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    Good article. One niggle though. It implies he was offstage for anthrocene before making his entrance for jesus alone, which is clearly bollocks. They are right to highlight jubilee street. You could easily make a case for it being the greatest ever bad seeds song. Amazing, considering it came along so late in their career. As for comparisons with cohen and bowie, lyrically he'll never touch cohen - no one can imo - but in every other regard he surpasses him I think. Especially consistency. Cohen did put out his fair share of dud music, something nick cave has never done. Comparisons with bowie is a harder thing to judge as they are just so completely different. He'll never be a superstar like bowie because nick cave is far more niche and his charisma is very different to bowies charisma. Bowie appealed to all, but there are plenty of people who will think nick cave is just too weird. Plus he lacks the wide range of music bowie put out - bowie has a song for literally everyone. So yeah, he is comfortably ranked alongside cohen for me, but lacks the broad appeal that elevates him to bowie level. Now if you could choose to go to a gig from just one of those three artists at the top of their game and handpick the setlist who would you pick? Probably bowie for me........followed by cave then cohen. But then if I rank their 3 best glastobury appearances I'd say bowie, then cohen then cave (2013). That was tough though. Was cave at the o2 better than cohen at the o2....argh I'd have to say cave edges it... Nick cave and the bad seeds are by far the best band around still putting out music though. By far.
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    http://www.thefestivalteatowel.co.uk/ Limited stock of tea towels here!!
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    Predicting Aerosmith a year after their farewell headline slot. What an absolute cretin.
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    It would be on the expensive side but some camp sites do six months or less pitches.. A few of my mates lived in caravans and just moved site every six months.. Good thing about having it on a site even in winter is you can use it anytime you like.
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    The best known lightweight caravans are made by Lunar. Worth looking for. If you can get a decent one it's worth it.
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    I shall never doubt you again! There only bloody was! Got a pair for Monday 26th. Hooray!
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    Caravanning..... I was always Housing Manager for our festival gang (another one of the gang was Catering Manager and one was Jeeves - who looked after our drink needs). I started with a big tent, graduated to a trailer tent and then moved into caravans. I'm now on my third. First of all join either the Caravan Club or the Camping and Caravan Club as they have registered sites that are cheap and really good and also through them you can get cheap caravan insurance. Also join the RAC who have a scheme called Relay that will help with broken down caravans/tow vehicles. The AA don't want to know. Then look for a registered storage site - again either the Caravan Club or Camping and Caravan Club will have a list of registered sites. I store my caravan at Magor near the Severn Bridge. It costs me £250 a year but that gives me secure storage and also a reduced rate on my caravan insurance because it's a registered secure site. The storage site is about a 25 minute drive from my house so it's easy to pop down and, more importantly, it's located en-route to most of the festivals I go to. When I had a trailer tent, which was a great festival rig, I was able to store it in mother in law's garage. My first caravan I was able to store on the hardstanding outside my house but as I got into bigger caravans that became impossible as I live at the top of a narrow 1 in 4 windy country lane and there wasn't anywhere to turn it round. So that meant finding secure storage. As with camping you acquire loads of equipment, from tables and chairs to pots and pans. The great thing is that you can store them all in your caravan. I also store my sleeping bag, pillows, blankets etc. I've also got a full length awning that doubles the size of the caravan and provides a decent social and eating area. The one thing you have to watch out for with caravans is damp. Damp is the caravan killer so make sure that any van you buy is thoroughly damp checked. I get an annual service, which costs about £180 which includes a gas check and a damp check. It might seem a lot but it's worth protecting your investment. The last thing to remember is the ratio of the weight of your towcar to the weight of the caravan. A heavy van requires a heavy towcar. Don't buy a caravan that your car can't tow. My current caravan is a big twin axle Dethleffs that's very heavy but, luckily I've got a heavy, solid Audi A6 Allroad, which is 4 wheel drive. Before I had a front wheel drive Honda which wasn't up to towing bigger vans. You hitch up the caravan which puts weight on the back and tends to 'lift' the front wheels of the car. Then, if your car is front wheel drive you don't get such good traction. So far my Audi has pulled my heavy van in and out of the muddiest of festival fields with no problem. So buying a caravan isn't just about storage. All that said, caravanning is a huge pleasure in itself and festivals have become for me caravanning with a bit of music attached. If |I can't take the caravan I won't consider the festival.
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    Primary - a dedicated entrance and one hour before main gates open. (Pointless) Launch and general are just the same I think. Maybe just their way of saying pre-sale or early bird tickets.
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    I think not. Last years headliners have sorta thrown a spanner into the works I think.
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    Ah fair enough, didn't know she'd played so many times recently. Then again it doesn't seem to stop them with KoL and Editors Pearl Jam or Metallica instead of her then and shift The Prodigy onto The Killers' day.
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    Slipknot Korn Five Finger Death Punch Lamb Of God Black Veil Brides Saxon Black Stone Cherry Airbourne ---------- Iron Maiden A Day To Remember Megadeth Parkway Drive Skindred Hollywood Undead Enter Shikari Billy Talent ---------- Aerosmith Alter Bridge Steel Panther Volbeat Trivium Clutch Rob Zombie Killswitch Engage
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    What a cracking festival. A masterclass in running a festival. Relaxed and chilled on the surface but only thanks to a lot of planning, preparation and organisation.
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    A little Pearl Jam gossip if anybody is interested... If true, Rock Werchter seems very likely for Pearl Jam.... https://www.alternativenation.net/major-pearl-jam-summer-2018-tour-rumors-revealed/
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    Unreal gig. The skeleton tree songs were better than in my wildest dreams. They way they did Magneto was incredible. By far the most emotionally charged gig I've ever been to. A lady next to me was in floods of tears at girl in amber, I need you and distant sky. It took all I had not to join them. Spine tingling stuff. Usually I'd moan that all the older songs they did were just the usual "greatest hits" but not this time. Fan-favourite rareties would have been out of place at that gig. The classics united the crowd I think, and the whole thing ended up being a majestic, triumphant uplifting experience. I will never ever forget that gig. I had to laugh at how baked bobby gillespie looked though. Absolutely fried.
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    I don't really feel the need to pay homage to the site, but wouldn't mind going up the tor again (the first time is a long story which, briefly (and this is brief) involves a wedding, a white witch, a near drowning which would be able to vie for any slap stick comedy award, some sweets blessed by a Buddhist, a very long joint being lite from a man in his underpants in the owners kitchen of a B&B, and finally a report on the local radio news that sections of that specific area of Somerset now had checkpoints with soldiers manning them, because they were looking for IRA suspects in a specific colour, make and model of car. Well, I was driving exactly the same colour, make and model of the car, and it was registered in my dad's name - an Irishman with an Irish surname. I drove up to a check point (which was in my way) and thought 'fuck me. I've got a real hippy white witch in the back of the car, with enough drugs on them to warrant immediate arrest'. I really can't remember what conversation went on, but he let us go. Anyway, I really enjoyed my visit to the tor. It was almost spiritual, but I'm still unsure on that one. It was definitely meaningful. I'd like to go back again, camp at Ashcombe Farm (always wanted to camp there) and saunter in to The Apple Tree, possibly out of my mind on drugs.
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    I am sure the contact form will reach the right place. I have visited several times as we are lucky to only live about an hour away and always think it is very generous to allow strangers to wander round the site. I have never met the cows tho! So wishing it wasn't a fallow year next year.......xx
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    52. Is that old enough not to be patronised?