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    God please dont let it be a Royal Blood/Imagine Dragons coheadline
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    This picture needs no words
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    Taking @Yoghurt on a Stick and @OG's photos to make an amalgamation, though a slight cheat.
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    Thanks for posting Simpo! Should have finished by the next one!!
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    A portuguese music blog, posted on their facebook page (called Ouvido Alternativo) that Thom Yorke (as solo act) is heavily rumoured to be on Nos Primavera Sound. If this is true, maybe he will be on both Primaveras http://ouvidoalternativo.blogspot.co.uk/2017/12/thom-yorke-no-nos-primavera-sound-2018.html
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    Well, Nick Cave is a headliner, but following him with such an uninspired act would be really, really disappointing. Hoping for The XX or AM as the other co-headlining act next to Cave.
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    I'll be home on a decent hour that sunday night then .... damn that one-trick-pony, overrated oscar and the wolf ....
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    Glad to see Jungle are about next Summer!
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    New Carpoolageddon area to be introduced next year and be mispronounced by everyone to keep @bennyhana22happy.
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    All these expectatives and it's Imagine Dragons eheh
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    Bit avant garde for the pyramid I think. I like the format though, can we get Randy Newman singing the Toy Story soundtrack in a tractor with Bjork?
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    I dunno. They were really dope last year but Im not sure how well their set up would work on the mainstage, and I cant see them playing on any other. Part of the vibe waa because it felt so intimate in the NME (though I am biased as tgat is my fave stage anyway.) Would much rather see them skip this year and headline that stage next year off the back of a new album
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    Big up to the efester that came to my gig at the nest on Friday. here is a recording of my set from that night. Warts n’ all... if anyone fancies a 1:30 techno journey. atone showcase is now gonna be a regular show at the nest in dalston so anyone London based who fancies coming down lemme know
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    She has solutions. U just dont agree with them! I agree that there are some good Tories. Bipartisanship is a good goal, but at the core, we have an adverserial political system.
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    Here's the flip side. Thats how many minutes my EP has been listened to. Not bad for my independent debut that came out in October.
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    And 15 months later, with a stop-off in England in the middle, our Robla has run clear to the ocean 4 times! Incredible!!! Wish I'd have seen you at Glastonbury feller!
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    Nod to Magritte from PS. The Catalan elections are on Thursday so I guess there are loads of election posters all over the city so PS may be having fun with this. Also, yellow is the colour of the pro-independence campaign. No way they will announce this week anyway.
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    Looks like they're making quite a lot of this... Only audio line up announcement?
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    Downvoted for that? Fuck ALL nationalities
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    similar here. teenage me was there but didn't know who he was. tbh, i'm sure he was only really on the bill due to RoF being on that Levis ad at the time.
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    I've heard 'This competition shit is getting on my wick' will be doing two gigs in the auditori and 'Just announce it you twats' are doing a secret set by the beach.
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    I agree. Nick Cave should headline on his own.
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    Royal Blood Arctic Monkeys Drake With outside shot or Radiohead