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    YES!!! 515 people voted for me and we still have a majority on our Community Council. The big problem is we now have a Tory on our County Council and on the Community Council. This person fought a dirty campaign in which she jumped on local improvements fought for by hard working Labour Councillors and claimed credit for them in her own leaflets. I worked my socks off canvassing for 7 weeks after commuting home 40 minutes from work. I promise you I will never try to use my position to get into the Golden Circle of a Taylor Swift concert, meet her backstage away from her heavies or anything of the sort.
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    Co-Worker - "Are you going to Glastonbury again this year" Me - "Absolutely!" Co-Worker - "How much is it these days?" Me - "Ticket is about £240" Co-Worker - "Fucking hell! What? And you pay that?" Me - "Yes. And about 180,000 others. Would probably pay more too" Co-Worker - "See you fucking coming..." Me - "Are you still going to see Bruno Mars this weekend?" Co-Worker - "Yes, he's ace" Me - "How much is the ticket?" Co-Worker - "£100" Me - "Ah, I see" Also: Co-Worker - "Are you going to Glastonbury this year" Me - "Yes" Co-Worker - "Yeah, me and my mate are going to go. We're getting our tickets on payday" Me - "They sold out in October and the in the re-sale in April" Co-Worker - "I'll get one off Stubhub or one of those places" Me - "Ah, I see"
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    No frozen anything. Gonna be a heatwave.
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    Hose the garden down every day for a month and then drive a few tractors through it. Eat all of your meals from paper plates off your knees. Get a shipping container and ask all of your neighbours to piss and shit in it for a week. Sleep in a tent (obviously) but ask a stranger to stumble and fall on the tent at 5am every night, while laughing. When guests arrive, insist annoyingly that they "don't turn around" until they see the garden. On Monday, complain about how your garden isn't as good as it used to be.
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    After seeing your great enthusiasm for Rateliff, I listened past SOB on his Spotify page, and I'm happy I did. SOB, for me, is a generic blues song, but some of the next ones sound really really good. As for expected emotional moments: 1. RH - Karma Police (I proposed last year at the NOS Alive gig on the final sounds of the song, so it will always be special for me) 2. AF - Sprawl II (Mountains Beyond Mountains) 3. Savages - Adore 4. Linkin Park - Crawling/In The End 5. James Blake - The Wilhelm Scream
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    Neil right now...
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    I stopped flushing my toilet for a few days.
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    "it's just too commercial these days", from people who've not been since Budweiser was the sponsor and there was a Virgin tent.
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    - Are you doing Glastonbury again this year? - Yep can't wait! - Who's playing? - Don't know!
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    I can only imagine the level of excitement felt when some saw this thread and knew they were about to have free reign to be outraged, offended and morally superior all in one go. Sub-standard initial joke followed by a few (not all) totally over the top keyboard-warrior-esque replies. Get yourselves along to a newspaper comments section, you'll have a blast.
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    Waiting for someone to ask if there's a difference
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    I'm going for Thursday 3:27pm
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    Thank you, yes I've just had a message for them so that's who I'll try for.
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    Few years ago picking up our vacuum packed sausage and bacon from our friendly local butcher. One of the staff said "What you going there for it's full of knob head" "To get away from REAL knob heads like you mate......." was my reply. To this day he doesn't engage in the usual banter that goes on when I go there
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    44 Yellow Tents in Worthy View
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    Anyone know if Whitney will be there?
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    Why all the panic for a ticket in October when you don't know the line-up. Then if you don't get one "who cares it'll only be muddy and the line-up for V looks good". My boss was the best one - "Why have you booked a week in June 2019 off as holiday already?"
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    "You can't eat 15 burgers in five days and still lose weight"
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    Because I like to go to bed ridiculously cold and wake up in a sauna at 5 am.
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    My favourite is always after the festival. "What did you think of <insert pyramid headliner>?" Me: "Don't know, wasn't there. I was watching <something else>" Them: "Oh, so you didn't enjoy yourself then". At which point I walk away because I'd really rather not punch them or educate them.
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    Does anybody really care about vampire weekend any more?
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    Got this stuck in my head now... Expect to see Noel Punter Gallagher doing an acoustic version in that bit of Strummerville no-one can see.