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    Cos it's way too deep, for Andre to keep, thinking about what's in his head, cos there's no need to bother
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    is it better to admit to having one kerrang compilation in your collection, or to just not say anything at all?
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    Weather looks great so far. Not too warm nor too cold.
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    Have just been looking at this fest for next year and it says no caravans, but they allow campervans and trailer tents! Hardly seems fair, I wonder what they have against caravans?
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    LCD at the proms! https://www.bbc.co.uk/programmes/p06h3lc8
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    If you buy them and don’t like the line up you’ll always seek them at what you paid in the early bird.
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    Can confirm No Brains is the best song on the album.
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    My point was that the songs I named are less well known than the three you’ve just named from the same album so they wouldn’t be as widely known by the vast majority of he crowd at R&L who will be there watching them play that album in full (which I don’t think they will). No Brains is the biggest banger on that album anyway.
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    Sorted it. Had to do a bit more because Belly has seemingly pulled out. I’m printing out bingo cards of the 1Xtra lineup next year and if anyone gets a full line of cancellations they win a prize. Kinda baller that they just completely untangled the Lizzo-Noname-Lucas Bros clash that I was complaining about. Still not going but nice try Leeds.
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    Just got round to listening to the new Oh Sees album. So proggy and all the better for it. Also really digging the new Foxing album. Takes their usual melodramatic overblown emo sound to a whole new level.
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    Still play it regularly - Superb
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    Heard rumours that there's a secret set on the Radio 1 Stage same time as Kings of Leon are playing. Can't give away who it is to protect my source but I'll give you all a clue. Tranquility Base Hotel and Casino. As you were x
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    There is a routing table either at an intermediate router or on a load balancer. That got overloaded one year and as such all connections were dropped originating from new IPs probably because the program that was managing adding iptables rules was too overloaded to cope. Entirely the same principle that using bittorrent with 100+ connections knackers old routers. Mobile connections work better because they are behind a NAT and multiple people share a single IP. Therefore the chances are somebody else has already connected from that mobile network which has an existing routing rule in place are pretty high. From personal experience with scaling cloud systems they are NOT operating a queue (defined as first in first out), it would be incredibly computationally intensive given that the hardware is only used 4 days a year. They also love to brag about how fast tickets sell out. I have had multiple devices open that have entered the queue in order and have been placed on the ticket screen in a completely different order that the site was accessed. They also will not rate limit by IP only given that a lot of people use corporate/uni/mobile networks share external IPs (they filter by the X-Mapping-???????? cookie which is shared per browser). A uni would have hundreds of hits per second even if none really press F5, vs a bloke with 5 browsers open refreshing like mad on his own IP. If they operated a queue it would mean that if you did not enter the site at the time that the tickets come on sale, you would have no chance, and i've had evidence to the opposite. Tickets would sell in a more logarithmic way resulting in a slow sell out but this is a bit complex to explain on a forum post . They instead operate a token system. They have 3 main load balancers split via DNS which has a number of holding machines and ticket buying machines. For instance there could be 10000 tokens, each time you refresh it would see if a token is available and route you over to the ticket buying machine, if there wasn't then it would keep you on the holding machine. Once you've bought your ticket, the token would be released. If you refresh though on the page immediately after getting onto the ticket buying page it would boot you out again to discourage auto refreshers. This would boot you out for all tabs in the same browser as it does it by X-Mapping, i.e. if you get through and another tab gets through and autorefreshes, it would kick both instances out. There are a number of different load balancers and routing in place and i'm actually impressed by it's resilience given the immense amount of traffic it must see compared to other shoddy jobs I regularly use Tl;dr it's pure luck whether you press F5 the moment a space frees up, there is no ip filtering in place because it would disqualify a large chunk of the population such as uni students and people at work
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    I'd guess the temperatures will be a little bit lower than this, but the weather forecast seems great so far. Fingers crossed.
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    On the way back from a camping weekend in Dorset, myself and couple of mates paid little visit to the farm yesterday if anyone is interested to see. Weirdly they had a car rally on, so walking down from Mary's Gate we saw stewards which was incredibly surreal. As that is what you normally see. But the car rally hadn't started so the site was still very peaceful and a joy to walk around. It was hot as balls... and we had no water, so only managed Pyramid stage and a walk around to West Holts. But was still an awesome experience to see the site completely empty and looking lush. Been meaning to have a bimble around it for many years... will definitely go back in cooler weather.
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    The food and drink tickets are cheaper if you buy them beforehand (2.5 euros instead of 3 euros a ticket). This offer expires at July 31st, so be quick. At the site, you will find the best food at Food Wood. Excellent food trucks over there. I always rent a locker, so you don't have to get back and forth to your tent if you need anything (sunscreen, sweater, clean t-shirt...) and don't have to carry a bag with you all the time. You could share one with your mates. The "special" beers include Grimbergen, Affligem (both a bit stronger) and a fruit beer (sweet and refreshing) and you can buy them for 1 ticket (2,5 euros) which is quite a bargain since you pay the same amount for a Maes or coke or water. If you are there on Wednesday, you will get the chance to discover half of the site already. Dance Hall, Boiler Room and Castello will be open to the public. Usually this first night is big fun and this year they have a pretty decent line-up of mostly local artists. You will be able to discover the other tents and the Main Stage + Food Wood from Thursday on. Don't miss out on Petit Bazar as well, it's a brilliant place. The programme hasn't been announced yet, but I'm always having a good time there. Which camp site are you on?
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    Chic will be playing in Brussels (AB) on the 19th and in Ostend on the 12th. I don't think they are going to add a third Belgian show in between.
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    Can't say much about the weather for now...last year it was pretty cold and wet. If the temperatures stay as high as they are now, you won't need a sleeping bag, but in all those years visiting Pukkelpop I've never been able to leave my sleeping bag at home, so that would be a first ? Relax camp site is pretty far away from the festival site. Half an hour walk I'd guess, but there is a shuttle service. A locker will cost you about 30 euros for the entire duration of the festival (4 days), but if you pick one of the larger lockers you can share it with your mate(s). About wifi and recharging: wifi's available and there are recharge points, as well as power banks that you can rent for the price of a food ticket.
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    Great music. Bought his self-titled album a few years ago, and really loved it. Changed his style a little bit on the new album but still great.
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    Ho99o9 is brilliant of course, it's going to be the third time at Pukkelpop for them. Both previous shows were really exciting. EDIT: bummer is they're playing at the same time as METZ...

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