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    Words from Glasto HQ. Earlier today, Michael Eavis welcomed Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn to Pilton to celebrate the beginning of the final stage of his landmark social housing project. “These are houses for village people to live in and they will never be sold,” says Michael Eavis. “My dream was to have 50 houses available for the Festival’s 50th anniversary in 2020. Today we are one step nearer to making that dream a reality.” The first building project started in 1990 as 10 houses known as ‘Oathills’, the original name of the field. Then, ten years later came the completion of ‘John Burn’s Cottages’, 12 houses funded by Hastoe Housing. The land and the stone were provided free of charge from Worthy Farm, with contributions for dressing the stone from the Workers Beer Company, who provide bars at the Festival. HRH Prince Charles opened John Burn’s Cottages and met the tenants in 2010. Now we have completed another 13 houses, working with the Guinness Partnership and builders EG Carter, known as ‘Maggie’s Farm’. These were visited by David Beckham this year, who planted a walnut tree. Plans are now well ahead to complete the whole scheme with a further 15 houses to make a total of 50, which will coincide with the Festival’s 50th anniversary year, 2020. ------------ Most of the people in the top image is involved with the WBC and/or BWTUC { who formed the WBC over 30 years ago } and the guy on the right { with white beard and white hair } worked in the very first WBC bar at Glastonbury in 1986 and he is still going strong and he is older than me !!! John Burns (20 October 1858 – 24 January 1943) was an English trade unionist and politician and Margaret Bondfield (first woman in the cabinet) and she was a labour MP.
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    I enjoy some poetry as I think of it as the 'condensed milk' of writing, an awful lot said in just a few words. One of my favourites is Motherless Babies by Christina Rossetti. Motherless babies and babyless mothers Put them together to love one another. Just two lines that say a lot - especially to people who've been involved in adoption.
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    Much of the case against Catalonian independence rests on 2 principles: 1: the right to self-determination does not apply to Catalonia (usually it is claimed that this is because it is not a colony and it is not oppressed. 2: The Spanish Constitution outlaws it As always with these things, there are differing interpretations, not something you would realise if you listened to Neil. Here is a differing opinion from "Mr. Alfred de Zayas (United States of America) was appointed as the first Independent Expert on the promotion of a democratic and equitable international order by the Human Rights Council, effective May 2012. He is currently professor of international law at the Geneva School of Diplomacy. Mr. de Zayas practiced corporate law and family law in New York and Florida. As a Human Rights Council mandate holder, he is independent from any government or organization and serves in his individual capacity." He says... he says a bit more. you can read it here http://www.ohchr.org/EN/NewsEvents/Pages/DisplayNews.aspx?NewsID=22295&LangID=E Of course, Neil will come up with a "funny" name for Mr de Zayas, which will immediately discredit everything he says.
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    Yeah he’s usually looped in with French rock festivals and big rock bands doing French gigs, cos he’s a renowned rock radio DJ there. European festival sites put a lot of trust in his words. Definitely been wrong in the past but Metallica canning their tour seems an odd thing to state if it wasn’t true. He’s been rumouring GNR for shows next summer (incl. Download) - I could completely see RW booking them given Live Nation have tour contracts with them so maybe bob them in in place of Metallica?
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    Apparently very reliable. He posts some things with a question mark after them meaning it's a rumour I think, and the things posted without a question mark (including this Metallica thing) are definite. @dentalplan is the one who usually brings us his info so he probably knows better than me. Edit: And yeah with the Download thing it adds up.
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    Cos he’s always in the press being a man of the people, not afraid to speak his mind, one of us and the type of bloke you could share a pint with. Who knew this was so popular among Britons?
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    It was either this or Patti Smith,
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    It's out there (leaked) I've not got round to it yet, like what I've heard so far though, Aux Cord is great. It's here for the moment
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    Such passion and vigour, you feel she means every word.