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    My second after last year's which I enjoyed very much. Didn't really get going for me until Saturday evening but still had a great time discovering new music. And discovery is what for me EoTR is all about since I don't really make much of an effort rest of year to seek out new music. Had never hear of Pond, Real Estate, Car Seat Headrest, Tootard, Slowdive, or Lucinda Williams until this weekend but very much enjoyed their sets and doing a bit of catching up post-festival I see that they are all established artists. JAMC I had seen before but still impressed with their flawless set. Catching Rolling Blackouts' Tipi set on Sunday night was the perfect finish to the weekend. I forget which performer who commented that this was a music festival for music lovers but he was spot on. Will be back.
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    Everything Now fucking bangs and only uptight w*nkers don't like it
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    Imagine saying you quite like PTV and then saying it again
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    People blaming youngsters for spoiling some aspects of the festival - by chatting, chucking the odd plastic glass and err, wearing ill-fitting sweatshirts - should also remember the joy spread by whippersnappers such as Honey Hahs, Let's Eat Grandma and Lemon Twigs. Let's not forget that teens were responsible for some of the weekend's highlights too.
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    I always put something stupid like 25p on a big weekend acca. Just a bit of fun, like. Man City v Liverpool Arsenal DRAW Bournemouth Brighton v WBA Everton DRAW Tottenham Leicester v Chelsea Southampton DRAW Watford Stoke v United Burnley DRAW Palace Swansea v Newcastle West Ham v Huddersfield Would be a £15,621.81 return this week.
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    Happy The National Day everyone!
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    Just picked up a copy of the album at my local record store, blue vinyl, smells lovely. In fact all new vinyl smells lovely Will be playing it over and over this evening once we've eaten, need to line the stomach first before hitting the Gin and giving it a spin; Friday night sorted I reckon.
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    Here are the Arcade Fire albums ranked in no particular order: Everything Now Suburbs Neon Bible Reflektor Funeral
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    https://www.instagram.com/abbaofficial/ Leaving this here incase Emily would like to follow.
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    You're right, there's no Madonna Most surprising inclusions: Joey Barton & Wayne Rooney Worst omissions: The Thingy & Secret Glasto - How can she possibly know what's really going on!!!
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    I need it Careful now I want it Careful now I can't live without it
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    Arrived Thursday for our 10th EOTR, excited as ever, but still slightly nostalgic for the beardy Americana of the first few years. As it continues its steady creep towards Pitchfork, my love diminishes slightly each year, yet still i return. Headed in to the festival, determined to get an early Fever Tree to start the festivities but disappointed to only find the new Hendricks concession. Undoubtedly lovely, but less choice of gins and tonics which was a shame. #firstworldproblems Managed to catch Moonlandingz and Bo Ningen for two of the best performances of the weekend. Listened to Brix etc for a bit from outside the Tipi but thought they were average at best. Started Friday later than planned with Dan Romano who was fine, hung around for Shovels and Rope who were fine, stayed a bit for Margaret Glaspy, who was… yeah fine… Watched Ryley on GS who was good, but seemed a little hyper and didn’t hook me in as much as usual, before heading back to WS for Parquet Courts who produced my first top notch performance of the day. Slight break before Ultimate Painting, who again didn’t inspire as much as hoped, before our first headliner, Lucinda Williams. Thought she was amazing, much rockier than expected, and such a pro. Gig would have been improved massively if it hadn’t been for a bunch of ignorant middle aged tossers who literally talked at full volume all the way through, despite being clearly aware of the impact they were having. Headed over to Tipi to watch Xylourius White for one of the sets of the weekend - just trancendental. Hung around for the first secret set (Jens Lekman) but got bored and ended up at Silent Disco which is always fun. The dead won BTW Wandered through the woods, checked out the new Cinema/Disco area which was enchanting. Had another lie in Saturday (ah, the joys of a festival sans kids!), started with a bloody Mary (£9.50!!) and caught Courtney Marie Andrews set on GS which was great. Saw Futur Primitf who i love - been following him since first i first caught him at EOTR the year Low Anthem played (2011?). Seemed more engaged (and less hungover) than his GS set last year, but was disappointed he didn’t end up doing a secret set. The late night gig when he joined with Barr Bros a couple of years ago was exceptional. Saw Duds, who seemed aptly named, before heading over to Woods to soak up the sunshine and blissful sounds of Alvvays. Headed back to top up on wine, before returning to catch the last half of Car Seat Headrest. Hadn’t expected much TBH, but thought they were amazing. FJM seemed self indulgent (as per), then Ty Segall who was less psychy and more metal than i’d hoped, but the day was saved with a top set in the Tipi from Tootard - a great band, absolutely in the groove. Sunday arrived with the deluge i’d feared most (esp. after the same at Greenman) so took shelter in Tipi. missing out on some of my must see sets of the weekend. Legends of Country were fun, but a bit pastichey, Nadia Reid was lovely, Alison Crutchfield not as good as hoped (but was great playing with Waxahatchee during the Secret Set later on). Headed back to regroup before one final push. Girl Ray were nice, but nothing amazing. Marika Hackman was fab, just a shame she was delayed by 40 mins and had a shorter set as a result. Ended up watching all 3 secret sets which were some of my highlights of the weekend. Stayed up to hear ‘Hit the Road Jack’ as the traditional last song of the festival but it didn’t appear Gutted to have missed: Michael Chapman, Real Estate, John Moreland, WH Lung, Rolling Blackouts (main set), Waxahatchee (main set), Nap Eyes, Timber Timbre, Julia Jacklin, Amadou & Miriam, Perfume Genius, Bill Callahan and J&MC! Top 5: Bo Bingen, Lucinda Williams, Waxahatchee (Tipi), Xylouris White, Rolling Blackouts Coastal Fever (Tipi) Good: Just lovely as ever…. Stewards and staff were great as usual; loved the new set up of cinema etc; beer choice was great, some lovely ales and stouts and a great range of vegan beers; great food, fave was the lamb tagine - their burgers were great too Not so good: Seemed busier than previously, with less toilets; too much chatting during sets; the amount of rubbish just left by idiots
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    I'm gonna tell Win to never bother playing Sc**thorpe ever again
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    I guess this is the best place to mention this. Just saw on Twitter that Josh Homme will be reading the bedtime story on Cbeebies on 6th October at 6.50 p.m.
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    I myself hate 100% of groups who dress up as snowmen and do acapella Yazoo covers on Xmas Top of the Pops.
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    I know, I'm just saying it would suit me fine if it was true
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    If the dates are true then Dublin on my way home would be very feasible.....
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    Imagine spending that much time lambasting other bands and then revealing you quite like Pierce the Veil.
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    I hope it's not Drake. Probably was just a crowd pleaser, and something to make Reading seem generous so you'll give them more money. Like how I'm also not expecting AC/DC to headline. Arctics can do Stadiums, then Glasto, then finally Reading at the absolute bellend of the tour in 2020 Royal Blood / Catfish / Stormzy Travis Scott Kendrick / Tame Impala / Wolf Alice Enter Shikari Foo Fighters / ADTR / The Kooks Jamie XX
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    4-7.07.2018 Super early-bird tickets on sale now http://opener.pl/