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    I couldn't post earlier as being a "new" poster, it seems I could only post a limited number in a day. The news is good(ish). Though today was excruciating as my appointment wasn't until after work so I had to get through a whole day at work first. I rang the gynae clinic and they said that yes they had me down for an urgent appointment but the earliest they could offer was September! So that was a double whammy of confirmation that I was considered urgent but would have to wait three months to know the worst. Although they thought there was a good chance that the consultant would ask for the appointment to be brought forward. But all this didn't make the wait for my GP appointment any easier. I was in a daze most of the day. I also wasn't sure what would happen at the GP - would she tell me the diagnosis and the gynae appointment was the treatment or what? However when I got to the GP she said that the result was that the smear test had found the cervix clear but it had found abnormal cells from my uterus which could be due to anything from an inflammation through to cancer. But she said she really didn't think I should be worrying as they had not identified any cancerous cells and I had no symptoms such as bleeding. She said if they hadn't contacted me with a revised, earlier appointment in two weeks she would intervene and ask them to bring it forward. And suggested she ring me in two week's time to follow this up. I told her that 1st probably wasn't a good day to call as I would be on my way back from Glasto. We then had a nice little chat about Glasto and she agreed to call me later in the week instead. And she told me not to worry and enjoy it! I am so relieved I can't tell you. My mouth was dry and my head was tense all day. And I kept having to go to the loo with nerves. I wasn't sure how I would cope at Glasto as I was in such a strange, almost split personality state - I was talking to people but was at the same time very detached. Though maybe...... Thank you all for your support. I was really quite freaked and it was therapeutic to talk on here. Now I feel I really can look forward to it again. BRING IT ON!!
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    Morning all. Rain overnight but it has only affected the top inch of the ground. Rain now stopped and it's brightening up. Nothing to worry about. One more sleep to go. It's going to be the best one yet Sorry about the poor framing of the vid.
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    I DID IT GUYS!!! I’ve managed to grab a slot off them, just filling out the form now for the festival. Wow. Incredible.
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    Band sings a song about killing tories, national news. Tories enact policies that end up killing the poor, the sick, the disabled, the homeless, the elderly and end up reducing the life expectancy of the whole nation, just another day at the office.
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    'Twas the night before Techno Christmas, when all through the acid house Not a creature was stirring, not even a Deadmau5
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    We have the new Map!
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    We made it! We've finally smashed-though our ambitious £8,236 target. Thank you to you all for your wonderfully generous contributions. The whole Lost Horizon team are hugely grateful. Love makes the world go round - but it doesn't pay the bills! When James Walford set up the crowdfunder back in October some of us scoffed that he was being ludicrously over-optimistic. He has proved us wrong as the donations gradually poured-in. Now we can be sure we'll meet all our expenses and be back at Worthy Farm in June. Come and visit us up in the Tipi Field. You can be sure of a warm welcome (it is a sauna after all!) It's immensely humbling to realise just how much our little outfit is appreciated by our loyal band of supporters. It's been a tremendous team effort.Our love to you all!
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    So, after saying I was going to get one for years, I finally found a design I liked and today I got my Glastonbury tattoo! I’m so pleased with how it turned out! Does anyone else have any Glastonbury inspired tattoos? Would love to see pics!
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    Every day in this thread, I will post a different Glastonbury related video / picture to countdown like an advent calendar.... Behind Door Number 1 - The first memory I have of Glastonbury. I wasnt there, but watched it TV. This is the first memory of being hooked on it. I loved this performance
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    Fellow Resalers.... I’ve done it, gone and bagged a spot on the stewarding team for Oxfam!!! A great great poster messaged me and I managed to grab it! I can’t believe it!!
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    How is it possible to refrain from overdoing it on Weds/Thurs? I’m at my favourite place in the world with friends I love and haven’t seen in some cases since the last Glastonbury two years ago. You have your cup of tea and a sensible early night. Me, i’ll get stupidly overexcited and go hell for leather.
