R&L is a school leavers festival with a side of alternative acts to attract a bit of a side market. It all depends on the year whether or not is attracts enough of the right bands for you, this year just worked for me on one day but next year may not. I'd hazard a guess there was more day holders for the Kendrick day as well due to older rock acts and if they put a decent act like PR in The Pit it's good, I don't know about radio 1 as I think a more radio obviously friendly act is going to sell better but Weezer for example could do it.
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    Early thoughts on who R/L cannot miss out on: LORDE (if active) CHVRCHES The 1975 (headline) BMTH (co-head) Disclosure - R1 headline Idles (main 4/5th down) Vampire Weekend (I know unlikely but a subhead to Arctics/1975 would be fun) Fever 333 The Hunna (as much as we deservedly hate them) - stick them out of the way somewhere George Ezra (headliner? Sub to 1975? I’m a rock fan but really enjoy his music) Cabbage Sigrid (again)- she’s gonna get bigger Frank Carter & Rattlesnakes - somewhere big for them.
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    More likely announcement will come in the second half of the month, don't sweat it out

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