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    Decided to go home early and beat the rush?
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    I know it's plagiarism but hey ho.
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    you're all fucking wierdos
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    Oh, gotcha: https://inews.co.uk/news/london-marathon-2018-rob-pope-breaks-guinness-world-record-dressed-as-forrest-gump/
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    So, returned from a truly exceptional alternative to Glastonbury, http://www.nablusfestival.org/. Crossed the wall from Jerusalem into the occupied West Bank and stayed in Nablus for 3 days. Impressions were of the wonderfully friendly Palestinians who despite the odds are doing OK. The Festival is in it's 3rd year and trying to bring some culture to an area that so much needs all the support they can get. Family life is of course so strong in that part of the world, but there is little else for them. When it comes to what we would seek in the way of 'entertainment' and night life...there's almost nothing. The crucial difference between the festival and anything in the UK was the 'cause' was everything, and was directly impacting and integral to the city & it's people, not some faintly distant 'for charity' enterprise. I loved the experience, admit to being apprehensive on arrival, the quality of the music was variable (Kindest words I can use), the Bristol band Chai For All played if anyone knows them, as were some Chilean protest singers, a weird, ambient Japanese act, and as per the photo below, my son playing in the refugee camp. Google Project Hope Palestine if anyone is interested in volunteering for a good cause. (As an experience, travelling through Israel, Jordan & The West Bank/Palestine was stunning).
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    New world record for competitor dressed as a film star
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    By this definition Mourinho isn’t and never has been world class.
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    Yeah, it will be, but no idea when. It’s not always easy to predict when he releases things. I’ll give you a shout when it does, though.
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    Got some last time I went. Was decent stuff.
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    Here's current scores for next person then: Kendrick Lamar (30) Creeper (5) Wolf Alice (35) Pendulum (30) La Dispute (10) Death From Above (35) Dream Wife (10) Sigrid (5) BROCKHAMPTON (22) The Magic Gang (15)
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    They build the wall in the same place { although some weekends it may be expanded or contracted } the Gates tend to be in the same place - if you have a VIP pass you can get out ' near Finsbury Park station ' - I have seen events when they allowed normal ticket holders out ' the way they walked in ' { so again its near Finsbury Park station } but if they only open the ' east gate ' that will take you up to Manor House station - although there is a way to follow the wall round heading towards Finsbury Park station but I don't know if they have extra barriers in place - if I was a Punter I would head straight for Harringay Green Lanes as its not as well knowing - I would avoid Finsbury Park tube station { as they are still doing work on it so even if you get in some of the stairs down to the platform are blocked off - that work is not due to end until 2019 - Finsbury Park Tube station is used by over 32 million passengers a year, making it the fourth busiest on the Tube network outside Zone 1 } I have been doing events there since 1989 and they tend not to change things { well the Festival Republic ones { used to be called the Mean Fiddler } although inside the wall they shuffle things about how it looks before the Gates open.
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    Why is that troubling? I’m sure it’s pretty common for people to often not check out bottom of the bill bands unfortunately - regardless of gender before you bring that up next.
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    Give us another one then haha
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    Sunderland in free fall.
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    Errrm I can only think the relevance of 4:20 to Hunna fans is that's when their favourite show starts on CBBC.
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    Prodigy and most likely Chase and Fucking Status ruled out. Playing Lokerse Festival.
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    Just booked a ticket for this as a first timer. Like @Homer I've heard good things (from people I know that go to Boomtown) but I'd be keen to hear of anyone else's experiences, just like the OP. Cheers!
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    Headlined in 2014, on the Sat night, and there stock is no lower now than it was then, so I wouldn't expect them sharing the bill with anyone else. If it's LIBS, they'll be sole headliners!
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    here are my bets for community kings of leon, mumford and sons, stormzy, dua lipa, kasabian,muse and coldplay.
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    Kings of Leon won't play Sex on Fire, they haven't played it since they released their second album in 2004.
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    Liam Gallagher is playing the Big Weekend this year and he's an Oasis tribute act.
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    i bought mine like a week ago. so when should i expect it?

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