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    Despite balancing a part time job and full time page checking and knob jokes.. I've only ended up getting a bloody First Class Honor in my degree!
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    I'd tell my boss I was really pissed off with it but accept the cancellation of my annual leave. Then take the time off with Stress caused by the cancellation last minute and go anyway. bonus really - you get to go and dont have to use up any holiday allowance simples
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    Either way, my advice still stands. "Aww thats a shame, SEE YA ON MONDAY!!"
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    Don't believe it is legal. An employer can cancel an employee's period of annual leave if it gives the required notice. Under reg.15 of the Working Time Regulations 1998. An employer can require an employee not to take annual leave on particular days by giving the employee notice of at least the same length as the period of leave to be cancelled. https://www.gov.uk/holiday-entitlement-rights/booking-time-off
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    Well I for one will be most pleased if come Friday evening an unshaven man in an untucked plaid shirt wanders out onto the Park Stage, pint raised up high in celebration of the festival and smile as wide as the Thames to the opening beats of Any Day Now. Bring on The Elbow!
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    Shag somebody else pretty much straight away.
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    If you want to get it running on a phone, I think it's better to use an app like TuneIn. Point your app towards the following URL: http://uk2.internet-radio.com:8135/ On TuneIn, you do this by clicking options (top left three-horizontal-lines button) then 'Favorites' then 'Add custom URL' button at bottom. After you've entered it, click 'save'. It should auto play, but if not, just click on that entry in your favourites.
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    HiVi, walk up and down the ticket queue with a Megaphone, shouting out commands like 'please prepare you ID and Tickets for inspection etc. Hang about infront of ticket checking line doing the same for the 10mins or so until everyone is familiar with your presence. Walk in like a boss. I wouldn't do it though, don't have the balls.
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    Sounds a bit risky, surely non-explosive detection dogs would be a safer bet.
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    i'd love to see Arcade Fire in The Park, but if I give The XX a miss and get down to find Guy Garvey droning on, I'd be very annoyed!
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    Employment lawyer checking in. Ignore everything in this thread and read what @FuzzyDunlop posted above. That is the correct answer.
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    Not the wrist band people though, they have a job to do.
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    Shit, sorry to hear that. Booze, booze and more booze.
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    WindingLake if you have money to burn. Ring round all the charities/traders/traffic staff today just in case somebody doesn't turn up tomorrow. Check twitter for somebody that looks like you. Failing all that you can join me in my Trojan Cow!
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    Its looking like its going to be fabulous weather folks! I think the last one like this 2010, so many of you won't have experienced a scorcher so hopefully we oldies can share some advice. 1. It might seem obvious, but suncream is vital. You will be outside in the sun with little shade for 12 hours a day. Believe me when i say that carrying a rucksack with burnt shoulders is not fun. 2. Although it looks like there are loads of trees for shade, the reality is that most of them are behind fences, traders stands etc. It can feel very exposed in most parts and what shade you find is often very busy. Bring a wide brimmed hat, scarf or even an umbrella to have your own shade. Sunstroke is not fun either. 3. Drink lots of water. The tap water is perfectly safe to drink at Glastonbury, bottled water is expensive, bad for the environment and warm by sunday (the ice cream vans leave it outside all day). 4. Don't leave your friend crashed out in the sun to fry in his/her drunken stupor 5. Your tent will feel like the inside of a cast iron smelter at 8am... Try using foil blankets or at least don't overdress for bed unless you like waking up drenched 6. Watching the sunrise is amazing 7. Watching the sunset is amazing too 8. For those who will adopt flip flops etc remember it still gets wet around the taps and toilets. I'm not sure I'd want my bare feet in that toilet water Glastonbury in hot weather takes it to another level of magical, but it can be equally challenging so take care of yourselves and each other and have a great festival xxx
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    This years effort. Chalky the cat for illustration purposes only
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    Sorry Fuzzy, but I'm intrigued... what possible previous mishaps can have happened in your shorts that makes you believe 5 pairs are required?
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    Not sure what Pilton that is above from YR but heres the correct one, similar, with less rain and warmer on Saturday. https://www.yr.no/place/United_Kingdom/England/Pilton~7292387/ Good morning.
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    This is my cat right now, seriously.
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    Saying hello. Sharing booze. Listing something good on a 'top' list with an arbitrary number, being called out on it, having to continue with the bluff unsuccessfully and everyone having a jolly laugh at me. I'm glad I said top 4 and not top 9.