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    I certainly did not do that as that meant it was murder getting back out - sure we would camp next to our cars but we always made certain it was closer to a exit route - sure there was always some drivers that were so out of it they were never going to move but it was rare that we were ever boxed in - that onsite mechanic must have made a bomb as there was always cars that needed a jump start or they had ran out of fuel - never had to use them myself so have no idea what they charged.Sure under current H&S rules and with so many cars it would never work now but it was good while it lasted. +-*
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    Sure, they've dismantled and reassembled a monolithic dock crane into some sort of installation based around fiery prehistoric world building, and sure they've booked some of the biggest and best DJs in the world to play it, but if there's no acrobats then I'm afraid I will be writing to the ombudsman.
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    Breaking that down, it sounds like you're suggesting three things: 1. There's a problem with knife crime at the moment 2. There's been a problem with violence and grime music 3. Therefore, Stormzy shouldn't headline Glastonbury. I think the first point is definitely valid. The second point is a little more nuanced than you're suggesting and than the article you linked to implies. I'm no expert in this area, but I think there's some context to violent or threatening lyrics in grime (and in hip hop more widely) that has to be appreciated and rarely is, certainly not by a tabloid newspaper. What sounds aggressive often cannot be taken at face value and has to be understood within the culture and spirit of the music. Which is to say that the overlap to actual violence is complex. I'm not saying it doesn't exist, but I'm not aware of any evidence of a direct, causal link to music. As far as the third point goes, you could argue that giving a headline performance to a musical genre with a complex historical overlap with small instances of actual crime, glorifies or promotes violence. While I can see how you might think so, I don't see it as prevalent in grime. Perhaps it used to be when grime was seen as the edgy, underground alternative to garage, but it's far more mainstream now. Other subgenres of hip hop have emerged, such as 'drill', which have a far more troubling relationship with real-life gang violence. In the future, still others will replace that one. Even if we concede that a face-value impression of violence is given a platform at Glastonbury even if that reasoning is flawed, and that this impression of violence could encourage violent tendencies in others, I still see a problem in your logic, and that is: there are far bigger root causes to gang violence than the music associated with it. The disenfranchisement and under-investment in inner-city youth, resulting in chronically low aspirations and a top-down sense of segregation from wider society, is a worthier subject for your pulpit. Perhaps the image of a young black male, once affected by the violence you allude to, standing on the Pyramid stage at Glastonbury, at the pinnacle of his career, might just inspire some of the small minority of young people troubled by all this, to see that change is possible. That it is - in fact - possible to believe in yourself and chase your dreams. I say Stormzy headlining is to be celebrated, and if it is a platform, I hope it's seen by as many of the people you're worried about as possible, highlighting a shining example of what can be achieved.
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    Back from a wander all very dry, took a tent peg out and ground nice a firm over pennards and pyramid camping. with the wood chip preparations that have been made it will take a lot of rain to make it into a mud bath. suggest pack lots of sun cream, shorts and trainers, but take wellies and leave in the car ??? its going to be a fab Glastonbury, sitting on the grass in the sunshine drinking a cold cider. Roll on Wednesday when you can all come and play.
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    It is not that difficult, Jazebel is closer to the fire. that was my information and I shared it, i hope that they will release another name this week. it is not a battle...
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    All I could think of during this discussion.
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    And then you decide to take your own transport just to avoid them, calling Marcus up with the excuse "I'm running late, just go on without me", only to hear back "I will wait, I will wait for you" over and over again.
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    I'll be worse off under labour, no I don't earn over £80k but I'm a business owner which will mean a rise in dividend tax and corporation tax, however I have to think of my children and their opportunities in life and the services available to them. Because of this, I voted labour.
