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    Weather Stage Headliners, Glastonbury 2017: Friday: Tomasz Scahfernaker and The Azore Fingers Saturday: Carol Kirkwood's ECMWF Project Sunday: John Kettley (legends slot) The Nal (DJ set)
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    Norway it's going to rain at glasto..... See ya
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    Carparks on Wednesday :
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    seriously, it is the dogs, highly recommend for anyone who feels sun vulnerable; cream up pop pickers, drink plenty of water and stay safe. PS however funny it may seem at the time, don't leave your pissed up mate comatosed in the baking sun, it will do them serious damage and ruin their festival; look after each other.
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    I don't mean for watching bands I mean for walking about or queuing to get in, also if you are stood behind me the brolly is the least of your worries this real ale is giving me stinky wind....
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    Look all I'm hearing is the weather has turned to shit? That's all I'm hearing, that's what everyone's saying, the weather has turned to shit.
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    I've suddenly realised I have too many black t-shirts
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    Norway has updated - totally dry
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    strong and stable
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    Indeed, that's £720 p/h.
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    Sometimes you've just got to go with the (Tore Andre) Flo.
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    Let Down for Glastonbury IMO. We need to see if there's ever a show where the audience pulls off the harmony.
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    We've yet to meet, yet you know me so well
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    Unless it's a space blanket foil looking tarp, don't bother. I did this in 2010 and I nearly fucking cooked the kids, after wandering off at dawn to get breakfast.
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    I know! I'm currently doing emergency next day delivery clothes shopping as leggings have been a staple the last few years.
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    Looking beautiful on the farm with a hot air ballon in the sky x
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    You mate have summed this up perfectly.. !! Have a top festival everyone ! Lets have it ! Funk
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    Holy Crap! It's going to be like Burning Man! Countryfile could be an absolute classic tomorrow
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    So essentially he's forecasting Mad Max Fury Road weather?
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    Quote some time ago I gave in to idea that I'll pretty much believe anything Lucy Verasamy tells me.
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    No don't take a brolly, I might be stood behind you
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    Rain is fine, a bit here a bit there, no problem. We're all on edge from last year and the slightest hint of rain scares the shit out of us. Last year was fucked before it started, we didn't have too much rain throughout but looking through my pictures I seemed to be layered to fuck in every one. So it was muddy damp and not even warm. If it's high 20s the odd bit of rain will be a welcome blessing.
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    Indeed, it's gone from hitting it to.... ignoring it.
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    That fucking Lobo! With his ticket and his upvotes and everything! I hate him!
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    Could not care less about the weather now. Last night I thought my festival was in jeopardy as my foot is sore and there is something sticking out. Thought I had broken my foot. Been to have it checked out and apparently it is a ganglion (no idea what this is). Now I might be in a bit of pain but it is nothing a touch of vodka in a can of Stella won't sort out. Unfortunately I will not be able to dazzle you all with my astounsing dance moves, but I was absolutely gutted this morning. A bit of rain is not going to dampen my spirits now.
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    that doesnt Bergen to explain how i feel..
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    Just look at the colour of the sky!!
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    Buying a pair of walking boots today because I definitely won't need my wellies. I have faith in carol.
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    Votes are in from Norway.
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    It's been up a couple of days now. So much going on in this thread easy to miss.
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    I've stocked up on the factor 50. Ginger skin does not enjoy the outdoors ha!
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    Try topping that half empty glass up old bean.
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    I think the iPhone app predicting rain is the best thing thst could happen, considering its never once been right since records began
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    The ticket has helped subdue my upvote addiction....for now.
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    Not in Nigel's Brexit Britain, Beryl.
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    Well, they wrote Pyramid Song, turned up to the Pyramid a couple of years later and didn't even play that. Nothing would surprise me with them lot. I bet if they released a song called "The Glastonbury Festival Song" this week they wouldn't play that either. Bastards.
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    So they'd added Leftfield... but you have to sign up for Amazon & win a competition to see them?
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    I am convinced that the secret Gas Tower set is Björk. She's been doing multimedia stuff, it has SHHH in the set name (as in It's Oh So Quiet) and Neil did have one of her DJ sets as a rumour since. I'll probably be asleep at that point.
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    I got offered them on the DL, so I'm not sure the situation yet. Waiting to find out exactly what they are.
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    The two big stand out seasonal days in my summer seem to be flying ant day and first fat chav topless day. All these convertible corsas come from nowhere
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    I think they are a very boring band to be sub headlining The pyramid
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    Wow, (at least) two people seriously downvoted me for this? Just checked my profile, suddenly got plenty of 1-2 downvotes on previous messages. What the fuck is wrong with people in this forum?

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