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    Double the capacity I say. 'But how will they do that Tom?' I hear you ask, its very simple. Double decker festival. It worked for buildings and buses festivals are the next logical step.
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    https://www.seetickets.com/tour/wolf-alice Still some tickets left too!
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    New Wolf Alice is great, I reckon I'll be listening to that a lot, another stacked week of new releases, can't keep up!
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    A crowd that size for Rag n Bone Man is a good reason for reducing the size by 30,000, and introducing some sort of decency test into the bargain.
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    After 7 years of Green Man, this was my first EOTR and I can't say I'm sure I’ll be going back! Already got my deposit in for next year Apart from the odd chatterer that you can be expected, I thought the the atmosphere, the grub and the especially the ales were out of this world. Not to mention the bands, I have been waiting to see Bill Callahan for some time and what better setting than those beautiful gardens (despite the rain!). Thought the variety of festival goodies at the shop were spot on as well. I have been cursing myself for not picking up a poster. Just seen they are up on the web shop - https://www.musicglue.com/end-of-the-road-festival/ HAPPY DAYS!!!
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    In my opinion, at Reading this year, I would say this year was the busiest I have seen it since 2014, the campsite was packed constantly throughout the day while the arena was far busier especially on Eminem day. Foo Fighters & Arctic Monkeys would be a dream and kind of fits in with the trend of having a "hard rock", "alternate rock" and "other" headliner. It would be a huge expense to get these 3 however with it being a fallow year they can try snap up glasto goers. I am not a fan of Drake but would be nice to see a final act that is not on the main stage as they are always meant to be wild! especially the pit.
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    This year on Sunday afternoon at the Other stage (Rag 'n' Bone Man possibly) it felt very much like it did in 2000. It was total gridlock in the field and up on the old train track. They'd need to seriously rethink the layout of the site if they wanted to inject 30k more punters in. Or put up an actual monorail of course, with the added benefit that it would stop the relentless monorail 'gags'.
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    Vicar St in Dublin. Small ish, can see from everywhere, great sound. Madison Square Garden. Sound and view is as good as it gets. Can get to the bar and the toilet and back to your seat in about 3 minutes. Reds Lounge in Clarksdale. Only fits about 25 people but so loud! A proper dive bar, a real one. Health and safety would have the place shut down over this side of the pond.
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    Oh shit, I thought I was reliably informed that "size doesn't matter".
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    Great thread. The few that come to mind without any doubt... Brighton Dome Thanks to its beautiful interior and intimate feel despite being one of the city's biggest venues. I'll never forget a raucous Maccabees gig there in 2012. Concorde 2, Brighton I used to love going to Concorde 2 as a teenager. That long walk down the seafront from the pier, past the old Vaults railway line. My formative years were spent queuing up under the old Victorian arches. The standing room is quite narrow and long but the atmosphere is always electric. Roundhouse, London Another one I love because of the design and the layout. I've seen various stuff here and its never disappointed - the perfect venue no matter what genre of music.
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    It sounds ambitious ik, but after hearing that they're are planning something big next year I reckon it will be: Foos, arctic monkeys and Drake Foos could fit it in nicely with a UK tour for their new album And obviously the rumours of Arctic Monkeys and a sixth album if it is true they have to headline I'm not a fan of Drake or any rap but seeing as reading is slowly heading that way and his appearance on Giggs set it would make sense to have him
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    was a bit worried by the four pre-release tracks, Yuk Foo and Heavenward were boring. By far the least interesting things on it though, so all good. Beautifully Unconventional is even better in context of the full shebang. EDIT: Younger Now is the best album released today though
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    They best not be touching row mead old son... That's home that is.. Kick out the on site fancy camping.. Put it in a field outside with all the rest. Lol
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    My mate was the sound tech at this, he sent me a pic. What he actually said was that the festival could get bigger but that it didn’t need to. I read that more as a hypothetical logistics thing, doesn’t seem like there’s any will to do it.
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    not an awful lot ... well not in this gear anyway .. I always seem to find the least practical fancy dress possible for the job im intending to do at a supermarket ... and luckily for them ive returned home now !!
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    The War on Dicks are about to get a load of new fans.
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    If you'd like your Wolf more Parade than Alice this weekend, then put this in your ears. http://www.npr.org/2017/09/28/552451119/first-listen-wolf-parade-cry-cry-cry
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    Saw The National last night and I was wrong as at times the magic was there. Still a very solid booking.
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    His version of Mother is very different... Anyway, in response to your previous post - he has Ireland listed on the countries where the European tour stops as well as the UK so you can expect a gig there.
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    honestly if mumford go that would be insane