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    Architects were booked before Ally Pally, and are much less suited than Broco. Hopefully Architects get a much higher slot, like 3rd down or something in 2019 on the same day as someone like BMTH or MCR headlining.
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    There was a well documented experiment recently. A little girl and a little boy were dressed in clothing of the opposite gender and then adults engaged with them in play. The adults uniformly played with the child dressed as a boy by presenting "him" with construction toys and perhaps playing "catch" they played with the boy dressed as a girl with dolls and make believe. It is not kids that have a gender problem, it is adults. I don't believe that Ms Faith is conducting any kind of "social experiment", merely trying to enable her child to grow up feeling loved and supported. You may for example, have noticed the number of children who follow their parents into either creative, caring or scientific roles in society. I don't for one moment believe this a genetic predisposition to that kind of role, it is learned. What else are our children learning from us? It seems they are learning to follow gender appropriate roles. Perhaps the greatest engineer ever to be born has become a single mum working in a call centre twenty hours a week (nothing wrong with this work in itself but you don't want the next IK Brunel cold calling to flog drainage insurance do you?) Limiting our children limits us.
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    And if they have Drake rather than Kendrick or Kanye they can piss off.
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    Biodegradable glitter is a thing. Worth paying a couple of quid so(more) microplastics don't end up in the ecosystems.
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    ATDI supporting Royal Blood was never a good idea. Should have had Frank Carter or someone
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    This is precisely what Paloma is doing by making this public announcement, this is not about the welfare of her child just a ridiculous way of her expressing her desire to promote LGBT issues and to be seen as a modern parent. She could have easily kept this decision private and raised her child without the glare of publicity, by refusing to disclose the childs sex and announcing to the world her intention to treat it this way she is opening herself and her child up to unneccessary speculation in the press. Children need love and guidence not to be part of some bizarre social experiment.
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    Black Honey played FR this year, they were excellent. Matey I was with thought they were the highlight of his weekend! Think if they're booked again they'd step up a slot, maybe mid-afternoon NME like The Sherlocks this year
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    I literally couldn’t agree more about last night mate, like I said I’m not a massive fan of ATDI and I thought they were shit. Honey blood were really really good. If Royal Blood don’t get atleast Co-head next year then I’ll be really really shocked.
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    i met Chuck Mosley once, when he was fronting a band called Cement. it was at the Boardwalk in Manchester and i must have been about 15 or so, which puts it at the time that Oasis were also using that place regularly. anyway, i went to get his autograph, and he wrote (i can still remember this despite not having the scrap of paper anymore) "don't piss inside Phil. thanks for coming out. Chuck". i didn't get it then and i don't now. at least he got my name right. plus he stole my pen and argued about it when asked to return it.
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    Yes those Foos are too small and weak a booking to headline outright. They need a co headline slot to give them some exposure and the step up they need. They'll be on with someone of a similar size so probably Guns and Roses. That will be an incredibly weak day but we need to nurture these future headliners.
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    Imagine... All day in the sunshine, then a balmy Sunday night, cool wind in your hair, a shimmering light then the warm smell of colitas, closing song... I can't see anything wrong with that!
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    can u beleve tht the EU r going to conscript all of are english british policemen and armymen into an EU army an then come round to all of ur houses and confiscate all ur childrens genders and force us all to be moslem vegetarions!!!!!????? pls like and share this post if u r proud to be english and r sick ov boys being forced to be girls and girls being forced to be boys