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    This addiction is, I suspect, like having decided your lottery numbers in advance of the first ever national lottery in this country. Not only that but having decided them by using numbers which mean something to a person, and are re-occurring in life, like family birthdays, for example. By which I mean, it's hard to not comply with demands of a higher calling. And whilst in that vain, have I got a beauty - well, it's got all the right numbers in order. Just a few extra numbers present is all - just like my lottery tickets!
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    So why the defence of people thinking immigration is a problem, who were only considering a tiny aspect of the EU?
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    Yep they did last time I was there, should be signposted.
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    They are much liked on here. They also have a second EP out, The French Press.
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    Yeah pal, thinking of doing the 1-2 of INmusic & Open'er as part of a trip home - 5 festivals in a row last summer was a bit much...
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    Good stuff. A lot of those acts align with the general consensus on here. Architects, Foals and Frank Carter & The Rattlesnakes.
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    "When the trip and the plan come apart in your hand."
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    Never liked 21 Pilots really bar a couple of songs, and went with my GF to see them Leeds 2016, they were nothing special at all. It was weird how popular they are. Same for Imagine Dragons, though I have managed to avoid seeing them live ever. Bastille on the other hand are pretty decent, seen them live twice and I've always really enjoyed the atmosphere and their songs, even if they are pushing towards the lowest form of fan. Who do you guys think is doing really on the live scene at the moment? Who are the best live acts? I personally love Slaves, and have seen them a fair few times already, having always enjoyed their gigs. Which makes my tickets to Kasabian (another band I love live) in December even sweeter as they are supporting. Gotta give a big shout out to Frank Carter and the Rattlesnakes too, saw them at a Leeds Fest and had no idea who they were, got instantly hooked, love their music and their live shows are immense!
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    Christine & The Queens was some of the most style-over-substance kitschy shit I've ever seen. Felt furious at the boobs who overhyped her on the Glastonbury board that year and ended up moving me to leave the transcendent brilliance of Anna Meredith early to be powerfully underwhelmed in a packed out tent. Did manage to get out early and a good spot for Father John Misty playing songs from his good album on main tho; now there's a man who knows (knew? idk I've not seen him on the Pure Comedy tour) how to work a stage.
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    this keeps popping up on my twitter feed, the guy does make me laugh, gets to the heart of the problems with the music industry these days.
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    It is indeed. Added Katy Perry this year to make it eleven visits in a row where I've seen an act who has appeared in the Simpsons. The full list: 04 - McCartney 05 - White Stripes 07 - The Who 09 - Spinal Tap 10 - Willie Nelson 11 - U2 13 - The Stones 14 - Dolly Parton 15 - Lionel Richie 16 - Coldplay 17 - Perry
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    as if I wan't annoyed enough I didn't go to see Queens of the Stone Age
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    Woah, what's up with the downvotes on this?
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    Queens of the Stone Age, The National, Father John Misty, Deerhunter and Cigarettes After Sex confirmed for NorthSide in Denmark one month before RW..... http://northside.dk/blog-en/1625
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    System Of A Down just self-confirmed in Facebook for Download Festival Madrid 2017 on friday 23rd June. So, they are candidates for Werchter or Graspop
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    Not as headliners but as a dance act after the headliner or as a co-headlining act to end a night. From what I've heard they're massive in Belgium......
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    Great news, but do you have a link? I can't find this on their facebook page.....