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    Please, for the love of all that is holy, stop now, before it's too late. You just can't do this to yourselves. It's mental. Doing the one'er (a year) is not for the faint hearted, but doing a two'er is totally off the scale bananas. I'm really not sure that it's possible for a human to complete this task. Certainly not without it being detrimental to one's long term cognitive well being, in any case. And you know how much I value that. Good luck folks, I'm out.
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    https://fullfact.org/immigration/why-do-migrants-and-asylum-seekers-want-come-uk/ http://researchbriefings.files.parliament.uk/documents/SN06077/SN06077.pdfhttp://cep.lse.ac.uk/pubs/download/brexit05.pdf
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    It might be very moving if she didn't sound like an exaggerated comedy sidekick from Oliver. As it is it's just annoying.
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    Ozzy Osbourne will start his farewell tour in June 2018, no official info yet, but according to the leak from our local promoters first dates are Moscow and St. Pete on 1st and 3rd of June. So I think he also could be a possible headliner for Download.
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    I can remember years ago NME staff where asked to pick their top 10 albums all time and this girl knows
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    We just love music, 'tis what we have in common..........
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    I went to InMusic 2015 and 2016 and really liked it. After taking a break this year I am hoping for some nice bands in 2018. So I would expect something like that: QOTSA - Lorde - Arctic Monkeys
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    A couple of sneaky peaks of the last festival of the season
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    I've been trying to discuss it. You don't do discussion. You only do abuse. What real facts are these? Immigrants need houses? Some folk don't like immigrants? Immigration is like bed shitting? Stop championing those who only see the negative side of immigration then. Well, we could start with the basis we already have for non EU immigration & work from there. This being a chat forum & not a home office sub committee, I am not in the business of detailed policy but there are various general principles that should apply. We should welcome foreign students. There should be some rights for family members to join family already here. We should identify areas where there is a labour/skills shortage and generally welcome folk who will plug the gaps. Otherwise folk should generally have a job to come to &, as much as is practical, employers should be able to demonstrate that they are unable to recruit within these isles and they are not using immigrants as a means to cut wages. This is by no means exhaustive or comprehensive, and I am well aware of the challenges in enforcing some of these: hence the use of phrases such as "as much as is practical" I await your reasoned, rational & fact filled reply with great anticipation.
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    No buses to easy Yog old son it's going to be hard BUT WE ARE HARDER We will find the numbers in the images We will the numbers on the small print We will even take photos of the number WE WILL NEVER BECOME NUMB Join us in our madness and be happy
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    I'd have to dissect your brain and put it back together for anything to make sense to you.
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    Post the timer on the 1st post http://glastotimer.com/
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    Heaps of lovely flat camping..... but all reserved for those willing to pay extra for Pitch perfect, Camping plus etc...... and was all far from being full. There was a huge empty flat field 2 minutes walk from the temple that was not filled by Pitch Perfect for example.
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    Drake. Auto tuned talking? Cannot get my head around it at all.
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    (777) F Å s T /// F Ã | Ł
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    I'm still devastated at the outcome of the clash between British Sea Power and Saturday morning's hangover.
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    Evanescence announced for Graspop so we can rule them out.....
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    That's a good question. Just for Saturday we already have three
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    I don't know any of these exept for Belle and Sebastian and that's not really my cup of tea.....
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    I think Shikari 2nd stage headliner Sat or Sunday might be a given. Manson to... maybe.... headline but likely sub headline 2nd stage sunday. NIN somewhere on the sunday bill probably around where ministry sat this year. Ministry was weird in daylight this year. NIN might be the same. Royal Blood will pop up somewhere this year as the have said they want to play festivals in 2018 and they will have finished up in NZ by end of May Saturday main headliner - Metallica are in the area. they will have finished up Hardwired tour. could do a 30yrs since Justice set (or satan forbid a 10 years since Death Magnetic set) Friday - Download is never very risky - BMTH or Avenged
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    Robin - yes I was in that spot. And Georgie - we must've crossed paths loads too based on what your highlights were! The things I controversially loved about 2016 included: 1) The forced scaling back meant that there were more outdoor stages than usual, because they were saving money on covered structures. 2) Skepta followed by Major Lazer on the Friday night - I couldn't have asked for a better double whammy. 3) Eskimo Dance takeover on Friday afternoon. 4) PC Music takeover on Saturday night. Yes, the site did look a bit shabby and under-decorated, but whereas once upon a time Bestival was the apex of festival design, these days the likes of Boomtown and Tomorrowland have taken over, and I really enjoy the more DIY, "knocked up in Josie's back yard" look of Besti. Oddly I think that 2016's "shabbiness" carried over somewhat into this year's event, yet no one seems as negative about it this time. It's probably an expectation management thing.