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    How would that be fair on people on low incomes (or even people on hefty incomes) who don't have the time to spare because their job/s require a lot of hours? Or people with childcare responsibilities or care roles? Or people who live in areas with no certified community service orgs? I wouldn't really want to go if you have to prove yourself worthy, it's a festival not some sort of godly judgement
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    Noticed the word has got through to the Game of Thrones cast. Very unprofessional to allow this into the final production however.
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    This is a photo of the cardboard castle.. Taken by an old bloke who has been to every Glastonbury since the beginning.. He used to have a little table where he sold a few pics I got given this one after helping him and his wife pack up at the end of the day.. I got the piece of wood at a fence making demonstration in green fields in 2009 we put our bands that fall off onto it... Me carrying said wood We never take bands off... A few pj bands.. A few posters and things Every programme from 2002.... That's the year we started BUYING tickets .. papers from 97 to 2000 has a nice fresh paper shepee in one lol Bags from all years. We have others we use but not these And one of the best ever year when some nice bloke made me and the wife a broom to jump over.. Biggest broom they've ever had lol and certificate to show we did it.. I tip my hat to you old son And then my wall of Glastonbury art by me... The one with Glastonbury Tor is made from food colors and Glastonbury mud so it counts lol. Cheers Glastonbury for years of memories.. G
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    Who has been playing with Foals' Wikipedia page?
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    I reckon she will get over an english mistake made by an italian random forum's user at 9 in the morning. Maybe it will take her one year or two of therapy, but I am pretty positive she will come back stronger than ever.
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    Just in case people are setting off early (have you left yet, @Mezhyp1...you've got a farking long way to go...), and lest I forget, AND not to steal thunder from CrazyFool's general group forum hug in another thread... Thanks for all your love and enthusiasm in this thread over the past two years, especially. I hope everyone would agree that, whilst it's never been cliquey, it has expanded hugely lately in terms of people wanting to come in and contribute. For me, it's become an incredibly welcoming and unassuming place, and the responses from many to countless requests for recs, guidance etc has been a wonderfully microcosmic representation of what the Glastonbury spirit means to me. I am just about ready to burst. Please, please, please, if you're at a set and would like to come and say hello and dance, but feel awkward, then don't. I'm a massively excitable and enthusiastic person (no...?!), but am also slightly awkward when first meeting new people. After five minutes, when I've hopefully convinced myself that they don't think I'm a tit, I'll relax and become my usual self! I would love to meet as many people from the thread as possible. I would love to share sets and experiences with you at Glastonbury. So, if you see me and fancy it, please come over. By the same token, you might want nothing less, and I'll take no offence whatsoever from people steering well clear. Essentially, have the fucking best Glastonbury E/D threaders. I'll be dead centre, 10-15 metres from the booth Ben x
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    Those extolling the virtues of secret shows would do well to remember that Friday at the Other Stage, 2014; when a fevered crowds expectations were audibly quashed with a drop of a curtain reading the fateful words, 'Kaiser Chiefs'. It's said the groans that day could be heard for miles.
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    9am London departure. BRB - got a playlist to start.
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    B/Eliza is breathing by herself for the first time..long way to go but Little steps.... She's a fighter and a beautiful one.. Cheers for the support. G
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    Might have a listen to her stuff, see if she's my kind of thing.
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    Arcade Fire's headline set was one of the best gigs I've ever seen on the farm Do not, I cannot stress this enough, @ me.
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    When your mate brings you your 9th pint halfway through King Giz on October 5th but you've got an alarm set for 08:00 BGM36sR-rMHwjkU3.mp4
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    I have to say I find posts like this highly socially divisive. You may be right, you may be wrong, he may be the nicest most altruistic man on the planet, the point is you don’t know. This kind of attitude in my opinion does as much harm to society as any wealth gap.
