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    As the planning permission for premises licences have appeared at the entrances to the site we can take that as confirmation that next year is officially underway.
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    It's so English to moan about individual players when there is no need. We won 6-1 for god sakes and Sterling is a great player who we are lucky to have. Leave the lad alone.
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    To get us through this tough time, today is exactly a year since the gates opened to Glastonbury 2017, probably my favourite year I've been to. So tell us exactly what you were up to a year ago. It could be specific to the time you're posting or a summary of the whole day! I had been queuing since about 4am. After the slight worry of what 'bag searches' meant and the joyous roar of the crowd as the gates opened, we were in and set up by 9am. After a slightly embarrassing chase of a milk van we headed off into the festival. I bought a jurassic park bumbag and a disgusting hawaiian shirt and looked for alcohol. Because I had been up all night, it felt like it was the early afternoon and I was confused that I was struggled to get a beer, at Glastonbury! It was of course, about 9.15am and after spotting 3 people with cider I meekly asked them where they got it and they pointed me towards the Somerset Cider stall. Cider and hotdog in hand, at this very moment a year ago I was laying under the multiple signposts in Williams Green, getting some shade and sipping my cider full of excitement about what the weekend was about to bring. Now you.
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    i've been twice and for me it was great....it's basically a mix of electronic and rock music, with few big names plus some spanish locals: in 2016 the big names were Chemical Brothers, Moderat, PJ Harvey, Suede in 2017 there were the Prodigy, Franz Ferdinand, Royal Blood, Ride, Orbital, Kiasmos, Vitalic, Mano Le Tough, and others.. the venue is in a big conference hall, and there are two big stages, one next to each other...so no clash between acts. an other small room is for the djs till early in the morning you can reach the arena by metro inside the festival, you have a wristband where you can charge money, so it's totally cashless...plastic glasses with deposit....wardrobe at the entrance is for free or within few euros.
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    How do we know it's even his picture? That bloke isn't wearing some handmade crazy jacket. #leavenotracegate
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    This time two years ago I was feeling very pleased with myself for getting home in time to watch England v Iceland. Oh well...
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    I looked at the dates on the web site and noticed that 26 >25. Not a lot of maths to do.
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    On another note, I saw NIN at Southbank on Friday and they were incredible, so much better live than recorded. Trent swung his guitar at the microphone stand quite near the beginning and the microphone smacked Atticus in the face. He hardly reacted! Ilan is such an incredible drummer - hoping for a similar show at NIN but I can imagine the intimacy of Friday's gig will be the big difference.
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    Thanks for the advice fella - 3 weeks and I'll be on the coach from Barcelona to the campsite!
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    Isn't this argument a bit simplistic, you can replace a player without him necessarily being awful.
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    Yeah.....fallow years are so yesterday. Thread closed?
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    If it's Robert Smith / The Cure I will eat my own hat. ? However, it could be Interpol from the Hyde Park bill.
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    yup also, the starting 11 has worked so far, and i think its a mistake to tinker except in the case of injury. And Rashford works better as an impact sub IMO Some people said Kane should be dropped after the tunisia game for example...
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    I love how West Holts is always a beautiful place to be. It's a beautiful thing. Ever totally at a loss as to what to do at Glastonbury Festival? See what's going down at West Holts. Get a cider. You're gonna have a good time. Gawd, to be there right now! We've done the hard yards, every day brings closer to Glastonbury.
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    That's the sun setting on a fallow year.....bring on the dawn.
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    Who grouted your tiles - the council?
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    Every bar will have it on. If they get to the final they'll likely have it on in Paseo de Recoletos. 250k watched the 2010 final there. Scenes.
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    Glad I’ve seen the updated poster now, was a bit disappointed they didn’t do t-shirts with the line up on the back, not one for them normally but the RW line ups are the best I’ve been to... so I’ve made my own ? So if any of you see a guy in this with a Jupiler in each hand, it’s me
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    This put a genuine smile on my face! ?, because of that I'll post my list! First things first: Clashfinders are a lot better, but I don't factor in potential clashes on this image. This is more to tell me the quality of the festival in a general sense. It's my opinion, so don't judge. I try to put as little red highlights as I can so that they mean more. I'm not sure how clear this image will be but: Red: Most excited (Will miss any blue/black/no highlight) Blue: Definitely want to see (Will miss any black/no highlight) Black: Interested - would Mathematically, if red is worth 3 points, blue is worth 2 and black is worth 1. The scores for each day look like this: Thursday: 20 Friday: 31 Saturday: 20 Sunday: 33 I rate the bands on past performance, thus my expectation for this time. They really need to wow me to make me put blue/red. Like I've seen James Bay before and I don't think he'd be worth seeing again (So he has no highlight)
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    Hoping TWDY doesn't clash with Slowdive other than that it should be amazing.
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    The Strokes, The White Stripes, Blur would be the best headline trio R&L have ever had.
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    They usually release the set times two oe three weeks before the festival. So I guess something like June's last week will be ideal for this year's schedules. In 2017 they were released on June 21st, 16 days before the beginning of the fest.
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    Wow, please be legit! I wish I'd not seen this now though until it is/isn't announced tomorrow in case I'm getting my hopes up for nothing haha.
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    They said the line-up was full when they announced Florence, Gambino and others, so don´t get hyped. Maybe is just some small addition like local bands or so. If they end up announcing something bigger it would be amazing.
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    Are you doing an updated shirt for 2018? That would be popular with us lineup nerds!
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    Biffy Clyro beating The Strokes wow I'm retiring from this section
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    What's this about Dream State.....what Paramore and Marmozets should sound like?, why?
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    Here we go again. Arcade Fire Metallica Don't really care about the last one but Foals beating Arcade Fire is a laugh.
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    Nine Inch Nails just released their new EP, Bad Witch, which is consistent with their last two:
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    Nine Inch Nails released their new album, Bad Witch, today. It's consistent with the last two:
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    Yes there will be horror clashes but I wouldn’t read anything into that clashfinder. Too many stages and acts, it’s impossible to guess who will play when. The Saturday has about 13 acts I want to see so realistic that going to have to give some up. Would rather have too much choice than not enough choice!
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    It’s rarely that hot, it starts at 5ish so you escape most of what heat there is. Usually it’s just pleasantly warm though need an extra layer from midnight.
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    I meant it’s rarely that hot that you have to seek shade as was asked in the question. Its May, not August and it’s evening not midday sun.

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