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    First they take inspiration with the marketing, then they take their crowd for their set at R&L.
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    Heard rumours that there's a secret set on the Radio 1 Stage same time as Kings of Leon are playing. Can't give away who it is to protect my source but I'll give you all a clue. Tranquility Base Hotel and Casino. As you were x
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    As an experienced Pukkelpop goer, I joined this forum to discuss the line-up and maybe meet some of the foreign visitors, but now it seems I’m being downvoted for almost everything I post here, lol. Pretty weird and awkward. I don’t really understand why. Hope everyone has a great festival though, no hard feelings. I’m off.
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    I was, you’re correct
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    Storyline alert! To start the maze story, go to the Daily Rag and ask if they have seen Nikolas Boom
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    I saw quite a few acts in the Lift last year, but they were all much louder than the sound that came out of the Boiler (not surprisingly, with acts like Ho99o9, Cocaine Piss, Black Lips or Moon Duo) so there was no problem then. Fingers crossed for Marlon Williams.
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    This thread has always managed to avoid the childish trend of downvoting posts because you disagree with someone's opinion and although there's been a bit of it this time it's nothing like on par with other festivals across the forum. Yes it can be a bit irritating but I don't think any of us take it too seriously so no need to come off the site @Chimme. There's people out there who just go round active threads randomly downvoting because they're a bit sad and have nothing better to do - just watch as it will no doubt happen to me here I doubt it's any of the regulars so let's keep the discussion going and continue to build up the anticipation until we all head off next week!
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    Downvotes, meh. Don't sweat it mate. Everyone on here is sound, never seen any sniping, never seen anyone having a pop at anyone. Come along to the PKP Cafe, 1:30pm on Friday, have a beer, all will be well with the world.
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    Any chance of a Tomb Mold secret set? Or Pig Destroyer?
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    From https://www.glastonburyfestivals.co.uk/information/tickets/ticket-info/#COACHPAY: – All passengers including children aged 12 and under, and Personal Assistants allocated tickets under the Disabled PA scheme, must purchase a valid coach ticket in order to travel. – If you are travelling with children aged 12 or under, who do not require an entry ticket for the festival, or a PA allocated tickets by the Disabled Access Coordinator you will need to book the required number of additional seats whilst making their Coach Package booking. – If the additional seats required are not available when booking, please contact coachtravel@seetickets.com upon completing your booking in order to purchase your additional coach seats (NB: standard fares apply).
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    Finally a signing! What position does House of Fraser play?
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    Also (and this will be a controversial view) I think all veterans should have at least one taste of the long wait for the resale... it's character building and you appreciate it all the more when you get that golden ticket.
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    Here is my most complicated LED white suit that i made 2 years ago. This year i took 5 light up costumes as a) they break, b) there are 5 nights, c) I have crew car pass so can easily take too much stuff. Video contained in my blog........... apologies to Elvis........ http://theflashingfrog.blogspot.com/2016/04/white-chasing-led-suit.html
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    The Promised Land ....... 1979! People Unite!
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    Wow reading this now I'm almost scared to come this year! Sorry I'm more into the pitchfork stuff than the folk, and I may occasionally sing along and dance!
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    Kiesza is back! Not the most groundbreaking stuff but still a solid pop-house crossover (the pitched vocals in the second verse are very nice imo)
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    I was commissioned to make these 4 years ago, Each had 5 flashing sections plus a matching mask.
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    Probably I’m not a casual music fan 😉 I would love to have a pint with you guys. Didn’t buy all those food and drink tickets for nothing... The older festival goers spend (a lot) more money at the festival site, that’s true. If they were in need for money, they surely would have added some more acts to please the older crowd, no? But they chose not to. Hence my theory about the focus on the younger audience. Whatever, I’m gonna have a good time no matter what. 🤟
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    Would Like: Modest Mouse, Perfume Genius, Cap'n Jazz, A fucking fugazi show (I refuse to believe it will never happen), Vampire Weekend, Pavement, Caribou, Smashing Pumpkins. Will settle for Shellac.
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    There'd never be a Friday that strong.
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    I think a lot of people would be diasspointed to end their night with them tbh.
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    Terrible news. I was really looking forward to the John Maus gig, but it is obvious that John has better things to right now. RIP Joe.
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    Thursday Thunderpussy - Phoebe Bridgers / Kelly Lee Owens - Death From Above - Unknown Mortal Orchestra - Dua Lipa / Shellac / James Holden & The Animal Spirits - The War On Drugs - Arcade Fire 7/10 Friday Whispering Sons - Moaning - Sudan Archives / JD McPherson - METZ / Ho99o9 - Benjamin Clementine - Amenra - Rhye - Sons Of Kemet - Madensuyu 8.5/10 Saturday Mauro & De Kempenzonen - King Tuff - Confidence Man / Marlon Williams - Ron Gallo - Rolling Blackouts Coastal Fever - La Dispute - Sleaford Mods / GoGo Penguin - Protomartyr - King Gizzard & The Lizard Wizard / Jungle - The Black Angels - Kendrick Lamar / Cigarettes After Sex 8.5/10
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    The weather forecast predicts lower temperatures and some rain. I really hope so, it would be a desert otherwise.

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