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    Massive massive massive thanks to @Sawdusty Surfer @deebeedoobee @pilton digger @Mr Splodge @Ommadawn and anyone else who's been posting updates for us. We can find weather forecasts and reports, but nothing gives a real indication of what that actually means for us once we get onsite. Your updates have been an absolute godsend in keeping me optimistic. When others have worried about how bad it's going to be, I've just smiled knowingly and assured them it's all good. I will happily stand you all a goodly amount of booze at the meet. I will also try to find some way of getting treats in for Big Dog. Thank you
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    To try and sum it up: Genosys is the centrepiece – the towering dystopian installation, outdoors, with green lasers. A lot of people just kind of assume that is Block9 (a bit of a Blondie ≠ Debbie Harry situation). That's usually got techno, acid and house vets from Chicago, Detroit and Berlin, very epic in sound and vibe. Might be your kind of thing going off the above. Think Derrick May, Steffi, Phuture, Roman Flügel types and occasionally a curveball like Hot Chip playing Prince. We assume Avalon Emerson will be there. I'd guess Dr Rubinstein or Courtesy from the new school, maybe even a Jeff Mills or Larry Heard if we get lucky. NYC Downlow is for many the crown jewel – as close to sordid 70s/80s New York as you can probably get on earth. Mega mega queer, a total sweatbox, really special atmosphere of liberation and freedom. Air reeks of poppers, always a pleasure. More leaning on house, hi-NRG and disco but some raucous techno now and again. Drag performances break up the DJs. If you're familiar with Horse Meat Disco, Midland, Dimitri From Paris, The Black Madonna, you're there. There's a side venue, The Meat Rack, which caters for smaller artists in that kind of field – Dan Shake and Dungeon Meat played there last time I think. Also doubles up as a dark room (!) Maceo's is the staff bar, but basically a playpen for artists, agents, staffers and liggers. Extremely loose, people in all states just falling about the place at all hours. Good fun if you can slide in. Anything-goes musically. London Underground has traditionally been dubstep, garage and all splinter varieties. Heads down murk. It's the one with the crashed vehicle coming out of the brickwork. You head in and it slopes underground a little. I'll be honest: I don't believe this one is coming back. That's the word that I've been tipped to. IICON is the new area, the unknown element. Could be anything but the scale and the secrecy seems to suggest major things afoot. Hope that helps!
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    Why is it him that's made her relevant again and not her own role in the film/soundtrack?
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    Can Madonna do it on a rainy Tuesday night in Stoke?
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    Genuinely do not understand the obsession with Taylor Swift. If she was any more vanilla she'd have a flake in her hair. Granted shes got a few decent tunes but dont get when we all suddenly put her on this plinth as the dream headliner, must see, etc. She strikes me as something of a culture vulture a la Ed Sheeran, "Today I'm urban, Today I care about the LGBT community" She doesn't even come across as particularly nice, always seems cold, calculating and fake nice. Anyway realise I'm leaving myself open to a wave of hate from the fanatics here but just speaking out loud as I am honestly bemused by the admiration for her on here. Not denying she has talent but give me Gaga or Pink any day of the week. They would beyond smash it. ((ducks))
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    I've had a love affair with the place for nearly forty years. The crew I used to go with 'back in the day' don't go any more for one reason or another, they've grown out of it, it's too big, 'it's not as good as it used to be' blah blah. They always ask me when I get back every year 'how was it'? And I always say the same as it's always been and completely different. If you've been once and then were led in blindfolded and sat down in the middle you'd know exactly where you were from the sounds and smells, it's the same as it's always been. Trying to explain it to someone whose never been is almost impossible too, they've seen it on telly, the scale of it, the stages, the crowds etc. But trying to explain it's unique nature is just baffling. Some one of this parish once said quite a few years ago now how 'those fields in Avalon shimmer with magic for those few days' and I know exactly what he meant. How do you explain the magic, it's aura, that feeling of being in the right place at the right time. Of course all of this is so easy to say after a year with weather like we've just had. Muddy one's.... maybe I need a little more distance from it to be able to fawn so After pondering this a bit further the actual word he used was 'iridescent'....'iridescent with magic'. Much better than my effort.
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    It's the worrying return of Apart-Height

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